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Best And Legit Paying Sites In Nigeria


Scrolling through the internet without making money sometimes can be a little frustrating. In contrast, making money while on the internet is one of the best feelings one can have. With online paying sites, this can be done successfully. However, the question that lies is this; what are the best and legit paying sites in Nigeria? In this article, you will find out about these. Let’s begin by considering the seven best and most legit paying sites in Nigeria.

1. Timebucks

Timebucks is one of the best-paying sites in Nigeria. It is almost like everything on the site leads to you making money on the platform. Timebucks is known to be a survey site but it does more than grant surveys for financial payment.

With Timebucks, you can earn money by just taking a survey on a subject. If you like watching images or video content, then Timebucks also allows that. You can earn good bucks from that. You also make money when you invite friends, sign up, and perform other operations on the app. Do you see why it is sometimes described as “more than a survey app”?

2. Scooper Postnow

Scooper is a news and video platform that delivers news platform to its users who have the app. You probably must have read a news story that popped up from your notification bar. Yes, most of those pop-up messages are from Scooper Postnow.

If you have an eye for writing captivating content, then you could earn money from Scooper Postnow. You could earn money if your content is read by thousands of people. However, the payment is done every month and not daily or weekly as others may report it. Your dashboard would be in dollars. Do you know what it means to earn dollars in this Nigerian economy?

3. Opera News Hub

Opera News Hub also is another avenue where people can also earn money for writing. You could earn thousands of naira when you write a story, that catches people’s attention. With Opera News Hub, you get to join the league of writers who make money by writing captivating content on Opera News Hub.

With Opera News Hub, you get paid monthly. You could be banned if you post fake news so, be careful of what you put out on the app. Unlike the Scooper Postnow, your dashboard would be in Naira and not in dollars.

Even with this, you can still make thousands of money when you write on Opera News Hub.

4. Surveoo

The Surveoo platform is a survey app that allows users to take surveys and earn big bucks. With the Surveoo platform, all you need to do is to give answers to asked questions for a moment and you will be rewarded.

Accumulating this reward could turn out to be a large sum. The Surveoo platform is a network of other survey platforms. It has helped many people start up a business with it, it has been helpful to students who struggle financially to be able to make a stable income.

It is one of the survey platforms in Nigeria that have come to stay.

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5. Adsterra

Adsterra is an advertisement platform that you can also use to make money online. When you put your Adsterra direct link on your social media, you can earn money when your audience clicks on your link.

With Adsterra, all you need to do is apply on the website as a publisher and enable the direct link. This link can be put on your social media channels and people can click on it. Once a large number of people click on it, you stand a chance of earning a large amount of money in dollars!

If you have an active social page, you would enjoy using this link. If you do not yet have one, you would need to build a social media audience to earn a lot of money from this.

6. ySense

ySense is a legitimate platform that allows you that offers you numerous channels to earn. You can earn money when you perform small tasks on the site such as signing up and answering questions on the site.

With ySense, you can make money by signing up, referring friends, answering simple questions, and many more. The ySense enables you to earn bonuses on these little operations and when accumulated could become something significant to earn.

7. TGM Panel

The TGM packages offer surveys to Nigerians. With TGM Panel, you could make money through surveys and other little tasks on the platforms. The TGM Panel is secure to use and bank on without any issues.

The TGM Panel gives you a survey with a significant amount attached to it. You can get a bonus for answering the questions from the survey. It is not always regular but when it arrives, it is always in a mouthwatering offer.


How can I make quick money in Nigeria?

To make quick money in Nigeria, you can partake in surveys, sell on marketplaces, sell digital products, engage in freelance jobs, etc.

Does Scooper Postnow pay Nigerians?

Yes. Scooper Postnow platform still pays Nigerian writers. However, at the time of filing this article, they do not accept writers.

How to make money online in Nigeria without paying anything?

To make money online in Nigeria without paying anything, you can sell products, write blogs, take surveys on survey platforms, and be an influencer.

Does Surveoo work in Nigeria?

Yes. The Surveoo platform still works in Nigeria. They are legit and are still paying.

Are there any writing platforms?

Yes. Writing platforms in Nigeria include Opera News Hub, Scooper Postnow app, Wattpad, etc


Now you have an idea of the sites that are paying in Nigeria. They span from survey sites to writing, to adverts sites. With all these, you can earn money in your pockets without hassle. Select the one that works best for you and start making money!

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