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How To Create A WhatsApp TV And Make Money From It


People do not know the power of WhatsApp TV. WhatsApp has now become more than a platform meant for chatting. You can easily use WhatsApp for other purposes such as video calls and even voice calls. However, many people have issues creating a WhatsApp TV. You can create a WhatsApp TV and make money from it. This article discusses the process of creating a WhatsApp TV and how to make money from it.

Requirements for Starting A WhatsApp TV in Nigeria

This segment of the article is designed to unravel the secret regarding the requirements for starting a WhatsApp TV in Nigeria. Here are some of the requirements

1. Logo

This section requires you to create a logo. A logo is one of the things that draw potential fans to your channel. You would need to get a logo that connotes the objective of your WhatsApp TV. You need to create a brand that represents you. This representation would imply that anywhere the brand is seen, it should identify with you. When you look at the brand, you will notice that it has a feature that makes it stand out.

However, if you don’t know how to create a brand, then there is no problem. With Canva you can easily make an appealing brand logo. You can also make very unique logos. Do well to install the Canva app on your mobile device to create a logo.

2. Brand Name

Brand names give your business an identity. It makes it stand out. Apart from making it stand out, it gives your brand a good feeling. This is very helpful in a way that it makes the business distinct from the owner. However, many find it challenging to create a brand name. This can be done when you follow the steps below.

Step 1: Visit the Shopify website

Step 2: Tap “Start”

Step 3: Tap “Branding”

Step 4: Click “Business Name Generator”.

Step 5: Input any name in the space provided. When you input the name, many options pop out. Do well to select one of them. Voila!

3. A Good Device

This requirement is very important in that it allows you to create an account without lagging. Your phone must be compatible with WhatsApp. If your phone is not compatible then you won’t be able to download or create the WhatsApp TV. You must use an Android phone with a minimum of 4GB RAM and 16GB internal memory.

4. A Video/Picture Editing App

You might wonder why a video or picture editing app is very important. This is very important in that it allows you to create catchy content for your website. It also allows people to view your logo each time you share a picture on your status. This is a challenge if you don’t know which video editing tool to use. You should use Inshot for your picture edit. On the other hand, you should use FilmoraGo to edit your videos.

How to Create a WhatsApp TV for Your Brand

There are a few steps to take before you create a WhatsApp tv for your Brand. You must follow this step carefully to achieve your aim. Here are the rules to follow

Step 1: Install the WhatsApp Business Application

Step 2: Enter your Mobile Number. Do well to verify your phone number.

Step 3: Do well to upload the brand’s picture. Also, give the TV a good name.

Step 4: Voila. You are done creating a WhatsApp TV.

Step 5: Do well to edit your WhatsApp TV settings and options. You can do that by creating an automatic bot response message such as:


Welcome to LegitGuides WhatsApp TV. What is your name so I can save it? Do well to save ours too. Kindly restrict us from viewing your status update. We treat everyone equally. Thanks again for joining.

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How to Make Money with Your WhatsApp TV

There are a lot of ways to make money using your WhatsApp TV. This is the vital aim of creating WhatsApp TV, right? However, before you think of that you need to create value or content for your Brand. It doesn’t go one way. You have to create content for your Brand. In this regard, you should focus more on your niche. A niche could be sports, entertainment, current news, or foreign news.

The more you promote your brand, the more you attract more contacts. Your contacts should be very large if you want to expect something tangible from them. Yes. So keep inviting your friends to your WhatsApp TV to make money from it

When you have a good number of followers, you can expect more money. You can open your channel for adverts. Adverts are one way you can make money.


Can I make money from my WhatsApp TV?

You need to have a significant amount of WhatsApp viewers. This process would require some time. Making money is quite easy if you have a lot of followers.

How can I make money on WhatsApp TV?

You can make money from WhatsApp TV when you promote or advertise a product or service. This is called affiliate marketing.

How can I advertise my WhatsApp TV?

You can promote your WhatsApp TV on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

What is WhatsApp Pay?

WhatsApp Pay is a new feature that has been inputted into WhatsApp.

Who owns WhatsApp?

The service was created by WhatsApp Incorporation of Mountain View, California, which was acquired by Facebook Company (now Meta) in February 2014 for approximately US$19.3 billion.


After following the process above, do not forget to create a WhatsApp link. This link would be used to streamline followers to your TV. Additionally, you can also get help from other WhatsApp channels. You can copy the strategies of this platform. Do well to see the way they edit pictures and videos. Regardless of the phone you use, you can make this possible.

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