Jaiz Bank Internet Banking and Mobile App Sign Up and Registration, Types of Accounts in Jaiz Bank, Jaiz Bank Account Opening With BVN

Jaiz bank is a non-interest bank that offers financial services and assistance for customers. The bank is a secured and reliable financial institution you should trust with your funds. When it comes to customer relationship, they offer the best experience ever.

Interestingly, customers have access to transact either through their mobile or through the internet (internet banking) and also have access to different types of account. To know more about jaiz bank internet banking, how to sign up as a new customer, and how you can open your account from various account options, keep reading this article for guide.

Types of Accounts in Jaiz Bank

As a customer of Jaiz Bank , you have access to choose the type of account you want to create and mind you, you have access over what you want to do with your account. All you need to do is to specify the type of account you want to open during your registration and you are good to go. These accounts include;

Savings account

Current account

Domiciliary account

Agent account

Corporate account

Ijara account

Jaiz wakala investment

Jaiz ijara corporate service

Jaiz premium savings account

Jaiz home finance

This is the list of accounts you can open with this bank. Take a move and enjoy better experience with them.

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How to Register an Account on Jaiz Bank Mobile App

Some individuals view going to bank for daily transactions as stress because of their busy schedule or other reasons they hold unto. But if you want to open an account with jaiz bank through their mobile app on your smartphone, you need to install the bank’s mobile app on your smartphone to get started. It’s an easy process that takes less than 15 minutes to complete. Follow the steps below;

You need a strong data connection to carry out all process.

Fill in all information you get prompted to submit (your information)

Choose a convenient login id and password (a strong password only you can remember)

Make sure your smartphones version is compatible with the bank mobile app (usually from 5.0 upward)

How to Open Jaiz Bank Account with BVN

If you want to open an account with jaiz bank, you need to provide some information before your account get created. Before then, you need a BVN (acronym to bank verification number), which is a number assigned to individuals by the central bank of Nigeria to track and monitor their financial transaction.

You will be giving a form to fill where you will attach to it a copy of your recent utility bill, a means of verification of identity (voter’s card, driver’s license and more), and more depending on the type of account you want to open. It takes 24-72 hours to receive your account number.


This are some frequently asked question some customers have been asking, check through to find answer to your intended question.

Which is Safe Mobile Banking or Internet Banking?

Each of them is safe to use because each has its advantages. You may want to send funds to your loved ones or business associate. If you’re using internet banking, it’s easier and safer to send money without any long procedure. Again, it’s fast, secure, user friendly, and reliable to use.

It takes long a process to send funds using USSD (acronym to unstructured supplementary service data) on your mobile phone. Both are safe, but internet banking is the best because you can send fund to more than a customer and check your transaction history with just a tab.

Can I do Online Banking With Jaiz Bank on my Phone?

Yes, you can perform all your transaction with jaiz bank online with your smartphone. And mind you, it’s the easiest way you can send funds and transact daily within your convenience. No going out of home, no long queue, and no stress attached. This should be your best option rather than mobile banking.

Is Jaiz Bank Online Banking?

Similar to other commercial banks, this bank work online providing you with all the financial opportunity within their capacity. The experience alone is overwhelming to make you come back; nevertheless, they work 24/7. So you need not to worry about anything. You can transact anytime you wish.

 How do I Activate Mobile Banking on My Phone?

It’s very simple and easy to activate your mobile banking on your phone. After you have your account number with you, then you can begin your activation process.

The first step is to dial *773# to get started. Follow all the instructions they gave and you are good to go. Within 5 minutes, you request get activated. You can do that now.

What Type of Bank is Jaiz Bank?

Jaiz bank is a non-interest bank that operates under the Muslim sharia. For loans or payment, you will pay the exact amount without any interest or hidden charges. This is a great opportunity to solve your financial emergencies.


I know after going through my article, you have the insight on how to open an account with jaiz bank, whether online or through mobile. You can start now and test the difference. Their experience is the best.

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