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How To Make Money Online In Nigeria With Opay App In 2023

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria With Opay App In 2023

Have you heard of Opay App? Opay is currently one of the most used Mobile Wallet in Nigeria Today.

The App helps you to perform different transactions like Bank Transfer, Airtime And Data Purchase.

One good thing about Opay is the free transfer it offers to every users, asides the free transfer they also offer free ATM card which you can use to perform both physical and Online transactions.

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria With Opay App In 2022
My Two Days Earning So Far

It’s Obvious that a lot of people don’t really know they can be making over 20k weekly or monthly for free using the Opay App.

Do you want to make money online in Nigeria? In this post, I will be sharing with you guys the step by step procedures on how you can bank more than 20k from the Opay App in 2023.

Is Opay Legit?

Opay is a trusted Payment Platform in Nigeria. They App have been licensed by the Central Bank Of Nigeria to carry on Daily Transaction. So you don’t have to worry because your money are in Safe Hands.

Is Opay Safe To Use?

The Opay App is a Safe App I would recommend everyone to use. With over 5 Millions Downloads on Playstore, Opay is among the best App use for transactions in Nigeria.

Can I Withdraw Money From Opay?

Withdrawing your money from Opay App is very simple, with just a single click on the Withdrawal Button your money will be sent to you Local Bank Account instantly.

How To Earn Money Using Opay

To Make Or Earn Money Using Opay App is very simple. If you follow the steps I will be mentioning in this post correctly, I promise, you will be smiling each time you get paid by Opay.

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria With Opay App In 2022

I am saying this out of Experience, Last your December I made about 80k from Opay with this steps, if I can do it, believe me you can also do it better but under one condition, Follow the instructions on this post careful.

The easiest way you can make money with Opay App is by referring people to download and sign up using your referral Code.

According to Opay, you will be given N600 for each person you bring to the platform. Assuming 50 people joined the platform with your referral Code, that’s a whooping sum of 30k.

I know you will be wondering on how you can get 50 people to join Opay using your referral Code, well you don’t have to worry, at the end of this post, I will share with you the secret I used in getting people to sign up.

Steps On How To Make Money Online In Nigeria With Opay App

  • Requirements
  • Smartphone
  • Data Connection
  • BVN
  • National ID Card
  • Phone Number

1. If this is your first time of hearing this, Go to Google Playstore to Download the Opay App. After downloading and Installing the App on Your Smartphone.

2. Open the App and click on the Sign up button to start your registration, fill in all the required spaces with the correct and Necessary information to avoid issues.

3. Upon the completion of Your registration, you will be given an account number, the phone number you provided during registration will automatically become your account number.

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4. Verify your Email Address, BVN, And National ID Card in Other to upgrade your account to a higher limit.

5. After registering and Providing your details to upgrade your account, the next step is the Money Making Aspect.

6. Click on the Me Icon showing on the Opay App, Scroll down to were you will see “Refer Friends To Earn”

7. Copy your referral Code and start sharing to your friends, for every sign up through your referral Code or Link you get N600 immediately.

How I Made Over 80k From Opay App

Making Money From Opay is not that easy, but with this secret here, you will be making almost 100k depending on the number of people who signed up using your link or Code. Here is how I got 80k from Opay just last year.

1. After getting my Opay Link and Referral Code, I went to Facebook and created a group and page with a name titled “Make Money With Opay” I wrote a wonderful article on how anyone can make cash from Opay then I started sharing on my pages, groups and other pages on Facebook. Within 74 Hours, 10 People signed up using my code from Facebook and the Money was reflecting on my account.

2. Using the same Procedure, I also shared the same article on Twitter and some WhatsApp groups telling them the benefits of joining Opay, after convincing them, I got 15 people who signed up with my code.

3. As a Blogger, I wrote a content on my blog telling people how they can easily make money with Opay, and after going through the content, they joined using my code.

4. Nairaland Forum helped me a lot, I signed up on nairaland forum and shared my post on how to make money with Opay, immediately I started getting comments and Reply telling me to teach them which I did, as such I got enough people who signed up with my referral Code.

With this method alone, I have no doubt gotten numerous people to join Opay using my code. If you want to make money online Nigeria, I will like you to try this and I assure you will come back and thank me later on this post.

How To With Withdraw Your Earnings From Opay

Withdrawal on Opay is very easy, just tap on the Withdraw icon and your money will be transferred to your bank account Within just two minutes.


Opay App is legit and reliable, use the method above and keep smiling everyday. Share this post with your friends.

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