Sun King Solar: Products, Prices, Website, Office Address, Customer Care Number, How To Recharge Sun King Solar

Sunking is the king when it comes to solar products in Nigeria. This is because of their large customer base. They also tend to have the best prices for their products. Additionally, when you think of the method of payment. Sun King has been one to reckon with in the tech industry. Due to the power failure in most of Nigeria, Sunking products have been a great alternative when you use them. This article is designed and published to highlight Sun King Solar products, prices, website, office address, Customer Care Number, and How To Recharge Sun King Solar in Nigeria.

Sun King Solar Prices

Sun King Home 60: The Sun King Home 60 solar system costs roughly N33,500.

Take note that the price may be inflated or deflated at any time.

Sun King Home 600:

The Sun King Home 600 is a larger version of the Home 60 system, which includes a 32-inch Sun King digital TV with an integrated decoder. The price is N222,500.

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The Sun King Home 200:

This includes three lamps, one panel, and a phone charging option. The current pricing ranges from N75,000 to N78,000.

Sun King Home 8000

This comes with four large sun panels. The total price for installment payments is N1,119,000, whereas the outright purchase was N784,000.

Sun King Solar Office Address

If you plan to visit sun king, here is the address to their office. However, it is pertinent to note that in Nigeria, Sunking has two physical offices:

Lagos: First Floor off King’s Plaza, Adniran Ogunsuyan, Surulere, Lagos State

Benin: No 162, Uselu, Lagos Road, Opp Zenith Bank, Edo State.

Sun King Customer Care Phone Number

With Sunking, you can communicate with them via mobile. You can do this if you face any difficulty in using any of their products. Also, you can call them to find out the prices of any of their product. Here are their numbers: +2348007865464, 016312156.

Sun King Customer Care Email Address

Email address is one of the most efficient ways to reach Sun King. You can communicate with them by writing to them at:

Sun King Website

To surf the Sunking website, all you need do is launch your Chrome browser and type the following website:

Sunking Products

Here is a list of Sunking products

Sun King Fans:

Sun King offers solar-powered fans, including the 16-inch 5100 mAh battery portable 20-watt model. It’s prevalent among solar fan products. It can run for up to 18 hours on a single charge in low-speed mode.

It is also intended for usage indoors, in offices, and while camping. The fan is powered by a 20W solar panel and uses brushless DC motor technology for energy efficiency. It maintains cooling and comfort throughout the day.

Sun King Solar Freezer:

Sun King manufactures solar-powered freezers that enable underserved populations to have access to reliable refrigeration. These freezers come with all necessary attachments and panels for optimal operation. They are intended to enable frozen storage even during power outages and come with warranty options.

Sun King Solar TV :

Sun King also provides solar-powered entertainment and home lighting systems, including televisions. The Sun King Home 250 is an example of a solar-powered TV system produced by the firm.

It includes a 32-inch HD LED TV with solar power backup, a 20W solar panel, an emergency tube light, a rechargeable battery, and a power port for a set-top box.

Sunking Inverters:

Sun King provides solar inverters that link to two sources of electricity, ensuring a stable backup during power outages. These inverters are a game changer for individuals who want to avoid

How to recharge Sunking Solar

Step 1: Find the nearest Sun King-approved merchant or distributor in your region. You can find a list of authorized shops on their official website or by contacting customer support.

Step 2: Once you’ve found the nearest merchant, stop by and ask about the recharge possibilities for your specific Sun King solar device.

Step 3: They will supply you with account information.


How do I pay for my Sunking phone?

Dial *126# from your phone. Choose Lipa na Bonga points. Select the pay bill option. Enter Sunking’s business number, 323458, then hit OK.

How do I pay for my Sunking phone?

Call us on 0800 724878 or dial *305#

How do I check my Sunking account?

You can do so by dialing *347*07#.

How do I enter a Sunking code?

Type in the. code on the keypad and your lamp will be activated.

How long does it take for the sun to directly recharge?

Your DTH recharge is done in less than a few minutes.


The sunking product is a product made for Nigerians. It is one of the best solutions to power disruption. Sun King products can be found in nearly all parts of. Nigeria. All you need do is to call customer support to find a place where you can get it in your location. The Solar panel by Sunking products are very affordable. Do well to make your findings about Sunking!

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