How To Get Palmpay ATM Card, Debit Card And Account Number

Palmpay is a platform where users and companies can borrow medium and short-term loans. Palmpay encourages all who are eligible to open an account with them. Also, they are one of the best platforms that rewards customers every time they complete a task. Additionally, they provide agents with POS, which means you can easily get funds available to customers nationwide. However, many people have been wondering How to get Palmpay ATM card, debit card, and account number. They fund it difficult to obtain these services. In this article, this topic would be greatly elaborated.

What is Palmpay ATM Card?

The Palmpay ATM card is a card connected to your Palmpay account. This ATM card helps you to withdraw at an ATM, it helps you also transfer money from one account to another. It also allows you to make purchases online. In case you’re in doubt, here are some of the merits of using a Palmpay ATM card:

1. Security

Your Palmpay ATM card is always secured. In fact, as an owner of the account, you are expected to create your PIN. This pin helps protect your account against fraudulent practices. It also enables you to secure your details from third parties.

2. Flexibility

The portability of the ATM card makes a useful for a user to carry it anywhere and anytime. Flexibility is one of the requirements of a modern Automatic Teller Machine. It is also accepted by Visa too.

3. Convenience

Your Palmpay ATM can be used to withdraw cash from any ATM Card. Your atm card can be used to withdraw cash and make transfers from any ATM nationwide. Additionally, it can also perform transactions that are available in other ATMs. Palmpay ATM is just like your regular ATM card.

4. Incentives

Another benefit of using Palmpay ATM is that you get rewarded for transactions made from the ATM card. Cashback is also available for customers for them to earn very well.

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Requirements for Palmpay ATM card

The following are the criteria needed to be done before getting the Palmpay ATM card.

1. Be a registered Palmpay account holder

2. You must attain the age of 18 and above.

3. You must have a valid identity card.

4. In your wallet, you should possess at least N1000.

How To Apply of Palmpay ATM card

After you have obtained the criteria for Palmpay ATM, the next step is to apply for a Palmpay ATM card. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch the Palmpay app

Step 2: Click on the ‘Profile’ icon

Step 3: Choose ‘Cards’ from the main menu

Step 4: Input your information and click submit.

Step 5: Palmpay would receive your application and get back to you.

How to get a Palmpay Account Number

Step 1: Install the Palmpay app from your Google Play store. Also, make sure your phone is compatible with the application.

Step 2: Open Palmpay on your phone after it has finished downloading. Fill in your details if you are just using the app for the first time. You would be asked to input your name, address, email, password, and mobile phone number.

Step 3: After registering, you would be asked to fill in the verification code sent to you. Yes, a verification code would be sent to your number after following step 2

Step 4: When the verification is completed, your account number would be given to you. Do well to save the account number so you don’t forget it suddenly

Step 5: The Characteristics of the account number that is that it is always in 10 digits. The Palmpay account number is your key to several transactions because it helps you make transactions seamless.

How to get Palmpay debit card

Getting a debit card on Palmpay is as easy as you can think. Although, not everybody knows what a debit card is. Yes, a Debit card is one used to make payment very secure. Regardless of where you are, you can make payments on Palmpay easily. Follow the steps below for you to get answers to the question- How to get a Palmpay debit card

Step 1: Install the Palmpay application from your Playstore app. Do well to have a little data on your network provider. When you do so, you can install the app seamlessly.

Step 2: Register an account with the Palmpay app.

Step 3: After registering an account with the Palmpay account. Do well to log in with the details you inputted in the Registration.

Step 4: To get a card, you need to go to the ‘Card’ section of the app. You would be asked to fill out a form. The firm would request your address, name, and phone number

Step 5: Confirm your billing information. Also, you would be asked to pay a little fee for the card issue.

Step 6: In one to two weeks your card would be delivered to you. Make sure to put an address there for the card to reach you.


Does Palmpay offer customers debit cards?

Palmpay just like any other traditional bank offer customers the opportunity to collect an ATM card. You can collect it after uploading your documents to the platform.

Is Palmpay secure?

Palmpay is safe and very protected. The same security protocols as the normal commercial bank. Also, it is licensed by CBN.

What can Palmpay be used for?

Palmpay can be used for many services. These services include savings, transfers, and payments of funds to third parties.

What are the requirements for requesting a Palmpay ATM card?

1. Be a registered Palmpay account holder

2. You must attain the age of 18 and above.

3. You must have a valid identity card.

4. In your wallet, you should possess at least N1000.

What is a Palmpay ATM card?

The Palmpay ATM card is a card connected to your Palmpay account. This ATM card helps you to withdraw at any terminal machine.


Customers get excited whenever Palmpay rewards them, isn’t it? One of the Palmpay rewards to customers is offering them an ATM card. An ATM card allows you access to your funds at any time you want and anywhere you are. Also, this article shows the ways you can check your account balance with Palmpay. Indeed, these article has greatly answered the question – How to get Palmpay Atm Card, Debit Card, and Account Number.

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