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5 Simple Ways To Make Money On Viraltrend.Org

5 Simple Ways To Make Money On Viraltrend.Org.

Viraltrend is a Legit and trusted platform were users can make steady cash by just Performing simple social media tasks like sharing, tweeting, liking and commenting.

A lot of people have been making cool cash from this wonderful platform while others are still contemplating to join.

5 Simple Ways To Make Money On Viraltrend.Org

Well if you are one of those people who want to join Viraltrend then read this post as I will be sharing with you all you need to know about Viraltrend Review and 5 Simple Ways To Make Money On Viraltrend.Org.

Viraltrend Review: What Is Viraltrend?

Viraltrend is an online advertising platform were advertiser can share their products and services to over 2 thousand audience. The platform also helps Instagram Comedians, influencer to get more followers on their page, YouTuber can use Viraltrend to get more subscribers on any YouTube Channel.

Asides advertising, members can make money on Viraltrend for each and every task completed.

Is Viraltrend Legit Or Scam?

Yes, viraltrend is a legit online earning platform. People have been Paid thousands and others are still making decent income by completing task daily.

How To Make Money On Viraltrend.Org

5 Simple Ways To Make Money On Viraltrend.Org
Viraltrend Dashboard

1. Referrals

To make money on Viraltrend you need to refer more people to register and join the platform using your referral link. This is one of the best ways to make money on this wonderful earning platform.

According to Viraltrend, you will be paid N1000 for every new user you brought to register on the platform. Imagine bringing 20 people daily to join, that’s a whooping sum of 20 thousand Naira plus other earnings from activities performed by you.

How To Get More People To Join Viraltrend

Getting others to Sign up is simple, all you need to do is go to your Viraltrend dashboard and copy the referral Link Given to you.

Now share the link with your friends and family telling them to come and join this earning platform called Viraltrend. Show them earning proves and that’s all. Immediately they sign up as premium members on Viraltrend your wallet account will be credited with N1000.

2. Subscribing To YouTube Channel

One of the best ways to make money on Viraltrend is by subscribing to advertisers YouTube Channel. They pay Viraltrend to get more subscribers to their YouTube Channel while the platform pay users to subscribe to advertisers Channel. The more channels you subscribe to, the higher your earnings on Viraltrend.

3. Retweeting

Retweeting advertisers tweet on your timeline is another way Viraltrend users can make money. All you have to do is go to your dashboard and tap on any tweeter task. Now go to your tweeter profile to publish the post, come back to your dashboard and boom your Viraltrend wallet will be credited instantly.

4. Facebook Task

Performing Facebook Task on Viraltrend will make you more cash. Just like retweeting, this process involves sharing post to your Facebook Account and you get paid for that task. Isn’t that interesting and simple way to make some cool cash? Yes, it is.

5. Instagram Task

With this method, Registered users can Make Money by following and viewing advertisers post on Instagram. Amounts Earn from each and every task will be displayed on your Dashboard.

How To Register On Viraltrend

To start making money on Viraltrend, you need to Register for an account. Below are detailed guide and Steps to create an account with Viraltrend.

1. Visit the official homepage of Viraltrend

2. Click on the register Icon

3. Now choose the type of account you will be going for. On Viraltrend there are two types of Account which are Advertiser And Promoter.


This type of account Allows social media influencers, YouTubers and website owners to Advertise on the platform, they pay Viraltrend to do the promotion.


If you want to make money on Viraltrend then this is the best account you should go for. With Promoters account, you will have the opportunity to make some cash by doing different tasks on the platform.

4. Enter your Name, Password, email address and account number

5. Tap on Register and boom you have successfully become a member on Viraltrend

7. After completing your registration, a one time Registration fee of N2000 will be paid. This will enable you make money and access to many task daily.

How To Withdraw Your Money On Viraltrend

On your dashboard, click on wallet, a Withdrawal button will be displayed on the page, now enter your bank details and click on Withdraw. Note,To withdraw your money from Viraltrend, users will have to reach the Withdrawal threshold which is N5000.


Viraltrend is one of the Best earning platform in Nigeria. The platform is legit and has so far paid huge amount of money to it’s members. What are you waiting for? Join Viraltrend to start making money Now.

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