Videomine Review 2023: How To Make Money With Videosmine.Org

Videomine Review 2023: How To Make Money With Videosmine.Org

If you want to make money online then Videomine is the way forward in 2023. The platform Allows you to make money by watching videos and inviting others to register on the Platform.

Do you want to know if Videomine is Legit or Scam? Well you just landed on the right post. In this post, I will be sharing with you all you need to know about Videomine.

Videomine Review 2022: How To Make Money With Videosmine.Org
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I will also guide you on the secret of making money with Videomine all in this piece. Without further Ado, let’s take a glance on Videomine Review.

Videomine Review

What is

Videomine technology is an earning platform created to give users the ability to make money by referring and watching videos.

How To Register With

To start making money with, you will have to become a member by registering on the platform.

Here are steps you should follow to get yourself registered on Videomine.Org

1. Using your chrome browser, visit

2. You will be Redirected to the official homepage of Videomine

3. On the homepage, click on Register and the registration form will be displayed

4. Now click on Register to enter your information

5. Input your name, number, email address and other necessary information as required by Videomine.

6. Lastly, tap in the register Icon to Become a verified user on Videomine.

Is Legit or Scam?

According to research, Videomine is a legit and reliable platform. The earning platform has been around for 2 years and reported to have been paying it users too.

Is Videomine Paying and Legit?

Yes, Videomine is paying and legit. The platform is currently one of the most popular earning platform in Town.

How To Get A Coupon Code For Videomine?

After becoming a user on, you will need to purchase a coupon code to activate your account to start earning immediately. Below are steps to buy a coupon code.

1. Go to the official website of Videomine

2. Now tap on the icon showing “Purchase Activation Code”

3. You will see a list of coupon code vendors and Their WhatsApp number

3. Get their WhatsApp number, message them for the coupon code

4. Make payments for the coupon code

5. After verifying your payments, the coupon code will be sent to you

6. Copy the code, go to the website

7. Click on enter activation code

8. That’s all. You can start making money

How To Make Money With

1. Affiliate System

The best way to make money with Videomine is through Affiliate System. This process involves inviting other people to join you on the platform.

The referral program on Videomine pays N1400 on each Successful referral recorded on the platform.

To get more referrals, share your referral link on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram telling and convincing people to join the platform.

For example, when you invite 10 people, multiple N1400 by 10, that’s about 14,000 daily.

2. Watching Videos

Another amazing way to make money with is by watching videos on the website. You will be given commission for each video you watched. They pay N150 per video watch.

4. Sharing Videos on social media

To earn more with Videomine, you are required to be sharing videos to popular social media platforms like Facebook Twitter and Instagram. For every video you share, you will be given N200.

5. Daily Login

To make more cash on Videomine, you need to login to your account dashboard Daily. For each login you will get N100.

How To Withdraw From Videomine

Withdrawals on Videomine is as simple as ABCD. Affiliate earners are eligible for withdrawals two times in a week. That’s Sundays and Wednesdays. If you are just an affiliate user, you can withdraw both Your activity and Referral earnings all together.

While non affiliate earners are eligible for withdrawals once in every month. They are Paid on the 25th of each month.

All users are paid directly to the provided Bank Account during registration, so make sure your enter your bank information correctly to avoid delays in payment.

What is the minimum withdrawal on Videomine?

The minimum withdrawal available on Videomine is N1000. You can withdraw amounts from N1000 and above.

How To Perform Task On Videomine?

To perform any task on Videomine, Login to your account, on your dashboard navigate to tasks. Now you can choose from a wide range of available task that day.

When was videomine launched?

The platform was created 1st November 2021

What is Videomine Technology all about?

Videomine technology is a platform were users can make money online by doing different tasks.

Does Videomine pay without referral?

Yes, Videomine pays users even without Referral. All you need to do is Perform Task and you will be Paid at the end of the month.

How much is Videomine registration?

The registration fee to join Videomine is N2000


Videomine is a wonderful platform, they are legit, relaible and trusted. With Videomine, you can make as high as 50k.montly if you follow the right information and strategies.

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  1. Yes they are great but as an non affiliate member i cant withdraw my VM earning which is N23500, yesterday was 25th of August 2022, i waited till 9pm and started the withdrawal process but every time it say, i cant withdraw till 12am…

    My question is this, why cant i withdraw the VM earnings ? Is the time to withdraw very important? Please, when and what time can i do a successful withdrawal? Did i meet all the withdrawal requirements?

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