Sun King Solar Fan And Freezer Price In Nigeria, Sun King Solar TV Price In Nigeria

The sunking solar fan and freezer price in Nigeria is one of the most researched topics recently. You can easily get in touch with this information right here. All you have to do is read through the article and find your answers. We know in the Nigerian market, things get easily inflated. However, that is not the case with Sun King. They are known to give you value for money for the product you ordered. With Sun King, you are assured that the more you expose the solar panel to sunlight, you are assured of getting real service. The sunking product range from freezer, fan and bright bulb. However, before we progress, let’s see what Sun King is all about.

How does the Sun King Solar System Work?

The Sun King Solar System uses solar panels to collect sunlight and convert it into electricity. The solar panels are linked to a control device or a battery pack, which stores the generated electricity for future use. The system typically incorporates LED lights, USB connections, and, on occasion, radio or phone charging capabilities.

The Sun King Solar System’s main components are solar panels, a control unit or battery pack, LED lights, USB ports, and charging connections. Some variants include built-in radios or phone chargers. The system may include numerous accessories, such as mounting brackets or extension cables.

Sun King Solar Fan Price in Nigeria

The Sun King Solar Fan is the most popular option for individuals looking for energy-efficient cooling solutions in Nigeria. It provides a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to conventional electric fans. In Nigeria, the Sun King Solar Fan is normally priced between N45,000 and N56,000.

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Sun King Freezer Price in Nigeria

The Sun King Solar Freezer is an extremely effective and dependable option for anyone looking for a sustainable and off-grid cooling solution in Nigeria. It offers the convenience of a freezer without the use of standard electrical sources.

The Sun King Solar Freezer is available in Nigeria for N180,000 through the Easy Buy payment plan.

We have discussed extensively the Easybuy payment option.

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The Easy Buy platform allows you to deposit N27,500 before delivery.

This enables clients to secure the solar freezer and complete the purchasing procedure. Following the down payment, you will have the option of paying the remaining sum in installments over a set length of time.

For individuals who wish to make an outright payment, the Sun King Solar Freezer is around the price of N165,000.

Sun King Solar TV Price in the Nigerian Market

The Sun King Solar TV’s pricing in Nigeria varies depending on the model and where it is purchased. One alternative is to buy the Sun King Home 600 with a TV package entirely.

Currently, the package is offered in Nigeria for N225,500. This upfront investment enables you to purchase the TV solar energy system right away, eliminating the need for long-term financing or regular payments. It offers a one-time investment that can result in long-term cost savings and energy independence.

Easybuy provides the Home 600 package for N318,000, which is a more flexible payment option. Easybuy allows you to make an initial deposit of N30,000 and then pay N4,800 weekly for 60 weeks.

How does Solar Sun King Work?

Solar freezers are noted for their ability to provide off-grid cooling options. They harness the power of the sun to generate electricity, which is then used to operate the freezer. A solar freezer’s performance is determined by parameters such as solar panel quality, battery storage capacity, and cooling mechanism efficiency.

Solar freezers, when correctly built and constructed, can provide consistent and efficient cooling even in places with limited access to electricity.


How long does Sunking Solar last?

Sunking Solar can last for up to 100 hours. It can stay bright for many hours without interruptions.

Can a sunking TV use electricity?

Yes. Sunking Solar electricity can use both solar and electricity.

Does Solar power damage phone batteries?

Solar chargers used to charge a phone directly, rather than through an internal battery, can damage a phone if the output is not well-controlled.

Which TV uses the most electricity?

It is observed that most older TVs use more electricity rather than modern LED TVs.

What reduces solar battery life?

A solar battery’s kind, depth of discharge, usage, and temperature exposure have a substantial impact on how long it can efficiently run in one cycle and how many cycles it can work overall.


To conclude, we have seen the various prices of Sunking products namely: Fan and Freezer. We have also seen the reason why people enjoy using Sunking. With Sunking, you deserve the price worth of the product. Amazingly, you can even buy the sunking product at a discount. The Sunking allows you to pay a certain percentage as a down payment and then subsequent payments can come later. The sunking product is a product for all. Do well to read through the article again if you have any inquiries.

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