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PiggyVest Referral Program: How To Make Money On PiggyVest Referral Program

With its referral program, PiggyVest has shown that you can earn money while saving. The PiggyVest referral program is different from other kinds of referral programs. You could earn thousands of naira just sitting in the comfort of your home. Do you want to know how you can make money on the PiggyVest referral program? Look no further. This article would be centered on that. In this article, you would be learning how to make money on the PiggyVest referral program and many more details. If you’re interested in making money then this one is for you!

What Is Piggyvest?

Piggyvest is a savings and investment platform that helps users save and invest money securely. They have been in existence since 2016 ask has rewarded users with referral bonuses and other incentives.

How Does Piggyvest Referral Program Work

Piggyvest Referral was made to help bring more users to the platform. When existing users invite friends using their referral code or referral link, they earn a bonus for that.

It works in a way such that when an existing user invites a friend using a link, the existing user earns ₦1,000 and the invited person after completing the signup, gets ₦1,000 too. So, it is a win-win situation for both the existing user and the newly invited person.

How To Make Money On Piggyvest Referral Program

Making money on the Piggyvest Referral program is quite easy. You can make money through several means on the platform. Let’s get into the steps on how to make money on the Piggyvest referral program;

Step 1. Register On Piggyvest

To begin earning on Piggyvest, you would need to be a registered user. You can do this by downloading the Piggyvest app on your app store and signing up for a new account. Once you do this, you open a door to earning opportunities on the Piggyvest platform.

Step 2. Save Your Referral Link

The next step after registering on Piggyvest is to search and save your referral link. Every user registered on the platform already has a generated link for a referral. Search for your referral link on the Piggyvest app and save it. You can save it on the clipboard of your keyboard.

Step 3. Share Referral Link With Friends

You would not be able to earn if you keep your referral link all to yourself. Not! So, if you intend to earn some bucks on the Piggyvest platform, you’ll need to share the link with your loved ones including friends, relatives, and other loved ones. When you share, encourage them to sign up using the link. Only by that means you can earn.

Step 4. Earn A Bonus

When one or two of your friends sign up with your link, you earn a referral bonus. So, when you share your link, be sure to regularly check your dashboard if you’ve got a bonus. If you haven’t gotten it yet, that simply means your friends did not register using your referral link.

Step 5. Tell Your Friends To Complete A Transaction

The next thing to do is to encourage your friends to carry out a transaction on the Piggyvest platform. This is another means by which you can get a bonus. You get a bonus when they complete a transaction. You can tell them to save money on the app. Start by speaking about the benefits that come with saving money on Piggyvest. From there, they would see a reason why Piggyvest is a secure app to store money.

Step 6. Withdraw Your Referral Earnings

After your friends have successfully saved their money on Piggyvest, the next thing you can do is withdraw your earnings. It is quite easy and fast. Once you request a withdrawal, you would receive your money in minutes or a few hours. Your money would come to you. No stories are attached.

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How To Get Piggyvest Referral Link

You can get the Piggyvest referral link in just simple steps. In this section, you would be reading some tips on how to get your Piggyvest referral link in case you may find it difficult to do so.

Step 1. Log Into The Piggyvest App

This involves you inserting your email and your password to get access to the app. This is quite simple to do.

Step 2. Scroll To The Bottom Of The Homepage

At the bottom of the homepage of the app, you would see an icon titled “Account”.

Step 3. Click On The Refer Message

You would see an ad with the message “Refer and Earn ₦1,000”. Click on that ad.

Step 4. Copy The Link

Once you click on the ad, you would be taken to a page where you would see your referral link. Copy this link and save it to your clipboard. Then, share this link with your friends and relatives.


Is PiggyVest still giving referral bonuses?

Yes. PiggyVest still gives out referral bonuses for referring your friends and loved ones to the platform. You get a whopping N1,000 for referring your friends and loved ones especially when they make their first transaction.

How do you make money on online referral bonuses?

You can make money online on platforms like PiggyVest by referring your friends and loved ones. Imagine you referring 10 friends to PiggyVest, you stand a chance to get N10,000. So, that’s one of the ways you can make money online.

How do I withdraw my referral bonus from the cash box?

You can withdraw your referral bonus from the cash box by contacting their customer service support. You can do this by calling their customer service line or by visiting their website.

How can I earn referrals?

You can earn referrals by telling your friends and family members about the platform. Once you tell them, encourage them to create an account on the platform and perform a transaction on it. In that way, you can earn referrals.

What is PiggyVest?

PiggyVest is an online platform that helps users save and invest their money without no stories. You can also earn on the platform when you refer your friends and loved ones when they perform their first transaction.


Another sure way to earn money online has just been unlocked! The PiggyVest Referral Program offers you a newer, easier way for you and your friends can make money stress-free. PiggyVest wants to make you feel better when saving that is why this program was launched. So, feel free to refer and keep earning.

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