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How To Make Money On Chipper Cash App In 2023

How To Make Money On Chipper Cash App In 2023

Like I always say in every of my post about how to make money online. Making Money Online as of 2023 is as simple as Reading ABCD provided you have the right information.

All You need to start making decent money online is just a good smartphone and Internet connection and you are ready to Go.

In today’s Post, I will be sharing with you how to Make Money On Chipper Cash App In 2023.

How To Make Money On Chipper Cash App In 2022

What Is Chipper Cash App?

Chipper Cash is an African Base Payment Company which helps you to Send and receive money fast.

The App was established by two Brilliant African Entrepreneurs named Ham Serunjohi and Maijid Moujaled. Asides sending and receiving money, Chipper Cash Allow users to Buy and sell cryptocurrency on the App.

Is Chipper Cash Legit?

This is One of the most frequent question by users. Yes of course, Chipper Cash is a very legit App founded in 2018 with it’s headquarters in San Francisco, California.

Is Chipper Cash in USA?

Yes, Chipper Cash have been lunch in USA, this enables you to send and receive money from American Citizens.

Does Chipper Cash require BVN?

To get verified on Chipper Cash App, you will need to provide your Bank Verification Number. Your BVN is in good hand with Chipper Cash App.

Can Chipper Cash be trusted?

Yes, Chipper Cash can be trusted 100%

Can I buy Bitcoin With Chipper Cash?

Of course, you can buy, sell, and hold Bitcoin on Chipper Cash.

Can I send money from USA to Nigeria using Chipper Cash?

Yeah, currently you can send funds from USA to Nigerian using Chipper Cash.

How To Register On Chipper Cash App

Before making money on Chipper Cash App, you will need to register. Here are steps to sign up on the App.

1. On your Smartphone, go to Playstore to Download the App

2. After downloading the app, install and click on Open A Free Account to continue.

3. Next is to provide your email address or Phone Number

4. A verification code will be sent to the phone number you provided, check for the code in your message

5. Upon the completion of your verification, you will be asked to enter your Legal First and Last names.

6. Make sure you put the correct name.

7. Congratulations, you have Successful register on the Chipper Cash App

8. In other to increase your limit, you will have to provide your BVN( Bank Verification Number)

9. Put your BVN and click on Verify to Continue.

10. Your chipper cash account will be verified in 5 Minutes.

11. Your Dashboard should look like the screenshot below

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How To Make Money On Chipper Cash App In 2023

After getting your account verified, the next step is to make money on the App. Below are detailed procedures to earn on the Chipper Cash App.

1. On your chipper cash account, click on earn and a dashboard like the picture will be shown instantly.

How Make Money On Chipper Cash App In 2022

2. Tap on Invite friends to get your personal referral Code.

3. Share your referral Code to friends and family telling them to come and join chipper cash app

4. You will get N600 from chipper cash when anyone use your referral Code to sign up

5. Let’s say 50 or 100 people joined chipper cash with your code, that’s about (N600×50)= N30k or 60k for for 100 sign up.

Steps To Earn More money On Chipper Cash App

If you bring more people to chipper cash, you will also earn more from the App, it’s Simple, I will advise you to get people to sign up by downloading the app from playstore using your link or referral Code.

In other to get more referrals, create a Facebook or WhatsApp group titled “How To Make Money On Chipper Cash”

Guide them on how to register on the App, tell them the benefits and discounts for transactions on Chipper Cash App

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Finally, give them your referral Code or Link to register, now sit down and relax while you make huge cash from the App.

How To Withdraw Money On Chipper Cash App

To withdraw your money from Chipper Cash App, Click on the Withdraw

Select the Bank name you will be transferring the money to

Input the Account number

Choose Amount

Insert your transaction pin and Hit on the withdraw icon. Boom, you money will be withdraw within 5 Minutes to the account number you provided.

Isn’t that simple? Follow the steps on this post and make some cash from chipper cash app in 2023.

How to deposit money into Chipper Cash?

To deposit money into your chipper cash wallet, login to your account dashboard

Navigate to your profile Page at the Top Right Corner Of Your Dashboard

Click On “Add Cash”

Enter An Amount and Tap Add Cash and your wallet will be credited immediately

Is Chipper Cash a bank?

No, Chipper Cash is not a bank, it’s a Mobile Wallet for Sending And receiving money.

How much is Chipper Cash worth?

Chipper Cash is worth $2 Billion

How much does Chipper Cash charge per transaction?

Chipper Cash does not charge per transaction, it’s 100% free and will often be just like Kuda Bank App.

Can I use Chipper Cash to buy Bitcoin?

Yes, you can buy and sell Bitcoin on Chipper Cash

Can I transfer money from PayPal to Chipper Cash?

No. You can’t transfer money from Paypal to Chipper Cash App.

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