Opay Customer Care: Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Email Address And Opay Contact Address

Opay is one of Nigeria’s most used banking platforms. With the Opay app, you can transfer, save, buy airtime, pay utility bills, and do many other things. Sometimes, in performing one of these activities on the Opay app, one may experience some unusual bugs. In tackling this, you may need to contact Opay customer care service. Aside from the customer care call line, only a few people are aware of the other customer care support channels. In this article, we would be taking you through the various Opay customer care channels starting from the Opay customer care phone number to the Opay contact address. Let’s get started!

Opay Customer Care Phone Number

Opay Customer Care Phone Number is 0700 888 8328 and 01 8888328. These contact phone numbers are to be called when you have problems concerning your Opay app or issues with your Opay ATM card usage.

However, if you use your Opay app for business such as the POS service, it is advised that you contact OPay using the following phone numbers:

0700 888 8329 and 01 8888329. These two phone numbers would give you access to a qualified customer service representative. They would offer you the help you need in accessing, deactivating your upgrading your account.

Opay Customer Care Whatsapp Number

To get in touch with Opay on WhatsApp, you are expected to dial and save this number: +2349165998936. When you message this number, you get a rapid response to your query and a solution is given to your problem in no distant time.

Sometimes, due to the large amount of Whatsapp messages received by this number in an hour, you may get a delayed response. So, you are encouraged to wait for some time for a response.

Opay Email Address

Opay customer email address is When you compose an email and send it to this address, your questions and inquiries would be answered. It is best that when you compose your email, use the correct English language that can be understood. This is to make sure that you get a perfect response to your query.

To write a well-accepted email address to Opay Customer Care, you can use this format below:


Subject: The Heading (Title)

Body: ‘I hereby request that…..’



Make sure your account number and name are clearly stated in the body of your email.

An email address is one of the fastest means to get solutions to your banking problems. If you’re having issues with the Opay app, Opay POS, or your Opay ATM card, you can always count on the email address.

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Opay Contact Address

Opay headquarters in Nigeria is located at Alexander House, Otunba Jobi Fele Way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. This is where all activities regarding Opay operations in Nigeria are carried out. So, feel free to walk down there to resolve all of your issues.

So far, we’ve seen the various contact channels of Opay. Now, let’s consider the top benefits of Opay customer service.

Benefits Of Opay Customer Care Service

They are many benefits of the Opay customer care service. Let’s examine some of them:

1. Helps In Intercepting Fraudulent Activities

When fraudulent activity has been noticed in your account, the customer care service of Opay is capable of intercepting other transactions that may be done on your account. For instance, if your phone was stolen and your account is being tampered with, you can contact OPay through any of the channels above and inform them of your desire to deactivate your account and it would be done in a short time.

2. Help In Resolving Problems

The Opay customer service is also capable of rendering solutions to your query. They help you by giving you recommended tips to overcome a problem in the Opay app, Opay POS, and Opay ATM card usage. For instance, if you have issues transferring funds from one account to another account, you can reach out to Opay through the contact channels and the issues would be resolved.



How do I contact OPay by email?

You can contact OPay by email by sending your complaint to this email address: When you type in your complaint, make sure you do so in the correct English language to get a fast response.

How can I talk to OPay customer service?

You can talk to OPay customer service by dialing this hotline: 018885040.

When you dial that hotline, follow the prompts so that you can speak to a live customer service representative.

How can I chat with OPay?

To be able to chat with OPay, you can use the live chat feature of the Opay app to chat with a customer care representative.

How do I report a transaction on OPay?

You can report a transaction by tapping the “Support” tab on the Opay app. When you click on the “Support” tab, do well to have the transaction number and screenshot handy for additional evidence.

Can I save it on OPay?

Using the Okash feature, you can save and invest in Opay.


One of the reasons why knowing the customer care contact channels is important is because it saves you the energy of going to the bank to resolve your issues. For Opay, you’ve been able to see the various contact channels of Opay. You’ve also seen why it is beneficial to do so Do well to save this web page, you might need it in the future.

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