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How To Make Money On Opera News Hub In Nigeria 2023

How To Make Money On Opera News Hub In Nigeria 2023

If you want to make decent income working from home with just your Smartphone and Data Connection then Opera News Hub is the way forward in 2023.

Opera News Hub is a platform which pays it’s content creators on the Hub for publishing high quality contents.

The platform which started in 2017 has become one of the easiest way you can make money online in Nigeria. The more you publish good Content, the more money you will be making from the hub, so to succeed as a content Creator you need to come up with wonderful articles.

In this post, I will be sharing with you detailed steps on how you can make money on Opera News Hub In Nigeria.

How To Make Money On Opera News Hub In Nigeria 2022

Is Opera News Hub Still Paying?

Yes, Opera News Hub is still paying it’s content creators in Nigeria. The platform is trusted in the country.

How Much Does Opera News Pay Per Click?

You get paid around N1000 To N2000 for every 10k views you got on your articles. Although according to Opera News Hub, you will get more money from top engaging articles on the hub.

How Does Opera News Hub Pay?

Opera News Hub processes each payment after your total income reaches N2000. You get Paid through Your Opay Account on the 15th Of Every Month.

How Does Opera Make Money?

Opera makes money from advertising for Brands and businesses. Most of it’s revenue comes from Google Adsense and other ad network like Taboola.

Steps To Make Money On Opera News Hub In Nigeria

To make money from opera News Hub, you need to follow the steps I will be sharing on this post to the end.

Requirements Needed To Become A Content Creator On Opera News Hub

  • Full Name
  • A working Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Smartphone
  • Data Connection and the Skills to write Original, engaging and readable contents on the Hub.

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How To Register On Opera News Hub

Visit to register

Sign up using your Gmail or Facebook Account, I recommend using a Facebook account to sign up.

Write Your Name, Phone Number, Country Of Residency, Opay Account And Your National ID Card (Optional)

Cross-check your details

Choose Your Username

Select The Category you will be posting on (Example News, Entertainment, Politics Or Sports)

Upload Your Preferred Photo

Write a detailed biography about your yourself or a little summary of what your followers will be expecting from you.

Lastly, Click on submit and wait for your account to be reviewed by Opera News Hub. Your account should be approved within 24 Hours.

If you get approved, Congratulations, you are now a verified content Creator on Opera News Hub. Write Content, Publish And start making money from the comfort of your home.

How To Create Post On Opera News Hub

Go to Hub.Opera.Com

Login to your account

Tap on “Create Article” and start writing your Content, go through the post you have written for correction before proceeding to publish in other to avoid rejection.

Select the best images for your content, choose the appropriate category and tag.

Check your contents for the last time and hit the Publish Icon. Welcome to Opera News Hub. Keeping posting more content to earn More.

How To Make More Money On Opera News Hub

To earn more on Opera News Hub, you need to work smarter than other creators on the hub, Post on trending topics and celebrity news.

If you want to get trending topics to post on the hub, I will advise you follow top Nigerian Celebrities like Davido, Wizkid, Zazuu, Bobrisky And Tontoh Dikeh.

Immediately one of those celebrities post anything controversial, rush to Opera News Hub and create an article around what they post, with this method, you will be getting high engagement, shares and comments on your Post.

One of the easiest way to make Money on the Hub is to venture into posting politics and Sports Related Contents, Nigerians love sport especially Football, so write good contents on Football news, Transfer and watch how your article gets good engagement and clicks on the hub.

Opera News Hub Payment Proof

Talking of Politics, every Nigerian wants to know the current news on politics in Nigeria, believe me, this is the best Category I will recommend you should write on.

At the end of Every post, ask your followers to share your contents on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get more clicks too.

How To Link Your Opay Account To Opera News Hub

After writing good contents, getting paid will always be on your mind? But how do you get paid by Opera?

Payment are made easy through Your Opay Account, to get your Earnings, you will need to create an Opay account which will be connected to your Opera News Hub Account during registration.

If you don’t have an Opay account, here are procedures you should follow to get your account up and running instantly.

1. Go to Google Playstore and Download The Opay App

2. Install the app, Register to get your Account number

3. On your browser, visit the Opera News Hub Dashboard, scroll down to “Account” to update your Opay Number

4. Your Opay account should look like this “8029150208”

Note: You have to be careful when putting your Opay account number to avoid stories that touches the heart at the end of month.

How to Transfer Your Earning from Opay Wallet to Bank Account

Immediately you receive your funds, transferring to your bank account will come to your mind, here are steps you need to transfer your earnings from the Opay App directly to your Local Bank Account.

1. Login to the App

2. On the Opay Dashboard, you will see Transfer to Bank

3. Click on the Transfer To Bank Icon

4. Select The Bank you will be transferring to, input the Account number correctly and hit the transfer botton. Boom, your earnings will be deposited to your local bank account Within 5 Minutes.

With the Above procedures, you will be able to make money On Opera News Hub In Nigeria. Drop your questions on the comment section.

Opera News Hub Payment Proof

Here are some of the payments proof from Opera News Hub.

Opera News Hub Payment Proof

Best time to post on Opera News Hub?

The best Time to post on Opera News Hub is in the Morning Or Night.

How Many articles can i post per day on opera news hub? You can publish more than 10 articles per day on Opera News Hub.

Why is my article rejected by opera news hub?

Your article might get rejected by Opera News Hub for many reasons like Junk Sentence, Copy and paste, Irrelevant Images.

How long does it take for Opera News Hub to approve your article?

Normally, your article will be reviewed before getting approval, it takes around 30 minutes to get your contents approved.

How do I increase my clicks on Opera News Hub?

To increase your clicks, post high quality contents on the hub. This will fetch you more clicks and earnings.

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