What Are The Best And Bigger Banks In Africa?

In Africa, there are over 500 different banks. This fact alone poses a huge deciding problem to the customer who wishes to find out which bank to choose. This means that a customer who wishes to find out which bank is best may end up choosing one that doesn’t fit his plans. So, now you can see the need to choose a good bank. In this article, this problem will be solved. This article will focus on listing the best and biggest banks in Africa. It would also be detailed on why they are the best in this region. Let’s get started!

1. National Bank Of Egypt

The National Bank Of Egypt ranks among the best banks in Africa. The National Bank of Egypt has been in existence for a long time, in fact since 1898 to be precise. Since that period, they have provided financial solutions to its customers in Egypt.

The bank has overcome the economy of Egypt over the years and has survived till this point. It was accorded the Apex bank duties in 1950 and has been running since then. As at this moment, the bank can boost over 14 million customers and over 500 established branches all over Egypt and even beyond making it one of the biggest banks in Africa.

2. Attijariwafa Bank

Attijariwafa is a bank located in Morocco, in northern Africa. Attijariwafa is among the top banks based in Africa which has grown to become one of the biggest and best banks in Africa. The bank was established in 1904 and has been running till date.

Attijariwafa bank is one of the most-known banks among the Moroccans and according to many who live there, it is one of the best in delivering seamless service. The bank is also known for sharing social responsibilities which has helped build its customer base and developed a good relationship with Moroccans over time.

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3. Afreximbank

Afreximbank is also a top bank located in Egypt, Africa. It has built a reputation that has helped it remain relevant in Egypt and Africa at large. The term “Afreximbank” can also be called African Export-Import Bank.

The Afreximbank has its headquarters in Cairo, Egypt. This shows that they are an established bank whose priority is to make financial transactions easier for its customers. The bank provides services that are not common in other banks which makes it one of the best banks in Egypt.

4. ABSA Group

The ABSA Bank Group is also one of the top banks in Africa soil. The ABSA Bank is based in South Africa. The bank was established in 1991 and has since been running without letup until date.

Since its inception, it has established branches all over South Africa and even on international soil. They can be found in about 12 countries. This guess shows how organized they are in operation and how they have developed over the years without being stagnant. The ABSA Bank Group has about 42,000 staff all over which shows that it has a large workforce just sufficient for its large customer base.

5. Zenith Bank

The Zenith Bank is one of the largest banks in Nigeria and Africa in extension. The bank is based in Nigeria and was established in 1990. Since its creation, it has survived the fluctuating economic storms in Nigeria to date.

The bank has about 500 branches all over Nigeria and internationally. It has been a beneficiary of the Best Bank In Nigeria recognition. This goes to show how reliable and trusted they have become a reputable force in the banking sector. They have had a former CEO of the bank become the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

6. Standard Bank Group

The Standard Bank Group ranks high among the best banks in Africa. The bank has built a strong customer base and that has allowed it to flourish in the different markets it has touched all over Africa.

The Standard Bank Group has offered support to businesses, individuals, and others by delivering top-notch financial solutions. When speaking about the best banks in Africa, Standard Bank Group should be included.

7. Investec

The Investec Bank is another bank that has operated in a way that has distinguished itself from other banks. They are based in South Africa and have been in existence since 1974. In 1992, they entered other markets such as the UK to begin operation and they have been successful with it.

The Investec Bank boasts of a magnanimous workforce spanning over 8,000 staff all over their branches. Customers can have access to different packages when they use the bank. Their mode of operation and large workforce help it become the best and one of the biggest banks in Africa.


Which bank is the biggest in Africa?

The biggest bank in Africa according to the latest ranking in terms of asset and equity acquisition, is the Standard Bank Group.

What is the most expensive bank in Africa?

The most expensive bank in Africa as of 2023, is the Standard Bank Group. The bank is based in Standard Bank but it is worth more than other banks.

What is the most innovative bank in Africa?

The most innovative bank in Africa is FNB. They have shown through social responsibilities and other aspects that they are the most innovative in Africa.

What is the number 1 largest bank?

The JPMorgan Chase is the number 1 largest bank in the world. In terms of asset and equity acquisition, they are heads and shoulders above other banks.

Is Zenith Bank a large bank?

The Zenith Bank is one of the largest banks in Africa. They are ranked in the top ten largest banks in Africa.


There you go! The best and biggest banks in Africa have been outlined for your consumption. So, when looking for a bank that is best for your needs, look no further.

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