15 Best App To Send Money From Nigeria To UK


Many apps are available today that allow the transfer of funds in Nigeria. However, not all of these apps allow you to make international transactions such as sending money outside the country. In the UK, there have been in-demand apps that enable the transfer of funds from Nigeria to the UK. In this article, this problem will be solved. This article will be focused on listing the various apps to send money from Nigeria to the UK.


Flutterwave is a fintech platform that allows you access features that make transactions easier and faster. With Flutterwave, you can send, receive, and pay bills whether locally or internationally.

One of the pros of using Flutterwave is that you get access to easy withdrawals of funds because of its many options. There are over four different ways to collect your funds when you receive funds via Flutterwave. The process of sending money from Nigeria to the UK is quite straightforward. With just a few clicks on the Flutterwave app, you can get funds sent in a few minutes.


Tranzfar includes apps that make it easier for Nigerians to send money to the UK. The Tranzfar platform helps you make safe transactions because it prioritizes security in the transfer of funds.

With the Tranzfar platform, you can make payments, and withdraw money from your Tranzfar app with amazing rates. However, first, you need to create a Tranzfar account to be eligible for this.

You can create a Tranzfar account when you download the app from the Play Store. When you create an account, you will be able to make transactions to the UK at amazing rates.

Kyshi Co

The Kyshi Co platform is another legitimate platform that allows you to send, receive, and do other international transactions in no time. With Kyshi Co, all your details and information are safe and no risk of breaching is tolerated on the app.

Kyshi Co only charges a transfer fee of 1%. With Kyshi Co, you can also make money and save money while you perform transactions. You can save money when you make local transfers of funds within African countries and you can earn money when you refer friends to the platform.


Payday helps you to quickly send and receive money from friends and family from Nigeria or the UK. The Payday platform quickly does this and funds arrive on the same day when you send money from the Payday app.

With Payday, when you make international transactions, especially to the UK, you only get charged a transfer fee of 1.4%. The features of the Payday app allow you to control the way you want your funds to go. You can decide to request immediate payment, track inflow in the app, and so on.


The Wise platform also falls under the platform that allows you as a Nigerian, to send money to your friends in the UK. The Wise platform allows you to make transfers with no hidden charges applied to the transfer. You can make a transfer virtually free! Isn’t that great?

With Wise, you can send money not just to the UK, but to about 80 countries all over the world. Also, you can convert currencies with the Wise platform. That means that if you receive money in naira from your friend in the UK, your friend can convert the value of the naira to the dollar equivalent.

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Western Union

Western Union is one of the most common apps that is used to transfer money from Nigeria to the UK. It doesn’t only stop at transferring money to the UK, you can also send money to other countries using the Western Union platform.

The Western Union platform makes it possible for users to transfer money to residents of any country all over the world. Aside from that fact, you can also enable the fast transfer option. This option enables you to send money and ensure that your recipient receives the money within the next 24 hours.


With Remitly, all international transactions can be done in a quick and fast way. Just as the name implies, Remitly makes the remitting of funds at the right time possible. The platform can be used by residents of 21 countries.

The Remitly app helps you with multiple payment options that make the withdrawal of funds easy to do. Along with that, the platform also has transfer fees that would be easy to cash in on.

Another exceptional thing that makes the Remitly app stand out is that it enables the transfer of any amount as possible. That means you can transfer as high as you want without being afraid of being restricted by the platform. What a nice app!

Other Apps Include:




Ria Money Transfers



Which app can I use to transfer money from Nigeria to the UK?

To transfer money from Nigeria to the UK, you can use these apps: Payday, Tranzfar, Wise, Western Union, etc.

Which app can I use for international transfer from Nigeria?

There are several platforms that you can use for international transfer from Nigeria they include:

Flutterwave, Wise, Payday, Western Union, etc.

Which app can I use to receive money from Nigeria?

To receive money from Nigeria, you can use Wise, Flutterwave, Pay4Me, PayDay, Tranzfar, etc.

Does wirepay work in Nigeria?

Yes. Wirepay works in Nigeria. To get started, download the Wirepay app from your app store.

Can I transfer funds from Nigeria to the UK?

It is possible to transfer funds from Nigeria to the UK. There are several platforms as listed in this article that allow that.


This article has been able to show you the best apps that allow the sending of money from Nigeria to the UK. You’ll agree that this article has been an eye-opener for you. Well, to successfully send money outside the country, you would need to use any of these apps mentioned above and they would be worth it!

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