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How To Make Money On Opay In Various Ways

Opay is a mobile wallet platform where users are free to make transactions. But still, many people doubt the fact that you can still make a living off Opay. Regardless of your personal or social background, as far as you are a Nigerian, the services are open to you. I know of an Opay user who resides in a state in Nigeria and uses Opay to make money in various ways. He told me he uses the cashback offer. However, I wondered what is Cashbacks. How can I earn from it? What other ways can people earn money using Opay apart from Cashback? I took extensive research on the topic and I found some amazing earning options on Opay.

Different Ways To Make Money On Opay

Here are various ways you can make money on Opay app while using it. Kindly read carefully so that you don’t miss out on this. Let’s get started:

OWealth Saving

Many people save their money in the bank but they don’t know how to earn passive income as it is in the bank. However, with Opay as stated before, you can earn money in various ways. One of the ways you can earn is by saving your money on the OWealth platform rendered by Opay.

Yes, you read it right! Instead of saving your money where it won’t yield interest, try OWealth. Opay allows you to save your money and allows you to earn interest periodically. It can be monthly, weekly, or even quarterly. For example, on OWealth you can earn up to 15% yearly.

Now, if you’re an investor and you keep say, 70,000 naira on the platform. If you do maths, you are likely to have something about 10,500 naira yearly and about 875 naira monthly. It is good business because you are not incurring any cost in keeping the money there. It is way better than keeping your money in the bank or any financial institution.

The beautiful thing about this OWealth platform is that you would be able to withdraw your money at any time of the day. Just like any investment platform, you stand to earn more when you invest more money.

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To make money from Opay using referrals, all you need to do is your Android phone and your mobile app. Install the app on your mobile phone and log in to your account. After that, copy your referral code and there you go.

After copying your referral code, share the link with your family members, close pals, or anybody at large. If you have a large fan base on social media, you can share the link on Facebook, Twitter, or Whatsapp. When they see your link and register with it, you would stand a chance to earn up to 600 naira in referral commission. Also, you would keep making money as long as your referral keeps using the app to make the following services:

Purchase Call Airtime

Withdraw more than 4000 naira from an agent.

Taking A Loan Credit From OKash

Saving with OWealth.

Paying for cable TV and bills.

Fund their account

Also, you might not only be the person only earning from this opportunity. The person you refer can also earn in the form of cashback from the app.


The Opay app is very versatile. Not only can you use it for withdrawal and deposit, but you can also use it to buy airtime and pay bills. When paying bills and recharging your phone, you can still get paid. Enough of the chatter. What is cashback?

Cashback is an avenue where Opay company let clients and users earn from the app while they purchase airtime and data from the app. Once you purchase airtime or pay bills, you make at least 3% on the transaction.

Let’s take an instance:

You buy airtime worth 2000 naira on the app. Opay would give you a cashback of 60 naira. This is a new way of earning money on Opay. As a matter of fact, during the period of the cashless policy in Nigeria, some people went and look for people who need airtime, and they earn cashback on the cashback.

Just imagine you recharging 2000 naira worth of airtime to 10 people a day. You’ll get the opportunity to earn 600 naira daily from this feature. Also, the more you use the app, the more your cashback percentage increase every time. Isn’t that interesting? You can sit down in the comfort of your home and earn a good living with Opay cash back.

Opay Agent

The very popular opportunity which people are very much familiar with is being an agent. When you become an Opay agent you earn based on commission. Opay treats you like staff and you get incentives after every transaction.

Although, this means you would be with a point-of-sale machine almost all the time. Many people opt for a POS machine at Opay because they are rapid with their registration process and in no time you would receive your machine. On the contrary, if you apply to become an agent of a financial institution (banks) you may get delayed and eventually get frustrated.

If you are granted the opportunity to become an agent, you can open a little kiosk or shop that you can use to make money. You can also use it as your part-time business if you have a stable income. You can take the machine to your place of work and get your colleagues to make transactions with your Opay machine.

Opay Periodical Giveaway

Opay is a platform that wants the best for its client. Sometimes as clients, we fault the company for its inability to create promotional content for its customers. However, Opay is not like that, Opay organizes giveaways for its clients nationwide. These giveaways can be found on its handle on every social media handle, especially on Facebook. To win the prizes, you need to follow the instructions given out by Opay. The prizes for this giveaway may as well vary, it may be in the form of discounts or cash prizes.


How to make money on Opay for free?

Opay has a program that you earn via referral. It rewards you for bringing new clients to the platform. To engage in the platform, clients need to participate in the program with a referral code. If your friend signs up using the referral code, you get rewarded.

How much can I invest in Opay?

There are many investment platforms on Opay. The amount you receive depends on the platform you’re using. You can invest as low as 10 naira and as high as 500,000 naira.

Who owns Opay?

Opay is owned by the owner of Opera Mini. His name is Yahui Zhou.

Can I use Opay to buy Bitcoin?

You can buy Bitcoin using Opay. Tap on buy, sell, and engage to start a trade in Opay today.

What is the highest amount Opay can receive?

Opay can receive up to 5,000,000 naira.


Opay is available in all 36 States of the country. Wherever you are, you are covered by Opay. Many, though, feel like Opay would be better used to earn money if you are only an Opay agent. However, that is false! You can make money on Opay in various ways especially if you are in Nigeria. Opay periodical giveaways, OWealth, Cashbacks, and Referrals are just examples of other ways you can earn passive income.

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