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10 Legit Sites To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2024

10 Legit Sites To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2024

Have you been searching for Legit sites to make money online in Nigeria? If your answers are yes, then congratulations because you are on the right post.

There are numerous Sites out there that promise to pay you for each activities you performed on the website, however, when it comes to payday, you will be hearing stories that touches the heart after spending your time on the website.

10 Legit Sites To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2022

To avoid such, I have analyze the list of Legit sites were Nigerians can be making huge income from their home with just smartphone and Internet connection.

Legit Sites To Make Money Online In Nigeria

  • SagaPoll
  • Chipper Cash
  • YouTube
  • Amazon
  • Scooper News
  • Opera News Hub
  • Toloka
  • Clipclaps
  • Modeearnphone
  • viewpoints


Chipper Cash is one of the few website were Nigerians can make money online. This website is use for making transaction, Bill Payment, Buying Airtime and the rest. Asides all this, you can utilize chipper cash referral program to make decent income from home. All You can to do is visit the chipper cash website using your phone browser, register and verify yourself on the site, get your referral Code and start sharing to your friends.

You will be making N600 for each person who register on the chipper cash site with your code.


Nigerians can also make thousand of dollars from American biggest video sharing platform in the World. YouTube is a simple website were you can be making cash for just posting videos on your channel. To get started, Navigate to Sign up and create your personal channel.

After creating your channel, start posting videos on the channel and you are one step towards making money from Nigeria on YouTube.


Scooper News is a news sharing platform in Nigeria. This website shares news to over 1.6 Million audience in the country. One good thing about Scooper News is that it pays both the readers and writers on the site.

So if you are a reader on the site, you will get paid for reading news, while writers get paid for publishing Contents on the sites. What are you still waiting for? Go to scooper News and register to start Making Money Online.

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4. Opera News Hub

Opera News Hub is another website to make money in Nigeria. This site has so far paid More Than 50 Million Naira to it contents creators since starting in 2017. To make money from the site, visit to register and start posting news on the website.


Are you good in writing books or Stories? Amazon is another site to make money. All You Need To start is an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account and you are all set. Start Publishing books to earn more from Amazon KDP.


Clipclaps is a legit site which pays it’s users for watching just videos on the website. If you are good at watching videos then clipclaps is the right site for you to visit.

As of 2024, Clipclaps has paid more than 5 Million user’s. To earn more from clipclaps, you will have to be watching videos in the site always. You get paid through PayPal when the withdrawal threshold is reach.


Toloka is a renowned survey sites that pays users for Performing different tasks like watching videos, asking questions and making some impacts on the site. This website was created by Yandex in 2014, so its Legit and Trusted. To get started, visit the website to sign up with your full details like Full Name, Email Address, State, Country, Payment methods, and others

The website pays through PayPal, so you have to get a functional email address to receive your hard earn money at the end of the day.

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Viewpoints rewards it’s users for participating in testing New products, Reviews, Programs and survey. According to viewpoints, each user gets rewards with points which can be converted to cash base on their performance on the website. So the get more points on the site, you have to be involved in many surveys on the site. Payments on the site is simple provided you have a PayPal account that can send and receive money in Nigeria.

9. Modeearnphone

Mode Earn Site is among the most popular site to earn cash rewards just for doing everyday thing’s on your Smartphone. The website has been around for a while now and has no doubt paid users who reach the Withdrawal threshold.

10. SagaPoll

SagaPoll is an African based Online Survey site which pays users for answering little questions From the comfort of their home with only a mobile device. To earn from SagaPoll, Users needs to be serious in answering questions often.


To make money from the above mentioned sites, you need to be consistent in answering or responding to the activities on the site. These Site are legit, Comfirm and trusted by many. So feel free to start making money from one of the listed sites on this post.

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