15 Best App To Send Money From Nigeria To USA


With flexible apps, it is now possible to send and receive money from Nigeria to the USA. These apps have features that help make this transfer easier and faster. In this article, you will be reading about 5 best apps that allow you to send and receive money from Nigeria to the USA. You would also read about what makes them stand out from other platforms. Let’s delve in!


The first app on this list is the WorldRemit. As the name implies, not just the USA where you are eligible to send money, you can send money to anybody anywhere around the world.

The amazing thing about this app is that it doesn’t have any minimum amount that you can send. This means that you could send as low and as high as you like to anybody. Aside from that, you have the fast transfer option which allows you to send money and let the recipient receive the money within a short amount of time. Isn’t that amazing?

All you need to do is download the WorldRemit app on your app store and fill out your details in the provided space. You can also use the website to make international transactions when you are registered.


There hardly any international transactions merchant who doesn’t know of the Wise platform. The Wise platform helps you receive funds and send funds from anywhere around the world. There is no hidden charge when you use the Wise app and also it is eligible for usage in over 70 countries around the world.

With Wise, you can convert your foreign currencies to any currency of your choice. Your recipient can also get the funds you send within 24 hours. It has been proven that at least 80% of the time when you send money to a person using Wise, the person gets the money within 24 hours. Now, say it, what guarantee are you looking for again?

You can gain access to the Wise platform on the various app stores (Google and iOS).


Remitly helps you complete international transactions in a shorter time than most apps you may know about. Just as the name implies, Remitly quickly remits your money to its destination without stories. The Remitly app is eligible for usage in over 20 countries. This means you can send and receive foreign funds in over 20 countries.

With Remitly, you have multiple payment options. This would help you get access to your received funds into your bank account on time. Aside from that, you are also charged a fixed transfer fee. You don’t worry about flunctuating fees when sending or receiving funds.

You can sign up on the Remitly platform by installing the Remitly app on your mobile. You can also get further information about the platform from their website.


OFX is an amazing app that allows customers from around the world to connect by helping them send and receive funds. This app is mainly used by business-inclined people because of its features but has grown to be one of the accepted apps for international transactions all over the world.

The thing about OFX is that it helps you send funds that are over 10,000 dollars for free with no transaction charges attached to it. With OFX, you also have excellent customer service when things go wrong. The customer care service of OFX is friendly, professional, and ready to help when issues pop up in a transaction process.

Your OFX profile can be created online using the mobile app. Once the registration process is complete, you will be allowed to transfer money on the app without hassle.

Western Union

Western Union is one of the most commonly used platforms to send and receive money from Nigeria to the USA. It is mostly used by freelancers, and other international deal merchants to carry out transactions of all kinds.

One reason why many enjoy using Western Union is that it is easy to register an account. Anyone at any time can register and open a Western Union account. With Western Union, a fast transfer option is available. You can make a transfer at this moment and within a few hours of the same day, the person at the other end will receive the money. Isn’t that nice?

The Western Union platform can be accessed from Play Store and iOS app stores. You can register and verify your Western Union account within minutes and start performing transactions.

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Pay4Me allows people to pay their bills, fees, and other stuff online without hassle. It is mostly used by international students to send and receive money because of the ease with which this is done.

With Pay4Me, you can transparent charges on your transactions. You can make transfers without having hidden fees deducted somewhere from your account. That is what Pay4Me platform allows you that makes it stand out from other platforms.

The Pay4Me platform operates through their app and it is available in all stores. So, install the app, register, and begin making transfers from Nigeria to the USA and beyond.

Other Apps Include:



Ria Money Transfers




Which app can transfer money to the USA from Nigeria?

There are various apps that you can use to transfer money from Nigeria to the USA. They include:

Wise, Flutterwave, Pay4Me etc

How can I send money from Nigeria to the United States?

To send money from Nigeria to the USA, you would need to first fund the app you wish to use. Then, you check if the country you wish to send the money to is eligible for transfer in the app. After that, proceed to send the money through the app.

Which app can I use for international transfer from Nigeria?

For international transfers from Nigeria, you can use apps such as Wise, Flutterwave, Chipper Cash (Africa – Africa), Pay4Me, etc.

What is the app that sends money from Africa to the USA?

To send money from Africa to the USA, there are several apps to use. They include:

Remitly, OFX, Western Union, Wise, and Pay4Me, to mention just a few.

Is Western Union legit to use?

Western Union is a very legitimate platform to use. They are recognized in many countries in the world as a means of payment.


Unlike in the past, where sending money to people internationally was difficult, now technology has made life easier. In the comfort of your home with any of the aforementioned apps launched on your phone, you could make the transfer of funds from Nigeria to the USA available.

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