Forgot My Palmpay Password And PIN – How To Reset, Change And Recover Palmpay Password And PIN


Palmpay helps its users easily reset or change their account passwords and PINs. Well, in doing this, they would have to follow recommended steps before reaching this goal. This article will focus on guiding you on the steps that you have to follow to successfully reset or change your Palmpay passwords and PIN. Let’s consider these steps:

How To Reset Your Palmpay PIN

To change your Palmpay PIN, follow these steps:

Step 1. Login To Your Palmpay Account

Like always, to change your password, you would need to log in to your Palmpay account. When you log in to your account, you will be able to change your password.

Step 2. Go To Security Settings

On the dashboard, navigate to Settings on your Palmpay account. When you have done this, you will be able to make changes to the settings features of your account. To make changes to your password, you would need to select the Security Setting option. This would entail that you input your old password and your new password to change your account.

Step 3. Tap On PIN Reset

On your Palmpay dashboard, tap on PIN Reset. This option would allow you to reset your PIN.

Step 4. Follow The Instructions

Instructions on how to go about changing your password will be outlined to you. Adhere to these instructions to successfully change the password of your Palmpay account.

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Step 5. Verify

To verify your identity on Palmpay, you would need to use your fingerprint or input your old PIN to verify. After that, you will also be asked to input your new PIN. This new PIN should be inputted twice to confirm that the original owner is about to change the PIN.

So far you’ve seen what it entails to reset and change your Palmpay PIN. Is it then possible to recover your Palmpay PIN? Let’s find out.

How To Recover Your Palmpay Password And PIN

When using Palmpay for transactions, you would not be required to provide any password to log in or verify. You would only be asked to provide your PIN in either case. So, this automatically displaces the Palmpay password. In essence, you cannot recover your Palmpay password because Palmpay doesn’t allow users to operate using passwords.


How do I change my personal information on PalmPay?

To change your personal information on Palmpay, contact the customer care service of Palmpay to inform them about recent changes about you.

Can I borrow from PalmPay?

Palmpay can offer financial services to you. You can borrow loans and get your loan request granted in a short time.

How do I send an email to PalmPay?

To send an email to Palmpay, send it to: If this method doesn’t go through, you can try contacting them through 018886888

Is Palmpay legitimate?

Palmpay is a legitimate app that can be used for almost all kinds of transactions. It performs operations ranging from payment of bills, to dishing out loans and the like. It is indeed a reputable app!

How can I change your Palmpay PIN?

To change your Palmpay PIN, all you need to do is to navigate to Settings. Click on Security Settings and make changes there.


You can reset your Palmpay PINint the comfort of your home. You should need your data switched on and your smartphone. With these two available, you can change the PIN to your Palmpay account.

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