How To Block PalmPay Account When Phone Is Stolen

The key to how to block a PalmPay account when a phone is stolen is to contact the PalmPay customer care service. The staff of PalmPay can provide you with the information you need to block your account quickly. You can contact them through calls, email, or other social media platforms. However, that’s not all to know about how to block PalmPay account when your phone is stolen. Let’s check out detailed steps on how this can be done.

How To Block PalmPay Account When Phone Is Stolen

Below is a step-by-step process on how to block your PalmPay account when it is stolen, here is how to go about that. Follow these steps;

Step 1. Contact PalmPay Customer Care

The first thing to do to block your PalmPay account when it is stolen is to reach out to PalmPay customer service. The customer service channels of PalmPay are ever-active in helping you to disable your PalmPay account from the thief. To contact the customer service of PalmPay, you can use either the email, phone number, or social media channels. Here are the details of the PalmPay customer service channels:

Using the email channel, include your username, and account number and explain the situation you find yourself in. Express clearly your desire to block or disable your PalmPay bank account.

“Hi PalmPay,

I am writing this mail to state my desire to disable my PalmPay account. This is due to…..

Here are my details:

Username: _____

Account Number: _____”


Phone Number: 018886888

Above is enlisted the PalmPay customer service phone number. You can dial the number and call it. You would be required to provide certain details such as your account number, the date of your last transaction, the last time you logged in, etc. So, have this information handy to undergo this process.

Social Media: Search for PalmPay on the various social media platforms. When you do this, be sure to check for the verified tick. This would enable you are chat with the recognized PalmPay customer representative.

Step 2. Provide The Details Of your Account

When you contact PalmPay customer service care, do well to provide the required details of your account. You should be able to know your account number, the last transaction you made, and other little information about your account.

This would help in facilitating the blocking of your account to prevent intruders from gaining access. Be cooperative with the representative. This would help in the quick response to your request.

Step 3. Report To Relevant Authorities

If the PalmPay office is around where you live, you can quickly walk down there and make an in-person request for your account to be disabled for the period. However, if you can’t find any PalmPay customer service office where you live, feel free to use this linklink to get the address of the PalmPay offices where you live.

However, you may find it easier to contact the nearest police station to track your smartphone to recover it. While doing this, remember that it may take time and as a result, the thief may take funds away from your account before you successfully recover your account.

How To Remove Your Card From PalmPay

Removing your card from PalmPay enables you to avoid making payments using your card on PalmPay. This would be useful especially if your PalmPay connected phone is stolen. Follow the steps outlined above to remove your card from PalmPay:

Step 1. Open The PalmPay App

The first step to remove your card from PalmPay is to open the PalmPay app. When you open the PalmPay app, be sure to log in to your account. After signing in, do well to look for the Settings bar.

Step 2. Click on Settings

In the PalmPay app, look for and click on the Settings option available to you. When you do this, a series of options will be available to you.

Step 3. Enter Linked Cards

When the new page completely loads out, do well to click on the option labeled, ‘Linked Cards’ or ‘Payment Methods’. When you click this option, a new page will be opened for you. Tap Remove Card on the card you want to remove and wait for the prompt that is displayed later.


How can I deactivate my PalmPay account?

To deactivate your PalmPay account, navigate to the Security Center of your PalmPay app. Then, tap on Account. After that, locate and click on the Deactivate Account button. Follow the prompts and you will be able to successfully deactivate your PalmPay account.

How do I block my ATM card from another phone?

Every bank has its short USSD codes that it uses for transactions. Find one that goes with your bank and dial the code.

How do I change my number on PalmPay?

To change your number on PalmPay, click on the Mobile Number and click on Change Number. You would then be allowed to change your mobile number after going through the verification process.

Can I block my PalmPay account?

To block your PalmPay account, contact the customer care of PalmPay. State clearly to the PalmPay representative your desire to block your account.

Is PalmPay safe?

PalmPay is a safe platform that you can use to perform transactions such as transferring and receiving funds, payment of bills, and other transactions.


To quickly recover your account from intruders, you would need to contact PalmPay customer service for help. That should be the next step. After this step, other things can be done.

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