Palmpay Signup and Registration: How to Open Palmpay Account, How to Make Payment (Send and Receive Money) With Palmpay

Palmpay Signup and Registration

When talking about the top three microfinance banks in Nigeria, you would not make any mistake if you mention Palmpay. Palmpay is one of the most used banks in Nigeria. Just like any other institution, it is well-regulated and secured. Having thousands of customers, the Palmpay application is the most preferred POS service provider in Nigeria. Enough of the chatter, questions such as What is Palmpay? How to open an account with Palmpay? How to deposit using Palmpay? and many other questions would be answered in the course of this article.


Palmpay is a mobile-friendly app. It is an online platform that offers a lot of banking options to individuals who are trying to make use of it. One incredible feature of Palmpay is that it allows customers to earn while using the app. The points you receive in some of these transactions can serve as a discount for you in the future. In the next subheadings, we would be looking at how to open an account with Palmpay.

Palmpay Signup and Registration: How to Create an Account with Palmpay

Palmpay is a very secure platform. Palmpay basic service is to help people save, transfer and pay bills nationwide. Let’s see the steps required to open an account with Palmpay in Nigeria.

Step 1: Install the Palmpay application on your mobile phone. If you are using Android, you can get it from Google Playstore or App Store for iPhone users.

Step 2: Click on the application and tap Signup or Create Account

Step 3: Input your mobile number

Step 4: A verification code would be sent to you. Fill in the code in the app

Step 5: Fill in your information and accepts the terms and conditions.

Step 6: Enter your PIN and confirm your registration.

How to Deposit to Palmpay

When you create your account with Palmpay, you have the leverage of putting funds into your account. If you want to deposit money into your Palmpay account, you have to follow the steps below:

Deposit or Send Money to Palmpay using Bank Transfer

Step 1: Log in to your Palmpay account

Step 2: Tap ‘Funds’

Step 3: Tap ‘Bank Transfer

Step 4: Copy your Palmpay account number

Step 5: Enter your Bank application

Step 6: Tap ‘ Send Money

Step 7: Input your Palmpay account number

Step 8: Confirm your information and input your PIN

Deposit using Bank Card

Step 1: Sign in using your Phone

Step 2: Tap ‘ Funds

Step 3: Tap ‘Bank Card’

Step 4: Click your bank card information

Step 5: Input Amount

Step 6: Input PIN

Step 7: Input CVV found at the back of the card

Step 8: Input Card PIN

Step 9: Enter your Verification code.

Deposit using Bank Account

Step 1: Tap on Funds

Step 2: Tap ‘Bank Account’

Step 3: Click ‘Add a Bank Account’

Step 4: Select Bank

Step 5: Input your Account Details

Step 6: Input Amount and PIN.

Step 7: Enter your Verification pin sent to you.

Deposit via USSD

Step 1: Tap Funds

Step 2: Click on USSD

Step 3: You’ll be required to add a Bank Account

Step 4: Enter your bank

Step 5: Input Amount

Step 6: Dial the code displayed on your Palmpay application on your phone.

How to Earn Money on Palmpay by Referring to People

Step 1: Sign in to your Palmpay Account

Step 2: Tap “ME” and choose ”invitation”

Step 3: Tap Share

Step 4: Paste the link on any social media network and tell your friends to tap on it.

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How to Withdraw and Make Payment using Palmpay


Step 1: Sign in to Palmpay Account

Step 2: Choose ‘Wallet’ from the home interface

Step 3: Select the ‘Add Bank Account’ option and add your Account

Step 4: Add money to your account using the USSD, debit card, bank transfer, bank account

Step 5: Immediately you add money to your account you can start making payments for bills.

Withdraw Money

Step 1: Choose the Pay Shop/Withdraw Money Section from the app

Step 2: Input the amount you would like to withdraw

Step 3: Voila! Your money is in the account of your Palmpay POS Agent.

Other Ways of Earning on Palmpay

Reward on all transactional process

Nearly all of the transactions done on the Palmpay account come with a reward. These rewards can be in the form of Palm Points or Discounts. A palmpoint is equal to 1 naira. Apart from that, you can earn a discount up to half of the amount whenever you want to load your phone with airtime. For instance, you intend to load your phone network with 400 naira, therefore, your Palmpoint would be 200 points. This means you would only spend 200 naira for 400 naira worth of airtime.

The points you earn very much depend on the worth of the transaction. Not only, do you earn from loading airtime, but you also earn rewards whenever you want to pay cable bills like DStv, Gotv, and the like.

Playing Lucky Game

This lucky game seems to be like a draw. You are eligible to win discounts and coupons, also different cash prizes. You may even stand a chance of winning every time since it is a game of luck. To get qualified, keep using the Palmpay app for your transactions

Palmpay Charges

Palmpay is a preferable microfinance bank when compared to its competitors. Also, in terms of charges, Palmpay allows clients to perform transactions 5 straight times before making charges. However, subsequent transactions would cost 10 naira.


Can Palmpay receive dollars?

You cannot receive dollars with Palmpay

How long does it take to get a refund?

An early refund gives you access to your cash even while a transaction is pending after 4 hours.

How old is Palmpay in Nigeria?

Palmpay was created in 2018 in Lagos State in Nigeria.

Can Palmpay be traced by police?

A Palmpay account can be traced by the police. This is possible through your BVN because it contains your details.

Can Palmpay accept Bitcoin?

Yes of course. They accept Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies for payment.


Palmpay has been in existence for a while now. While being in the service it has competed with top brands in the business. Whenever you are looking for a digital yet rapid response team- Palmpay is there for you! In this article so far, we discussed the various ways how to open an account with Palmpay, how to deposit on the platform, and so on. Do well to make use of the information you have gotten and get back to us.

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