How To Block Kuda Bank Account When Phone Is Stolen


To block your Kuda Bank account when your phone is stolen, first, reach out to Kuda Bank customer care. Then, explain to the representative the situation you are in. After that, follow the instructions you are given and in no time, your account will be blocked from intruders. This article will discuss in details how to successfully block your Kuda Bank account when your phone is stolen.

How To Block Kuda Bank Account When Phone Is Stolen

When your Kuda Bank-connected phone is stolen or lost, the next thing to do is to make a move to block your Kuda Bank account. This section discusses steps to take to block your Kuda Bank account from thieves. Let’s consider the steps:

Step 1. Contact Kuda Bank Customer Care

When your Kuda Bank-connected phone is stolen, what you need to do is contact Kuda Bank customer care. When you contact the Kuda Bank customer care, you will be given information on how to go about blocking your account. Luckily, you can contact the Kuda Bank customer care service in more than one way.

You can contact them through:


The email method is one of the fastest methods to reach Kuda Bank. The email allows you to directly receive help from a Kuda Bank customer service representative. With this, you can get help in a few minutes. To send a mail, you can use this format:

“Hi, Kuda Bank,

I am writing this mail to request a block on my Kuda Bank account. This is because…

Account Number: ____

Account Name: _____

Call: 0700022555832

Along with the email method, the call option enables you to speak directly to an active customer care representative of Kuda Bank. However, you would be asked certain questions about the account to enable further steps to be taken.

Step 2. Be Corporative

When you finally get through to the customer service representative of Kuda Bank, you want to be cooperative with the help they render to you. All information that is asked about your account should be correctly provided. When you are also asked to take any steps as regards your account, you want to take them without hesitating on it.

Then, after that, you can call back and give a response or tell them what you encountered in the process.

Step 3. Walk To the Kuda Bank Office

If you are not satisfied with the help rendered by Kuda Bank, you can always walk down to Kuda Bank offices around you. If you can’t locate anyone around you, check this link to find one.

The Kuda Bank offices are filled with qualified Kuda Bank staff who can assist you in blocking your account in just minutes. All you need here is your account number and other details of your account to successfully submit it.

Step 4. Contact The Relevant Authorities

Another step to take to block and recover your Kuda Bank account is to contact the relevant authorities. The police can offer their services to help track and recover your Kuda Bank-connected device.

However, this may take a longer time and as a result, a large amount of funds may be removed from your account before it is finally recovered.

It is good to note that this step should be taken when the first three steps prove futile. Then, you can walk down to the police and make a report.


Can my Kuda account be blocked?

Your Kuda account can be blocked upon request by the account user to block the account. It can also be blocked if suspicious activity is being done on the Kuda account.

Can I log in to my Kuda account on another phone?

It is possible to log in to your Kuda Bank account on another phone. If you have your account details handy, then you will find it easy to do so.

How do I contact Kuda on WhatsApp?

You cannot contact Kuda Bank on WhatsApp. This is because it doesn’t have a customer care account on WhatsApp.

How do I secure my Kuda account?

To secure your account, it is advised you have a PIN linked to your account. Anytime you wish to perform a transaction, the Kuda Bank PIN will help in verifying the transaction before it proceeds.

Can I delete my Kuda Bank account?

To delete your Kuda Bank account, contact Kuda Bank customer care support. Inform them clearly that you wish to delete your Kuda Bank account.


To block your Kuda Bank account successfully, you need to have the contact lines of Kuda Bank customer care. When you have this, it will be easier to combat theft on your account.

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