Forgot My Chippercash Password And PIN – How To Reset, Change, And Recover Chippercash Password And PIN


When talking about Chippercash, you are talking about one of the biggest Fintech organizations. Chippercash has proven to be the largest. However, many people find it hard to access their accounts. The tips found in this article can help you overcome that challenge. This article answers the following questions: How does Chippercash work? How to reset a Chippercash password? How to recover a Chippercash password? What are the suggestions for creating a new password?

How does Chippercash work?

Chippercash is one of the top Fintech platforms in Nigeria and beyond. It is renowned for its mobile money service across Africa. Chippercash allows the user to access their account whenever they feel like it. People generally know chippercash because of its security. Talking about security, you cannot access the Chippercash wallet without properly inputting your Password and username. Chippercash wallet allows clients to receive money from the diaspora.

A feature of Chippercash is that it is secured. It also boasts user-friendliness. The app has over a million downloads on Google Playstore. Apart from Nigeria, it is supported in many African countries. Sometimes, it might be possible to forget your password on Chippercash. If this is your situation, then this article is designed for you. Before then, here are some suggestions when creating a password on Chippercash.

Suggestions for creating a Strong Password on Chippercash

If you intend to create an account on Chippercash, then you have no problem creating a good password. This article discusses some tips you need when you want to create a password.

1. Avoid Obvious Password:

In creating a password, you need to avoid obvious passwords. This is because they can be easily guessed by friends. For your account not to be accessed, you can try unfamiliar words and number mixes. It is advisable to use a password that only you know. For example, if your name is Emeka and you are a lover of football. You can create a password such as “EmekaCR7”.

2. Use a combination of characters

I find this suggestion helpful. The moment you create a password that has only one case letter, you are at risk of getting your account infiltrated. So as a practice, learn to use a combination of characters. You can use a combination of lowercase letters and uppercase letters. Additionally, it would not be out of place to include symbols and numbers where necessary.

3. Do not share your password

When it comes to securing your financial wallet, you cannot trust anyone. Well-meaning friends and family members may turn to traitors when they perceive you possess money in your wallet. As a matter of seriousness, never share your password with people. Do not reveal your password or PIN on social media.

4. Do well to include Personal Detail

A good suggestion is to include personal information about yourself. Yes. You can do this by putting in mind some memorable event that happens in your life. Avoid putting general password suggestions such as ‘2023’, ‘1234’, ‘Date of birth’, or ‘Marriage Anniversary date’. The following suggestions above shouldn’t be used as a PIN code or password.

The next subheading discusses at length the steps one should follow in resetting your PIN. Do well to take note of the steps in case you intend on resetting yours soon.

How to Reset Your Chippercash PIN

The steps found in this section of the article would help you reset the Chippercash PIN

Step 1: Launch your Chippercash app. If you use the Chippercash Internet portal, enter the Chippercash website.

Step 2: Click on ‘Forgot PIN’. This is the option you should tap whenever you intend to Reset your PIN.

Step 3: Do well to input your Date of Birth and Identity Documents Number. Make sure the information you present tallies with the records on Chippercash.

Step 4: A code will be sent to your email address or SMS inbox. You are to input the code provided in the space on the Chippercash portal. The code is a 6-digit code.

Step 5: Input your new PIN.

Step 6: Do well to confirm your PIN. Voila! You have a new Chippercash PIN code.

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How to change your Chippercash PIN

You can easily change your Chippercash PIN. This can be done when you follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to your ‘Profile’ icon on the page.

Step 2: Look for the ‘Settings’ icon.

Step 3: Tap ‘Change PIN’

Step 4: You will be asked to input your old PIN. Afterward, you will be asked to input your new PIN.

Step 5: Voila! Your PIN will be changed immediately.


Where is my Chippercash Account Number?

Your Chippercash account number can be found under your Name.

Can I convert dollar to naira in Chippercash?

Chippercash can convert your dollar to naira on Chippercash.

How can I delete my Chippercash account?

You can do this by creating a video. This video would confirm the last digit of your BVN.

Is my bvn safe with Chippercash?

Chippercash takes security very seriously. As a result, they would not share your BVN with any other party

How do I change my Chippercash PIN?


Having discussed the steps in resetting a pin, what have you learned? First, you need to input your password at least twice to make sure it isn’t correct. Next, make sure to tap the Forgot PIN section to alert Chippercash admins. Follow the steps that follow to achieve success in changing your PIN

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