How To Get Baxi POS: Baxi POS Charges, Daily Target, POS Machine Price and Requirements

Although new, Baxi has made a name for itself in the industry. Incorporating both POS and mobile money platforms into their services, they have made the competition even harder for competing brands to catch up. Baxi Application is one of a kind in that it allows clients to deposit money and withdraw easily without hassle. Baxi POS machine has been one of the most sought-after points of sale across Nigeria. Regardless of the cost of it, many still prefer it over its competitors. The Baxi POS charges on the hand have been complained about recently, this article would demystify the Baxi POS charges and other information too.

What is Baxi POS?

Baxi is a mobile money platform that uses more than one digital means to provide payment options to Nigerians through mobile, POS, Online platforms, and other platforms. Baxi POS is known for its POS service in Nigeria. However, in 2019 Baxi POS was incorporated by MFS Africa. This ownership made it possible for Baxi Ito to increase its operation in Nigeria.

Baxi POS had made it possible for an intending agent to make money from his neighborhood through commission. The amazing thing about Baxi POS is that many people including wholesale and retail owners can use the service.

Baxi Customer Care

You can contact Baxi Customer Care through the following channels

Phone Mobile Call: 01-7008571

WhatsApp Number: 09080532234

Email Address:


Social media: Facebook and Instagram;

Twitter – @my_baxi

How do I Fund my Baxi Wallet?

You can fund your Baxi wallet with the following methods below:

1. Baxi Funding Via USSD

2. Wallet Funding

3..Direct Debit

4. Transfer to Baxi Account Number.

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Steps on Funding Baxi Application

Step 1: Click on your fund account icon on the Baxi application

Step 2: Select USSD wallet funding

Step 3: Select Debit account and amount from the option provided

Step 4: Dial the code generated and send the money via the phone number registered with the bank

Step 5: Enter the transfer pin to complete the transaction

What is the Baxi app for?

The Baxi Mobile App is a multifunctional mobile app available on Android and iOS that enables our Baxi users to buy/sell different types of digital products and services from Baxi.

Baxi POS Charges

The Baxi POS charges include the following:

Airtel Data Bundle Recharge 1.76%

Mtn Data Bundle Recharge 1.60%

Glo Data Bundle Recharge 2.80%

Glo Prepaid Recharge 2.80%

9mobile Data Bundle Recharge 2.80%

Cash Transaction Charges (0-20,000 naira) 0.55%

Cash Transactions (20,001-100,000) – N100 flat rate

Cash Deposit to Account– N30 flat rate

Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company Token Vending – 1.20%

Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company Bill Payment – 1.20%

Eko Electricity Distribution Company Prepaid – 0.8%

Eko Electricity Distribution Company Postpaid – 2.00%

Abuja Electricity Distribution Company Prepaid – 0.96%

Abuja Electricity Distribution CompanyPostpaid – 0.96%

Gotv Multichoice (Regular Agent) – 1.40%

Gotv Multichoice(SabiMen Agent) – 1.20%

Dstv Multichoice(Regular Agent) -1.40%

Dstv Multichoice(Sabimen Agent) -1.20%

Golden Chance Lotto (5/90) – 20%

Baxi POS Price in Nigeria

The price for the Baxi Andriod POS is N30,000 while the price for the Baxi MPOS is N10,000.

Baxi POS Requirements

Here are the requirements for Baxi POS

1. Receipt of payment of the POS Device

2. One completed surety form

3. One completed application form

4. 3 hours of full training on using Baxi POS

5. A photocopy of a Corporate Affairs Commission Form

6. Business Name Certificate

How to obtain Baxi POS Online

Here are the steps for getting a Baxi POS machine today:

Step 1: Install the Baxi Mobile App via Playstore

Step 2: Signup using the app by inputting your BVN

Step 3: Input your house address and other information as required

Step 4: Search for ‘POS REQUEST’ and then submit a request for a BAXI POS

Step 5: After that, you would be informed by BAXI as to when to come for training.

Although you can reach them using their Sales Rep option.

You can do this by contacting the Baxi team. When you contact them, you should tell them your address and request a sales representative. The sales representative would assist you with the remaining part of registration.

Baxi Customer Care

You can reach out to Baxi Customer Care via the following ways





Twitter: @my_baxi

WhatsApp: 09080532234

Characteristics of Baxi POS

Multiple fund Transfers: Unlike other payment platforms, Baxi POS is quite different. Baxi POS has inputted into their app over three popular Nigerian banks for their clients.

Bills payment: Utility bills can be paid through the Baxi POS Payment Platform. Not only would you be able to pay for a Recharge card, but you can also earn from it as an agent. You stand to earn a commission on every transaction of payment.

Vending of Recharge Card: The best part of Baxi POS is that you can easily use it for recharge card printing. When recharging your phone, one can easily use it for printing a recharge card on any network. However, as an agent, you would earn a commission for every recharge card you sell.


Where is Baxi based?

Baxi is based in Warwick, England

What is the transaction limit for Baxi?

The transaction limit for Baxi is 1,000,000

How long does Baxi point last?

Baxi POS point would expire after 24 months of use (2 years). You can spend your point using the information posted in the Baxi reward section of the app.

Who owns Baxi?

Baxi is owned and controlled by Capricorn Limited.

How can I reach Baxi POS?

You can simply reach Baxi POS using their email address:



This article has discussed extensively the various charges Baxi POS imposes on transactions ranging from Cable Subscription, Recharge Card, Transferring of funds, etc. It is pertinent to note that the Information given on this may be subject to scrutiny by some people. However, as of 2022, those charges listed are for that year. I hope you gained a lot from this article.

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