How To Block Moniepoint Account When Phone Is Stolen

To block your Moniepoint account after it has been stolen requires that you follow a four-step process. First, contact the Moniepoint customer care service. Second, explain your situation and be corporate. This would include that you provide details of your account and other helpful information. Well, that’s not all that is required to successfully block your account against infringers. In this article, you will be reading in detail about how to block your Moniepoint account when your phone is stolen.

How To Block Moniepoint Account When Phone Is Stolen

When your Moniepoint-connected phone is stolen or lost, the next thing to do is to make a move to block your Moniepoint account. This section discusses steps to take to block your Moniepoint account from thieves. Let’s consider the steps:

Step 1. Contact Moniepoint Customer Care

When your Moniepoint-connected phone is stolen, what you need to do is to contact Moniepoint customer care. When you contact Moniepoint customer care, you will be given information on how to go about blocking your account. Luckily, you can contact the Moniepoint customer care service in more than one way.

You can contact them through:


The email method is one of the fastest methods to reach Moniepoint. The email allows you to directly receive help from a Moniepoint customer service representative. With this, you can get help in a few minutes. To send a mail, you can use this format:

“Hi Moniepoint,

I am writing this mail to request a block on my Moniepoint account. This is because…

Account Number: ____

Account Name: _____

Social Media:

Step 2. Be Corporative

When you finally get through to the customer service representative of Moniepoint, you want to be cooperative with the help they render to you. All information that is asked about your account should be correctly provided. When you are also asked to take any steps as regards your account, you want to take them without hesitating on it.

Then, after that, you can call back and give a response or tell them what you encountered in the process.

Step 3. Walk To Moniepoint Office

If you are not satisfied with the help rendered by Moniepoint, you can always walk down to Moniepoint offices around you. If you can’t locate anyone around you, check this linklink to find one.

The Moniepoint offices are filled with qualified Moniepoint staff who can assist you in blocking your account in just minutes. All you need here is your account number and other details of your account to successfully submit it.

Step 4. Contact The Relevant Authorities

Another step to take to block and recover your Moniepoint account is to contact the relevant authorities. The police can offer their services to help track and recover your Moniepoint-connected device.

However, this may take a longer time and as a result, a large amount of funds may be removed from your account before it is finally recovered.

It is good to note that this step should be taken when the first three steps prove futile. Then, you can walk down to the police and make a report.

How To Remove Your Card From Moniepoint

To remove your card from your Moniepoint account, you would need to log in using another smartphone. Let’s consider how that can be done.

Step 1. Login To Your Moniepoint Account

Using another smartphone, you can log in to your Moniepoint smartphone. Enter your account details in the required sections to complete the login process. After successful login, follow the next step.

Step 2. Click On Account Settings

Look for and click on the Account Settings option on your Moniepoint account. This option would allow you to make changes to your Moniepoint account and effect changes immediately.

When you click on the Account Settings, look for the option labeled “Linked Cards” to make changes to the card option there.

Step 3. Select The Card

When you have clicked on the Linked Cards option, select the card that you want to remove and click on it. Immediately, the card would be removed. However, you may be required to undergo a certain verification process for that to be done.


How do I recover my Moniepoint account?

To recover your Moniepoint account, go to the login page. After that, click on Forgot Password. Enter your email or phone number and carry out the verification process that follows.

How can I contact Moniepoint?

To contact Moniepoint, use the Moniepoint email customer care channel. Here’s the address:

How do I block my Moniepoint ATM card?

To block your Moniepoint account, reach out to Moniepoint customer care and inform them of your desire to block your account. Follow the instructions offered by the Moniepoint representative to block your account.

Who owns Moniepoint?

Moniepoint is owned by Tosin Eniolorunda and Felix Ike. They established the organization in 2015.

Is it possible to change my Moniepoint password?

It is possible to change your Moniepoint password. It can be done when you tap on the Reset Password option under the Settings page.


As you’ve seen, all you need to do is contact the Moniepoint customer care service and help will come. So, do well to have the Moniepoint customer care number as written above handy to avoid funds from disappearing from your account when your phone is stolen.


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