Nice Naira Loan App Download, Is Nice Naira Legit? Interest Rate, How to Apply

Nice naira loan app is a financial institution that borrows money from citizens of Nigeria in need of quick cash to take care of financial emergencies. Their platform is well-secured and reliable. All thanks to their dedicated technical team.

Once you apply for the loan on this loan app, you get your funds within minutes as soon as your application is approved. No collateral is needed before you can be given a loan. Also, no paperwork is required; every activity here is 100% digital. Its interface is well designed to meet the understanding of everyone regardless of your level of experience.

Keep at the back of your mind that any information you fill in on this app is secured and will not be shared with third parties. You need not to worry. Nevertheless, before you start using any loan-providing app, you need to know much about it before entrusting your information to them. So this article explains the basics you need to know about a nice naira loan app.

Interest Rate

It is very important to know the loan requirement of any financial institution before application and it is also important to know if there is any service fee or even hidden fees.

Nice naira offers a maximum limit of up to N200000 with a loan period of up to 90 days to 360 days (loan term is higher when compared to other counterparts). It’s also important to know that the interest you will pay is dependent on the amount you owe.

The interest rate here ranges from 12% to 30% per year and a monthly rate of 0.5% with a varying service rate from 6% to 24% (it’s important you know about this fee before applying). No hidden charges aside from this.

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Loan Requirement

Similar to other loan-providing apps, the same requirement is needed to qualify for the loan. If one of these criteria is not met by a customer, the application would be canceled and therefore, the loan would not be received by the user. To apply for a loan, you must meet the following;

Must be up to 18 years old

Must be a citizen of Nigeria

BVN and a valid national ID at hand

And lastly, a smartphone with a strong internet connection. All process is free and fair.

Once all these are kept in place in place, then you proceed to application.

How to Apply for a Loan on Nice Naira

It always happens to some customers. Sometimes, they find it difficult to apply for loans on their smartphone. If you are one of them, here is your final destination, follow these steps below.

Step 1: Download the app

Proceed to the Google Play Store or App Store to get a nice Naira Loan mobile app.

Step 2: Create an Account

After the installation, you need to register by filling out the online form. To avoid automatic disqualification, all the information you submit should correspond with the information you submitted during BVN registration.

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Step 3: Navigate to Loan Application Tab

Once your account is successfully created, you proceed to the loan application proper. All you need during the application is your BVN, mobile number, and account number to receive your funds. Apply now!


Is Nice Naira Loan App Legit?

If the most accurate and most used apps are listed, nice naira must take part of them. It’s not only legit; it’s secure, reliable, and also easy to use. Furthermore, reviews from the Google Play Store show how trustworthy this loan app is. You need not worry about that, they got you covered.

For Failed Transaction, How Do I Access Nice Naira Customer Care Number?

If in any case, you have any failed transaction or any delay, you need not worry as it might be a result of poor network, but if persists after 24 hours of approval, you have no option except to contact their customer care. They attend to issues as fast as possible after the report.

Interestingly, if the problem is from their end, you will receive your funds within minutes, but if it’s not, you will be notified about the issue and its possible solution. You can contact them at +234 – 7083649549 and respectively.

What is the Minimum Amount to Borrow on Nice Naira?

Similar to other loan apps, the nice naira loan app, offers a minimum of N5000 to customers, and you know what, the interest rate would be lower compared to that of customers who applied for amounts higher than yours.

 How Long Does it Take to Receive Your Funds after Approval?

After your loan request has been approved by a nice naira loan, you will receive your funds within 30 minutes. Sometimes they might be delayed due to poor network so; it might take up to 2 hours or more.

What are the Most Important Criteria When Applying for a Loan on Nice Naira?

Before you can be eligible to borrow money from nice naira, you must be a citizen of Nigeria and secondly, you must be more than 18 years and not more than 60 years. Lastly, you must possess a BVN.


Nice naira loan app is a very nice loan app to use especially when money is needed quickly to solve immediate financial emergencies. Hurry now! They are waiting for your request.

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