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How To Convert Airtime To Cash In Nigeria 2023

How To Convert Airtime To Cash In Nigeria 2023.

It’s obvious that a lot of people in Nigeria don’t actually know how they can convert airtime to cash.

If you want to convert your MTN, Glo, Airtel And 9mobile Airtime to cash instantly then this post is for you.

Converting airtime to cash is Very simple provided you know the best App or platform to use for the process.

How To Convert Airtime To Cash In Nigeria 2022

There are numerous website were you can convert your Airtime to cash within 5 Minutes but Legitguides will be sharing with you the best among them and how you can easily convert the airtime by yourself.

All you need to achieve this is follow the process correctly and you will successfully convert your Airtime in just Minutes.

Before rushing to convert the airtime, do note that every App and website have their own rates. So you need to check their charges, if you are okay with how they charge you, then you can proceed with converting the airtime.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get into the main topic of this post How To Convert Airtime To Cash In Nigeria 2023.

8 Best Apps To Convert Airtime To Cash In Nigeria


Aimtoget is a mobile Application created to help users convert their Airtime to cash with ease. The app is currently one of the best Apps to convert airtime. Asides converting airtime, you can also send and receive money, buy airtime and Data bundle all on the Aimtoget App.

To convert your Airtime to cash on Aimtoget, you will need to download the App from Google Playstore, Register On the App using your email and phone number, choose Your password and boom, you have successfully register on Aimtoget.

Now go to the Convert Airtime To Cash Option, select the network from the drop down menu, click on the exact amount you will be converting, lastly tap on the convert Icon and your airtime will be converted instantly. You can then transfer the funds directly to your bank account.


One of the best App used for converting airtime is Recharge2Cash. Just like every other App, you first get the App install on your Device.

Register on Recharge2Cash App with details like name, email address, phone number, Bank Account And other important information required by the App.

After the Registration, the next step is to convert your Airtime right away. This can be done easily by clicking on the convert airtime option showing on the App, select the amount and network. Then click on Convert to get your cash send to your account.


Zarango is a popular platform used for converting airtime too. The platform have been in the business for over 4 years now helping Nigerians convert their Airtime. Zango is my favorite because I have used them for a very long time.

You can use both the website and the App to get your airtime converted to cash immediately.


Another App in the business is Glover. The App is also use by many to convert most of their Airtime to Cash. Glover has the best rates when it comes to help users convert their Airtime. To convert your Airtime with Glover, just get the app, Register and proceed to convert the airtime ASAP.


This list will be incomplete without Cheetahpay. On Cheetahpay both Registered and first time users can use the platform to convert airtime.


With AirtimeFlip App you can convert your Airtime to Cash. The app was created just to help users convert their Airtime.


Have you heard of Jonet? Jonet is amongst the best App in Nigeria used for converting airtime. You can get the App from Google Playstore.

8 Best Website To Convert Airtime To Cash In Nigeria

1. Jonet

2. Tingtel

3. Zoranga

4. Aimtoget

5. Cheetahpay

6. Glover

7. AirtimeFlip

8. Recharge2Cash

How To Convert Airtime To Cash On Zoranga, Aimtoget, Glover, AirtimeFlip, Recharge2Cash, Jonet, Cheetahpay And Tingtel

Below are steps you should follow to successfully convert your Airtime to Cash on these website

1. Create a user account

2. Verify your account by simply providing your Name, BVN, Account number email address and Phone Number

3. After signing up on the Platform, locate the Convert Airtime To Cash Icon and click on it

4. Choose the network and amount you will be converting

5. Boom you have successfully converted your Airtime

6. Now transfer the money to your account and that’s all for the process.

Can Opay Convert Airtime To Cash?

No, you cannot convert airtime using Opay. Opay is only use for transactions.

Is It Possible To Convert Airtime To Money?

Yes, all you need is to get one of the listed Apps on this Post, register to convert your money.


With the above mentioned Apps and website, I believe you can Convert Your MTN Glo Airtel And 9Mobile Airtime in Nigeria. Drop your questions below and don’t forget to Share with Friends.

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