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How To Make Money On Amazon In Nigeria 2023

How To Make Money On Amazon In Nigeria 2023.

If you are in Nigeria and would want to make money on Amazon then this Post is for you. In this post, Legitguides will be sharing with you how to make decent income on Amazon.

80% of Nigerians believe the only way to make money on Amazon is through Amazon KDP and Amazon Affiliate.

How To Make Money On Amazon In Nigeria 2022

Well if you are one of them, you are wrong, there are different ways Nigerians can make huge cash on Amazon provided you followed the right information and strategies I will be listing on this wonderful Post.

What Is Amazon?

Amazon is currently one of the Biggest E-Commerce Company in the World today. The American Multinational technology company was established in 1994 by Jeff Bezos.

6 Simple Ways To Make Money On Amazon In Nigeria 2023

Below are simple Ways one can easily make money on Amazon. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned here.

1. Amazon Kindle Publishing

Amazon KDP is now the best way Nigerians can make money on Amazon. However, to start making money from Amazon through Kindle Publishing, you will need to write and publish High Quality books. After writing the book, the next step is to get a professional graphic designer to design your Book cover.

Give your book a catchy description and title, now go to Amazon Kindle section to sign up. Provided all the necessary information required by Amazon and after completing your registration, it’s now Time to Publish your books on the platform.

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Believe Me, Amazon KDP is no doubt one of the fastest ways to earn passive income by just publishing Contents.

Remember, you will need to comply by the terms and conditions guiding the platform, failure to do that will get your account terminated and your earnings will not be paid.

2. Amazon Affiliate Program

You can make money on Amazon using the Affiliate Program provided by the platform. Infact, you don’t need money to start earning from the Affiliate System. Affiliate Marketing is the process of selling company products and services to others, the company pays commission for every sale record.

To get started with Amazon Affiliate Program, get a product you would want to promote, copy the product link and share on your YouTube Channel, BLOG, Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Advise people to buy the products, tell them the importance and advantage of the product, convince them with valid prove and testimony about the product you are promoting to them. And if they agree to purchase any of the products, boom your will be given a very huge commission from the sale you made on that product.

For example, if your Commission for selling a single product is $100, imagine selling about 5 Daily, that’s $500.

3. Amazon Handmade

With Amazon Handmade, one can easily make money with their talents and skills. If you are good in Art and crafts like Painting and Sculptures then Amazon Handmade is the best Option you should utilize.

Wondering what is Amazon Handmade? Well it’s a platform that allows people to sell and market their skills on Amazon. Joining is very simple and straight forward, all you need to do is visit the Handmade official website to register with your email address, Name, phone number and other information required by the platform.

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After completing the registration, waiti for 24 Hours to be verified, you can be accepted and rejected too, Incase you got accepted by Amazon Handmade, congratulations you can start selling your skills on the platform. Remember you will need a VPN for a successful Registration.

4. Sell Products

Selling of Product Is another way to make money on Amazon. Do you have a product you would would want to sell to people? What are you waiting for? Amazon is the best E-Commerce website where you can sell your products and services to over 2 Million people.

Just make sure you are selling the original products, go to Amazon and register yourself as a product seller that’s all you need for this method.

And after the registration, you can now upload your products for sell, select the price, description and method of payments and you are done, now sit back, relax and watch how people will be buying your products on Amazon.

5. Trade Amazon Gift Cards

Buying and selling of Amazon Gift Cards is another unknown ways people can make money. This cards are just like Debit cards used to shop on the official website. Most of these cards are estimated to be worth $100 and above.

You can get this cards at cheap rates and then sell to popular platforms in Nigeria to make gains.

6. Buy And Sell Amazon Product

One of the lucrative ways one can make money on Amazon is by buying cheap products on the platform then resell to Nigerians.You can buy Products worth $100 then resell for $150. With this method you can make millions of dollars with 6 months of starting. All you need is little funds and the right strategies to business.

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How Do I Get Paid From Amazon In Nigeria?

You can get paid from Amazon through Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, Web Money, Bank Transfers and other method of payments available on Amazon.

Does Amazon Accept Nigeria?

Yes, Amazon now accept Nigerians. You can buy and ship your products directly to Nigeria.

Can I Join Amazon Affiliate From Nigeria?

Yes of course, but you need to register for the Affiliate Program.

How Long Does It Take Amazon To Ship To Nigeria?

5 to 7 business days depending on the day you purchase the products


Which of the above mentioned ways will you be going for? Pick the best for yourself and start your journey towards making money on Amazon from Nigeria. People are making huge income from Amazon especially from through KDP, Affiliate Program, Buying and selling of Product, Trading of Gift Cards too. Don’t be left behind. Follow who know road.

Do you have any questions regarding this post? Drop your comments below. Share with Friends too.

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