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Top 10 WhatsApp TV With The Highest Views In Nigeria

If you are new to the WhatsApp TV business, you need a TV channel to look up to. When you want to look for a WhatsApp TV, do well to look for the best in the market. Sometimes it is pointless looking at news or entertainment channels. When you have a WhatsApp TV, you may not need a physical television. This section discusses the 10 highest WhatsApp TV channels which are very entertaining. Here is a list of them

1. Jolly Hub TV

Jolly Hub TV is one of the most trending WhatsApp TV in Nigeria. It is one of the channels where you can not a day without missing. The name is coined by the owner who beats the name, Joy. Jolly TV was created to keep track of the latest updates. From the latest gist, entertainment news, relationship interaction, and others. Jolly TV is your one-stop for all-round entertainment. It possesses over 26,000 contacts.

2. Jorra TV

Jorra TV is a great channel too. When you talk of entertainment, they are your Number 1 option. Regardless of the time you join, you stand a chance of becoming entertained throughout the clock. Jorra TV posts funny updates, memes, and videos that will make you feel entertained. Jorra Media TV is the one for you.

3. Big Steve

This channel has a motto that reads “When you are big, you are big”. This motto is to show that this channel is one of the biggest Whatsapp TV channels in Nigeria. It has a high engagement reach. They post inspirational quotes, life hacks, and financial education. This channel helps even an amateur in the financial market to make money. Whenever you are looking for a TV with high audience, then Big Steve is for you. Big Steve is also an ambassador for the L-earning program

4. FunYard WhatsApp TV

This TV is known for its entertainment. Whenever you feel bored, there is always a remedy. The remedy to that is FunYard TV. They lost interesting pictures and photos that would brighten your day. FunYard WhatsApp TV can also help you advertise your product. If you want to reach a large audience with your product, then FunYard WhatsApp TV is for you. Their charges are not that exorbitant.

5. Trends TV

Trends TV is one of the most active WhatsApp TVs in Nigeria. This WhatsApp TV is very unique because it appeals to the younger population. This WhatsApp TV is unique in that it reviews movies and music that just dropped. Also, it is home to the latest gossip, trends, news, and confessions. They also have a section that focuses on the Nigerian education system. It also highlights some of the latest cultural trends.

6. Babafaros TV

Babafaros is an active WhatsApp TV channel you can find on social media. This channel is very useful if you are a student. It discusses the latest changes in the education system. During the period when ASUU went on strike, Babafaros TV made sure to drop the latest update on the industrial action. Additionally, it also touches on the latest trends and updates in the country. The TV is operated by a student of the prestigious University of Ibadan. When it comes to advertisement, they have active viewers that can make you generate sales for your products in minutes.

7. Light Up TV

The light-up TV is one of the best channels in the country. It boasts a large audience. This audience can generate sales for your business. Additionally, you can easily get access to the latest news and updates. You can also make money on Light Up TV. This can be done if you follow the instructions on their platform regularly.

8. Infinity WhatsApp TV

Infinity WhatsApp TV is designed for sports lovers. If you love football, this platform helps you keep track of the latest updates in the world of football. Be it Laliga, Bundesliga, Serie A, or the Premier League. This channel is designed for you to watch match video highlights. Also, during the Champions League on weekdays, you may see the match lineup before the match starts.

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9. Gist Fans TV

Gist Fans TV is one of the top WhatsApp tvs in the country. You stand a chance of making your day great. This WhatsApp TV is unique in that it allows people to access news and entertainment at their fingertips. The TV features jokes, comics, and entertainment. It also provides advertising to businesses at low prices.

10. Today Sport TV

Today Sport TV helps football fans get the best use of the current gist. Additionally, you are allowed to access the football tactics of various teams before the start of every match. It provides live updates to every goal and assists. Do well to join the group to get access to the update.


Are there channels on WhatsApp?

Yes. WhatsApp owned by Meta group has a channels feature. This was done in the last WhatsApp update. Additionally, you can receive information from individuals and groups

Is WhatsApp available in Nigeria?

WhatsApp channel is available for Nigerians. You can create a WhatsApp channel if you want to. This can be done only if you download the WhatsApp app from the Play Store.

Does Spice TV have a WhatsApp channel?

Yes. Do well to contact 08066917793 or simply send a WhatsApp message to this number: 08089898608. This is done to advertise with them.

How do I get more views?

You can promote your WhatsApp brand through your social media handles. This can be done through Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.

How does FunYard WhatsApp TV work?

This TV is known for its entertainment. Whenever you feel bored, there is always a remedy. The remedy to that is FunYard TV. They lost interesting pictures and photos that would brighten your day. FunYard WhatsApp TV can also help you advertise your product.


Today there are many WhatsApp TVs in Nigeria. However, the list above shows the most followed WhatsApp TV in Nigeria. You need to follow in the footsteps of this popular Whatsapp TV channel so that you can find your foot in this business. That is if you are up-and-coming if you need any help regarding contacting any of them you are free to do your findings.

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