Is Okash Registered With CBN And Legit? Does Okash Call Your Contacts, Okash Loan Defaulters

Okash is a well-registered and licensed platform that offers financial services to customers. Okash is known for its ability to give out loans, assist in sending and receiving money, and also with its ever-friendly savings plan. In this article, you will be reading about whether Okash is legit and registered. You would also see if it is true that Okash contacts customers or contacts lists to threaten customers. Let’s dive straight in!

Features Of The Okash App

To enjoy using the Okash app, you need to understand the various features you would enjoy if you use the Okash app. Here they are:

1. Mobile Payment

With the Okash app, you could use your phone to make payments. You can send money, receive money, pay bills, and settle other dues. The Okash app provides a feature for that in which you can effortlessly do this without breaking a sweat. Once you have the app installed and registered, you can perform this transaction.

2. Peer-To-Peer Lending

With Okash, you could enjoy Peer-To-Peer Lending. This simply means that you could send funds to other users of the Okash app. This can be done based on a loan. You can borrow money from other Okash users using the Okash platform. This process is very quick to do. You can also pay back these loans using the app.

3. Save Money

The Okash app among other things that makes it stand out is its savings plan. With the Okash savings plan, you can save and even earn little interest on your savings. This feature is done to encourage the savings habit of the customers and to prevent unnecessary spending.

4. Business Payments

With the Okash app, you can make business payments such as paying for your goods or even receiving money for your goods. The business payment is used by many business owners on the platform to enable the smooth running of their business and to ease the stress of their customers.

So far, you’ve seen the various features offered when you use the Okash app. Now, let’s check out some of the benefits of using the Okash platform.

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Benefits Of Using The Okash App

There are so many positive points of using the Okash app. When you use the Okash app, you are open to;

1. Quick Loan Request Approval

To obtain a loan on Okash, first, you would have to enter your information and then, send a loan application to Okash. However, the good news here is that, with Okash, your loan application would be responded to quickly. With Okash, in just a matter of hours, you could get your loan request either approved or declined. Whatever the case you’ll be notified of the outcome.

2. Speedy Transaction Rate

Whether you want to send funds, receive funds, make payments, or perform other transactions, you are assured of a speedy transaction rate. The network connection of Okash rarely has problems so you are assured of superfast network strength. This means that if you send funds to your family and friends, they could receive the money in minutes or even seconds! Isn’t that great?

Let’s now consider some of the cons of using the Okash app for transactions.

Cons Of Using Okash

Here are some cons of using the Okash app for transactions:

User Experience

In some of the reviews on the various social media platforms, there are consistent complaints regarding the user experience of the Okash app. Some claim that they are not the best when it comes to user experience while others claim that they’re trying in this regard. However, the case may be, that it is quite certain that some customers may have problems with the user experience of the app and that cannot be swept under the carpet.

Is Okash Registered With CBN And Legit?

The answer is yes. Okash is duly registered with CBN and other recognized bodies in Nigeria. These bodies monitor the affairs of Okash and serve as a watchdog to their activities.

Does Okash Call Your Contacts, Okash Loan Defaulters?

Some blogs and users of Okash have reported that they have been contacted when they fail to their loans. Many have even said that Okash may go as far as sending messages to their contact list threatening them to repay the loan. However, these are just reports of cases from people who have witnessed this.


Does OKash call your contacts in Nigeria?

It has been reported that in cases where one fails to the loan before the stipulated time, Okash can call your contact to inform them of the situation.

Can the loan app access my contacts?

Some loan apps can access your contact lists. Others may not be able to do so. The only reason loan apps may want to access your contact list is when you don’t pay up your loans before the agreed time.

What does OKash do to defaulters?

Okash may decide to call you to inform you that you are a defaulter and tell you to pay up.

Is OKash approved by CBN?

Okash is approved and licensed by CBN.

Does OKash send messages to contacts?

Okash may send messages to your contacts if they have access to your contact list.


Okash is a legitimate app in offers financial solutions to its customers. Feel free to use the app to make all your financial transactions. However, when you borrow loans from Okash, do well to pay them back to avoid harassment of any sort.

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