Chipper Cash Dollar Exchange Rate To Naira; Can Chipper Cash Receive Dollars

Chipper Cash is a platform that is well known for its features that allow users to send money from one country to another country and vice versa. This is a famous platform that has garnered a lot of followers and users for some years now. This is because it has helped people ease their transaction processes.

Chipper cash provides a very convenient means of sending and receiving money from international countries. It also helps individuals manage their income and revenue. Enough of the chatter, let’s go into the thick of things.

Chipper cash Exchange Dollar Rate To Naira

Chipper cash is a very secure means of sending and receiving money from the foreign scene. When it comes to receiving the latest exchange rate on Chipper Cash, the platform tends to have a friendly rate. Here is a snapshot of the dollar-to-naira exchange rate:

1 USD = 1,054 NGN

3 USD = 3,162 NGN

5 USD = 5,270 NGN

7 USD = 7,378 NGN

10 USD = 10,540 NGN

12 USD = 12,648 NGN

15 USD = 15,810 NGN

25 USD = 26,350 NGN

30 USD = 31,620 NGN

45 USD = 47,430 NGN

50 USD = 52,700 NGN

75 USD = 79,050 NGN

100 USD = 105,400 NGN

300 USD = 316,200 NGN

400 USD = 421,600 NGN

500 USD = 527,000 NGN

750 USD = 790,500 NGN

1,000 USD = 1,054,000 NGN

3,000 USD = 3,162,000 NGN

5,000 USD = 5,270,000 NGN

7,500 USD = 7,905,000 NGN

10,000 USD = 10,540,000 NGN

15,000 USD = 15,810,000 NGN

25,000 USD = 26,350,000 NGN

50,000 USD = 52,700,000 NGN

75,000 USD = 79,050,000 NGN

100,000 USD = 105,400,000 NGN.

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Does Chipper Cash Receive Dollar?

Yes. Chipper cash receives dollars. Chipper Cash is a secure platform that allows clients to send and receive money securely. Chipper Cash provides a way to link a mobile wallet to a bank account at no cost.

Chipper Cash also announced that clients can now receive cross-border payments in dollars. This means that if you receive payment in dollars, you can have the money credited to your country’s currency. For example in Nigeria, we use Naira. This feature is very unique and helps business owners have peace of mind when performing international transactions.

How do I log in to Chipper Cash?

You can log in to Chipper Cash in the few steps below:

Step 1: Download the Chipper Cash App:

The step entails you installing the app from a particular website or app store. If you use Android, the Google Play store provides a medium where you can download the Chipper Cash app. Alternatively, if you are an iOS user, then navigate to your App Store.

Step 2: Launch the app

The next step is to launch the app. This can only be done when you install the app successfully from your Play Store or App Store. Make sure you have a steady internet connection before launching the app.

Step 3: Input your Mobile Digits

The next step is to input your mobile digits on the platform. This is done so that Chippercash would recognize that you are a legitimate customer. It is also done to verify your mobile number with them.

Step 4: Notification

Receiving a notification after inputting your number is the next line of action. With Chippercash, you would receive an SMS code to verify your identity. After receiving the SMS code, do well to enter it in the space provided in the Chippercash app.

Step 5: Set up your Password

The next step is to input your preferred password. This password must be one you can’t easily forget. This password must be mixed with characters, alphabet, and numbers. However, when mixing it, do well to remember it.


Can I receive USD on Chipper Cash?

Cross-border transfers received from other Countries will be deposited into your Chipper account in USD because of a CBN policy on all remittances into Nigeria.

How much is one dollar on klasha?

One dollar on klasha is N1,319

Can I receive a dollar through Chippercash?

Our new solution allows customers to acquire access to a USD account number and receive into their account.

Can palmpay receive dollars?

Palmpay doesn’t offer any domiciliary option to clients.

How much is 1 thousand dollars to a naira?

A thousand dollars to a naira is N890880


To conclude, the Chippercash app can do almost any financial job. Be it sending money, receiving funds, or storing funds. As the latest upgrade, you can see the exchange rate of different currencies with the Chippercash app. Isn’t that great? Do well to download the app and explore more exciting features!

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