Okash Loan App Download: Okash Signup And Registration, Okash Customer Care Phone And Whatsapp Number, Okash Loan USSD Code


The Okash is a platform that allows you to perform transactions, obtain loans, and save money on it. The Okash is an affiliate of the Opay transaction app. There are many things to know about the Okash app and what it can do. In this article, you will be reading about how to obtain loans using the Okash app, its USSD code and so much more. You wouldn’t like to miss this!

Okash Download On Android

Downloading the Okash is very easy and stress-free. Follow the steps outlined below to achieve that:

Step 1. Navigate To the Google Play Store

When you are on your Android phone, find your way to the Google Play Store by tapping the silver pause icon on your smartphone. When you tap on the app, wait for it to be fully launched then follow step 2.

Step 2. Search for ‘Okash’

When the Google Play Store successfully launches, tap on the search bar type ‘Okash’, and click on Search. After the search has been concluded, a list of options containing similar apps will be shown.

Step 3. Select The Verified Okash

Tap on the option with the Okash logo and label it, when you’re done, click on the Install button beside it. When the installation process is all over, tap on Open and wait for the app to launch.

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Okash Download On iPhone

Downloading the Okash on your iPhone is quite similar to downloading it on Android. Let’s see the steps.

Step 1. Go To The App Store

On your iPhone, navigate to the app store on your device. When you are there, wait for the app store to launch and follow step 2.

Step 2. Search and Install The Okash

When you have gained access to the App Store, search via the search bar for Okash in the App Store. When you have searched and found it, tap on the Okash app and begin installation of the app.

Step 3. Complete Verification

To proceed with the installation, you’ll need to complete the installation process of the App Store. You can verify by using the Apple ID, Face ID, and other verification processes.

Okash Signup

After you have downloaded the Okash, the next thing to do is to sign up. To sign up, tap on the Sign-Up button in the app and input your information on the app.

Okash Customer Care Phone Number

Knowing the value of communication prompts Okash to create a phone number so that everyone can get access to it without delay. Sincerely, it is the fastest way of reaching Okash when you have a problem. Also, they provide solutions whenever they are being called.

Another additional point that makes Okash’s phone number unique is its phone number. It is easy to remember and also easy to code. The Customer Care number is 08097755512,08097755514. This number is very easy to remember. Also, the number get you in touch with their technical team. This team would help you resolve any problem you find challenging.

Okash Customer Care Whatsapp Number

Unfortunately, Okash doesn’t have a recognized customer care Whatsapp number. However, using the Okash email is another known way to reach Okash. Here’s the Okash email address:

Okash Customer Care Office Address

Okash has a physical office address. If you don’t feel comfortable contacting Okash through the various channels mentioned above, you could do that by going to the office of Okash. Here’s the office address of Okash: Room 301, Japaul House, Plot 8 Dr. Nurudeen Olowopopo Way, Central Business District, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Okash Loan USSD Code

The Okash loan USSD code is *955#. With this code, you could make transactions much faster and seamlessly.


What is the USSD code for the OKash loan?

The USSD code for the OKash loan is *955#. With this code, you can perform transactions such as obtaining a loan, transfer of cash, etc.

How do I register my OKash loan?

To register for Okash loan, first, download the Okash app from your app store.

Then, Sign Up and enter your information.

Then, Verify your phone number and proceed.

What is the OKash account number?

To repay your loan, you can send the money with these details:

Account Number: 1130085518

Bank Name: Zenith Bank Plc.

After that, send the proof of the transfer

So that your transactions can be verified.

Is OKash and Opay the same?

Okash is a partner to Opay. They are not the same, they are completely different platforms.

Is Okash Legit?

Okash is a legitimate app to use. It is duly registered, licensed, and approved by CBN.


The Okash app is also as efficient as the Opay app. Just dial *955# code to get started. You would be surprised to see what it offers.

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