How To Get PayForce POS – Charges, Daily Limit, Price, Customer Care Number, Office Address

Being a new company trying to break into the market is quite hard. However, being one who is good at it won’t find it hard. Regardless of the kind of service one offers, it is quite advisable for people to use a platform they trust. Talking about the platforms, Payforce has been a force to reckon with in the industry. They offer loans at cheap price and makes it easier for customers to obtain, receive,e and send funds to one another. However, because of the scope of this article, we would be interested in looking extensively at payforce, payforce charges, payforce price, and others. To start with, the subheading: What is Payforce POS? is the subheading to kick start our article.

What is Payforce POS?

Payforce is a mobile banking service that offers a POS service that allows organizations to accept payment from customers using their debit or credit card. It is part of the service of Payforce. It gives opportunity to customers to make the most of the service by providing them with point-of-sale service across the country. Payforce is just like any other banking platform in which you can earn, receive, and send money to people nationwide.

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Advantages of Pay Force POS

Payforce POS is one of the best point-of-sale services across the country. Payforce POS comes with a lot of benefits. Here are the benefits

1. Convenient: Clients all over the country are provided with a lot of help when making payments to people. It is a very secure platform and it is very convenient for customers. It is pertinent for people to know that it is safe to carry out service without getting worried about anything. It makes it possible for organizations for customers to get funds from customers easily.

2. Daily Limits: Many organizations have the privilege to receive funds from customers and also establish a daily limit for their transactions. This in turn helps protect companies from theft and Fraud.

3. Information: The most useful benefit of carrying out a business is to know your daily transactions, right? However, with Payforce POS you can easily get a report of your transactions and transfers during a particular period. This makes it easier to make informed decisions based on transactional and periodic reports.

How to get pay force POS

Step 1: Install the Payforce POS App

To install the app, you have to head over to your Google Playstore app. Do well to search for ‘Payforce POS’. When you finish typing. Click ‘Search’. After installing the app. You can go over to the next step

Step 2: Provide your Details

After installing the app, do well to fill in your basic information. After inputting your personal information. The next step is to fill in your business information such as company or business name.

Step 3: Choose the suitable POS Machine

After filling in your information. The next step is to choose the best POS machine that suits your business. The basic idea is to get the most useful POS machine that suits your business. If your business is a retail outlet, there’s a POS suitable for you in the Payforce POS machine category.

Step 4: Make Payment

After completing steps 1,2 and 3, the next stage is to make your payment. During this stage, you will be asked to input your payment details and personal details. After confirmation of your payment by Payforce, you will be asked to input your address.

Step 5: Set up your Point of Sale Business

When your POS machine comes, you have the leverage to utilize it as well as you want. However, you can request assistance from a Payforce representative. They will help you set up your POS machine very nicely.

Payforce POS charges

Payforce offers a nice charge for all transactions. For transactions amounting to N1000, Payforce will charge you N5. However, if the charge exceeds N20,000, will be charged a rate of N100.

Payforce POS Limit

Payforce as of today doesn’t impose a limit on day-to-day transactions. This information would make agents conduct service to everybody without worrying about reaching a daily limit

Payforce POS Customer Care Number

PayForce POS knows the need for communication and the importance of providing information on the service at the appropriate time. If you have any inquiries or need help with your PayForce POS machine, you can reach their customer support team at this number +234 818 0000 553). The customer care number is available during business hours.

PayForce POS Office Address

If you want to meet Payforce POS, you need to go to their PayForce office. Their physical office address is located at this address: Number 19A, Adeyemo Alakija Street, V.I., Lagos, Nigeria.

Services Offered by PayForce POS

PayForce POS offers a variety of services to businesses in Nigeria, including:

● Mobile Subscriptions

● PHCN Bill Payments

● Subscription to Cable TV

● FundTransfer

● Cash withdrawal

● Plus, many other things


Is Payforce a bank?

Payforce is referred to as Payforce by FairMoney. Payforce is creating the largest micro-banking solution for small and medium-sized businesses in Nigeria and beyond to bridge the gap in payments in Africa and receive payments seamlessly and easily without hassle.

How does Payforce work?

PayForce operates by providing entrepreneurs with a payment processing solution that allows them to accept payments from their clients through various mediums.

What are the characteristics of the PayForce POS application?

The PayForce POS application allows businesses to accept payments from customers using their cards. The app also provides businesses with detailed reports on their sales and transactions.

How long does it take to get a PayForce POS?

Once you have submitted your request application, it typically takes 3-9 working days to receive your PayForce POS machine.

What are Payforce POS charges?

Payforce offers a nice charge for all transactions. For transactions amounting to N1000, Payforce will charge you N5. However, if the charge exceeds N20,000, you will be charged a rate of N100.


To conclude, Payforce is a mobile banking service that strives to give loans to individuals and organizations all around the globe. Its major objective is to make the customer satisfied with their services. However, all in all, Payforce is a digital wallet that has a good interest rate and makes it easier for people all around the nation to get the emergency money they strive to get.


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