Billpoint: A New App for Cheap Airtime, Data, and TV Subscription

Before the advancement of such technologies, if you need to buy airtime or data subscription, you have to walk a distance to the vendor’s shop and pay a high rate. Also, if you need to pay for a TV subscription or electricity bills, you have to stress yourself to get that. But, nowadays all these things can be done from the comfort of your home without going out.

So how would you know the best and most reliable app you can get all this, this is where you should give Billpoint a try and feel the difference. This app is designed and developed by Jetpay. The interface of this app is well-designed in such a way that even a kid can easily use it without worries. It’s time to save you some money and stress going out to buy airtimes and more from vendors. Keep reading to know what you can do on this app.

What is the BillPoint App used for?

Billpoint is an easy-to-use and reliable mobile app used to purchase airtime, buy data bundles, pay for cable TV subscriptions (StarTimes, GoTv, DSTV, and more), pay for electricity bills, fund betting account, pay for education bills (Jamb pin, NECO, and WAEC scratch cards), utility bills, and many more.

Interestingly, all you have to do is go to the Google Play Store or App Store (for iOS users) install the app on your smartphone and register to get started. When funding your account, you will be charged a small fee as charges. No other hidden charges.

The benefit of Using BillPoint

The benefits of using Billpoint can’t be stated at all. You have a discount on the price you buy airtime. If you visit a retailer’s shop for instance, you will be paying an addition of up to N80 depending on the amount you are buying, but here on billpoint, you are paying the exact price. For a data subscription, you are paying a higher price if you are buying from a vendor, but if you are subscribing from the comfort of your home, you will pay less than the amount the vendor will charge. This is pretty cool, right?

The interesting fact is that the vendor will not like to share with you the amount they are making from you (though, it’s their business) their wish is for you to keep coming for more. Also, for utility bills and more, you will not pay higher charges.

How To Open an Account on BillPoint

It’s very important to know how to create an account before you begin using this app. This is very crucial because you need to know how everything is being done on the app. Below is the list of how you can open an account on Billpoint.

The first step is downloading the app from either the Google Play Store or the App Store. You need reliable data connected to the internet.

The second step is filling out the online form. While creating your password, make sure you create a very strong one that can’t be easily hacked or guessed by anyone. You must use the combination of letters, symbols, and numbers, $$22dr something like this is an example.

An email will be sent to the email address you used in the registration. Go to your email inbox and click the link. Your account has been created successfully.

Lastly, you need to fund your wallet through the wallet account number. Once you fund your wallet, you can begin purchasing airtime and subscription data immediately.

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These are the steps involved in creating an account on this app. If you have any complaints, regarding the funding of an account or failed transaction. Their technical team is always ready to listen to your complaints and provide possible solutions right away. You can also track your transactions from the dashboard.

Can I Make Money on BillPoint

The answer is YES. You can make money on billpoint. You can be selling airtime to customers around you and mark my words, you make money from this. You will save them stress from going to buy, scratch, and load recharge cards.

For data subscription, if you can reduce the amount the vendors around you selling their data, then, your business would be patronized more. Interestingly, you can decide to be an agent, earning money right from the comfort of your home.

This does not apply only to the people around you, you can create flyers and paste them online, it’s all means you can create awareness and make your money.


The app has a social media handle that they share the latest updates. So, to stay updated you need to follow them on their pages not to be left out.

Nevertheless, to contact Billpoint’s customer care team, you can do that through, +234 – 9075992464 and through their email address


When was billpoint established?

It was established in 1998.

Is bill point Legit?

Yes, BillPoint is very legit. It has been in operation for a while now.

Who is the CEO of bill point?

Linus Williams ifekija is the executive chairman of Billpoint. He is also the originator of B-Lord group of companies.

What is bill point networth?

The significance of this decision came to light at the Dublin Tech Summit as BillPoint justified its value, attaining an impressive valuation of $40million

What is bill point website?

The website of Billpoint is


It’s high time you save yourself some money and stress. Get your smartphone and install the app, and lastly, start purchasing what you buy from vendors yourself on Billpoint. It’s safe and easier here.

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