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10 Apps That Pays For Referrals In Nigeria 2023

10 Apps That Pays For Referrals In Nigeria 2023.

Refer and earn apps are the easiest way to make money online in Nigeria by just bringing your friends to register on the App.

Some of this Apps have been tested and trusted to be paying for each Referrals receive on the Application. The likes of GoMoney, PalmPay, and Kuda Bank pay as high as N1000 per Referral.

10 Apps That Pays For Referrals In Nigeria 2022

To make more money on this apps, you will need to be getting more people to register or sign up on the Apps. All You Need To get started is register on one of the App and start making money.

If you want to make some cash from referral programs then read this post as I share with you 10 Apps that pays for Referrals In Nigeria.

Refer And Earn Apps In Nigeria

1. Kuda Bank

Kuda Bank is a popular digital mobile Application use for transfer, payment and Airtime purchase. The App also have a referral program which pays Around N1000 for each person you brought to use the App.

To make money on this Application, you will need to download the App from Google Play store, install and register on the Platform to get your unique or personal referral Code.

After getting your referral Code or Link, share this links with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp and even Twitter to get more referrals. Remember, More referrals More Cash, so you need to be prepared to convince many people to register on the App through you.

2. PalmPay

PalmPay is another outstanding App that Pays For Referrals In Nigeria. This Mobile Application can be use to transfer money to other Banks, save money, and also get loans from the App. All you need to start making some cash from PalmPay is your referral Code. To get your code, download the app from Playstore.

Register with your full details like names, number, email address, and bank verification number to proceed to the next step.

Upon the completion of your registration, login to the App, get your referral Code, share with friends and start making money instantly.

3. Umba

Umba is a digital mobile Application by Neobanks. This app Allow it’s registered users to perform financial transaction, create an account without going to the bank.

The app has numerous features for it users like Loans, Money Transfer, airtime purchase and other bill payments too.

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Just like Opay, Umba has a Cashback feature for every transaction performed on the App, you will get some Cashback from Umba each time your purchase or make transfer from your Wallet or Cards, monthly free transfer is also given on Umba, with this, you will be making transfer all for Free.

Even if you have an account with First or Access Bank, I will advise you to create another on Umba because you will enjoy making free transfer.

On Umba, you will earn about N1000 per Referral, this means each time a friend register with your code and spend like N100 on Airtime you get paid for that. Isn’t that interesting? Just imagine bringing like 30 people to sign up, that’s N30, 000 just for referrals.

The App is currently one of the best Paying refer and earn apps that will making you some decent money inviting friends to use Umba.

4. Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash a renowned mobile App for making transaction. it’s also among the best refer and earn apps in Nigeria were people can make little money just for bringing friends and family to use chipper services too.

The platform Allow users to send and receive money from people outside the country, you can also send money to people in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenyan UK and the Us all with Chipper Cash App.

On Chipper Cash, you can perform both Local and international transfer with just a single click on send. One of the benefits of using Chipper Cash App to make transaction is the free transfer allocated to every users, and the ability to Use send money outside Nigeria without even going to the bank.

Some of the notable services on Chipper is Transfer, Airtime Recharge, Bill Payment, And stock investing. With chipper, you can create and activate a Virtual Card which can be use to make online payment.

To get your N600 per Referral on Chipper Cash, the people you invited will need to complete the sign up processes completely, make some deposit to their account and lastly, Transfer any amount to a chipper cash user too.

5. Piggyvest

Piggyvest have been around for a while in Nigeria now. It’s an investment and saving platform which saves your money for some time.

The platform gives you the chance to make money when you invest a certain amount of funds on Fixed Income assets, Credit Financing, transportation and other Categories on the platform.

Piggyvest also have a wonderful feature which helps you to save your hard earn money in Dollars to avoid Fluctuations. You will be given N1000 for every single person you brought to register on Piggyvest to invest. Both you and your friend gets N1000 on the platform.

6. Jumia

Jumia is a notable online marketing site in Nigeria with over 3 Million monthly visits to the website.

Asides the marketing site, Jumia has developed a Pay application were users can make transfer, buy airtime, get loans, and also buy bus tickets for themselves all on the App.

Jumia Pay App also partners with other top Third party services for the betterment of it’s users. On this app, you can also get or buy your favourite items in just two minutes.

Talking of the Referral feature on the App, you will earn N500 once you convince someone to join and register. The JumiaPay referral program is one of the best on the list.

7. Opay

Who doesn’t know Opay? Opay is one of the best Mobile Cashback wallet in Nigeria. The Cashback on Opay will make you dump you banking app.

Opay will pay you N700 for getting someone to download the App, Register and join the platform as well. You will also get the chance to win N100k when the people you refer to the app makes daily transactions.

The Opay App adopts a banking style which enable users to save, send and receive money from anyone in Nigeria. You also have access to Loans, Airtime, and other Bills payment like electricity, Jamb Epin, Waec scratch.

Another amazing feature when using Opay is the free ATM card given to users. You Card will be delivered to your Doorstep. This card can be use to withdraw money from any ATM or POS center.

8. GoMoney

Like every other App, GoMoney is a digital bank application were users get a unique account number after registering on the App.

On this app, you get access to transfer money, buy airtime and pay other services all on the same app. GoMoney also offer’s a free master card use for international transaction when shopping online.

The platform pays N1000 for referral, this means when you bring someone to register and join GoMoney, you will get a whooping sum of N1000 for each Successful referral recorded on the App.

9. Carbon Loan App

This is one of the best App to borrow money with low interest rates unlike other Platforms that charges high.

On Carbon, you can borrow money, buy Airtime, send and receive money from anyone provided they are from Nigeria.

The App has a referral program which pays N600 for referral. This is another opportunity I would advise anyone to grab to make some cash from the App.

Abeg App

Abeg is a financial platform in Nigeria. On Abeg App you have access to make Money Transfer, Airtime Recharge, Giveaways and also earn some cash from the referral program on the App.

You get rewarded by Abeg App with N750 each time some register and sign up with your code.


These are the trusted Apps that pays for Referrals in Nigeria as of 2023. Download anyone of your choice, follow the mention steps and start making money from the Apps.

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful with us. Chipper cash is my favorite among them all. I got N1000 for every new user I brought to the app. Kudus

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