Eyowo Review: How To Make Money On Eyowo

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to have Naira and Dollar transactions in one app? In Nigeria, few apps can compete with Eyowo in this regard. Eyowo allows users to perform dollar transactions in the app. It is built in a way to enable new and existing users to interact with the program. That is just the tip of the iceberg? What are the other features of Eyowo? This and many more questions are answered in this article entitled – Eyowo Review: How To Make Money on Eyowo

What is Eyowo?

Eyowo X is a platform created by Softcom Limited Nigeria. This was developed to enable clients with banking and transacting services. Eyowo is so unique that they offer many services that other financial institutions do not. Eyowo enables people to carry out financial transactions rapidly with their mobile numbers. Many people hop from one bank to another because of the difference in service, resulting in the opening of multiple accounts with different banks. However, with Eyowo everything you can think of is at your fingertips.

Eyowo app just like other Fintech organization support services like fund transfer, account funding and receiving of money, and lastly the ability to obtain credit facility from them.

Characteristics of the Eyowo App

1. Pay Vendors

With Eyowo, you can pay people within and outside the app coverage. Yes, you can pay Eyowo clients and those that don’t use Eyowo. By simply scanning their Quick Response Code (QR Code) your transaction is as good as saying ‘Eyowo’!

2. ATM Withdrawals

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to withdraw money from an ATM without an ATM? Yes, Eyowo makes the dream possible. Eyowo makes even the ATM or POS machine give out money without an ATM. Eyowo provides users with a code that they can input into any ATM and voila it would start vomiting your money out in no time.

3. Virtual Card

When it comes to virtual codes, a platform can be able to offer Naira and Dollar service to its customers. Fortunately, Eyowo thought about this and know the need of people and created a platform for people to collect dollars and naira without hassle.

4. Send Money

Eyowo allows people to send money to people without hassle. As far as you have a mobile number registered on Eyowo, you can easily send money to people without a problem. Be it microfinance, mobile money wallet, or any other platform, Eyowo makes it possible for people to send money to everybody.

5. Purchase Airtime/ Pay Cable TV

What is the essence of opening a wallet without being able to pay or buy airtime? You would agree with me that it is useless. Eyowo allows people to pay bills of any kind, be it cable, electricity, etc. Also, purchasing airtime on the platform is very seamless.

6. Save Money

Eyomo is a platform that allows for the saving of funds. In the app, it is possible to save money and get interest on your deposit without problems. Also, you can decide not to allow interest on your savings.

How To Make Money On Eyowo

1. Sell goods and services online

One of the very foremost ways to make money on Eyowo is to engage in buying and selling. When you sell goods online, one of the major challenges to buyers is the means of payment. The means of payment is very vital in businesses, this is where Eyowo comes in. Eyowo makes it easier for clients to receive payment from people both in local and foreign currency

2. Provide Freelance Service

Freelance is a skill that one gets paid for after completion. When talking about freelancing, skills such as writing, graphics designing, story writing, and programming are highly appreciated. However, when you offer your skills to freelance platforms some people find it challenging to receive payment for their work. Eyowo makes freelancing easy with their means of payment which is acceptable worldwide.

3. Referral of New users

Referral of new users is a very vital means of making money on Eyowo. Eyowo has a referral platform that rewards people for bringing new users to the platform. You can receive money by giving out your link to others on social media. Alternatively, you can refer your family members, close pals, and social media followers.

4. Eyowo investment platforms

Eyowo allows users to invest money in different options. You can earn high interest in your investment. You can also get the chance of choosing your financial plan on the app.

5. Save money on Eyowo

Eyowo is a platform that offers interest-generating savings accounts where you can collect interest on your savings. As an investor, you can set aside some portion of the amount in your savings account and use it to earn interest.

However, just like any platform, you must agree to Eyowo trading terms and conditions. Also, if you’re interested in the savings platform you must be able to be consistent and persistent.

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How To Make Money With Eyowo Referral Program

1. Register for an Eyowo Account

Before you can use Eyowo, you need to register to use it. For you to create an account with Eyowo, you need to register with the link provided. Tapping that link would enable you to redirect to the Eyowo dashboard

2. Send your Eyowo Link to your friends

Once you create an account with them, your next line of action is how to make money with it. Eyowo provides users with a very special link where new users can register. You can simply share this link with your friends, family, and social media followers.

3. Users Register using your Referral link

When someone registers using your link, you get a reward. They automatically become your referral.

4. Earn a Reward

As stated earlier, Eyowo would repay you for bringing a client to their site. When the user fulfills the required instructions, they would be able to earn a reward. Most times, the required steps are always verifying your account or depositing money in your account.

Sometimes, you may have an account but you find it hard to access your referral code. How do you go about it? You may go about it in the following subheadings below

How to Get Eyowo Referral Code

Step 1: Enter your account using Eyowo website

Step 2: Click on the menu tab which is located in the top left corner of your app or website.

Step 3: Click on the ” Refer a friend ” Icon from the menu tab.

Step 4: You would see your code or link in that tab.

Voila! With that code, you can earn a reward for yourself by just sharing your code or link with friends and family.


What is the interest rate in Eyowo?

When you bank with Eyowo, you earn an interest rate of 18%

What is the code for Eyowo?

The USSD code for Eyowo is simply *4225*1#. This code work on all network device.

When was Eyowo established?

Eyowo started its operation in 2017.

Who is Eyowo’s CEO?

The name of Eyowo’s CEO is Omoseindemi Olobayo.

What can I use Eyowo for?

It can be used for all kinds of banking transactions such as transfer, payment of utility bills, etc.


When talking about the fast-rising transaction platforms, Eyowo is up there. Eyowo is not just one of the payment platforms that just arrived, it is here to stay! With Eyowo, mobile banking is made easier and stress-free. However, just like any payment platform, you need to read and agree to the terms and conditions before banking with them.

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