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10 Apps To Make Money Online In South Africa 2023

10 Apps To Make Money Online In South Africa 2023.

If you want to make money with your Smartphone in south Africa then this Post is for you.

Most people make legit money from the comfort of their homes by simply doing almost nothing on the internet. You are about to discover the 10 Apps to make money online in South Africa, in this post.

10 Apps To Make Money Online In South Africa 2022
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Do you have a functioning smartphone? Can you access a good internet connection? Kindly read through carefully, and you would be elated that you have got all that it takes to start making money without going out under the scorching sun or freezing weather to work.

1. iPoll

On iPoll, you get paid to write your opinion about any given product or service. Yes, as simple as that.

The company was founded in January 2012.

If you are looking for a real paying app on the internet in South Africa, you should consider iPoll. The platform has been rated by many websites and has all reviews to prove its originality. You can be sure that iPoll is not a fake money-making app.

2. CashPirate

CashPirate is an app that pays users for varieties of tasks. You can earn on the platform by simply watching videos, inviting friends, taking surveys, etc. I want to believe these are things most people do for pleasure. It would really be a nice thing to get paid for doing that which you used to do for fun.

Thus, if you reside in South Africa, this is a good option for apps you might want to get to make money in, this year – 2023.

3. Swagbucks

You take surveys to get some money on Swagbucks.

For 100 Swagbucks or 100 SB points, as some say it, you should be expecting a dollar. The app is so genuine that some Swagbucks users earn anywhere around $300 per month.

Swagbucks is a legit app to earn in and beyond South Africa. The company has been in existence since 2008.

4. Quick Rewards

Quick Rewards is a South African functioning app invented in 2002.

You can earn so easily using this app. Just as the name implies, you get rewarded on time for every slight thing like an email reading, online shopping, trying out products, or taking surveys you do.

5. SweatCoin

Sweatcoin is another nice South African app available on iOS and Android mobile devices for free download. Not only is the free download the good thing about this app, it also helps you access some money doing almost nothing.

6. Mobee

Is Mobee legit? Yes, Mobee is legit. Moreover, it would not have been on our list if we have found by any means that the app is not genuine.

You simply earn points by visiting your favorite stores on the Mobee app. In turn, when you redeem your points, you earn real money with them.

100 points on Mobee for instance, is equal to a dollar.

Your points depend on the type of task you perform and where you performed it. For instance, you can earn anywhere around 100 to 1000 points per mission performed.

Users of the app get rewarded for answering questions about their shopping experiences.

7. Receipt Hug

Users of Receipt Hug turn receipts into cool cash. One is just expected to snap and send receipts he or she gets for shopping anything and anywhere around the world.

You see it is indeed a good way to earn online. When seeking apps that pay real money in South Africa, you should consider the Receipt Hug. It does not matter what you buy or where you buy it, if you were given a receipt, you kindly snap it and forward it to the platform, hoping that you earn from it.

8. Errand World

Errand world is a South Based online marketplace that provides employment and serves as a true source of income for people who want to earn working from home.

Using Errand World, you can earn from the comfort of your home.

How does the app work? This is what you have to know about Errand World before running into the app for employment.

It is a platform that provides employment informally, giving room for Erranders and Runners.

Here, an errander is regarded as the one who seeks to get a problem solved, coming to the app. On the other hand, a runner is a person (what you would like to be on the platform) who does the work an errander seeks to get done.

In the end, the runner gets paid based on the agreed price by the errander after the completion of any given task.

9. My Points

As the name suggests, you earn on MyPoints for performing tasks on the app, some of which include, Dinning out, discovering content, shopping online & in-store, and taking surveys. Prodege and United Online are the parent organizations of MyPoints.

Paidforsurverys is one of the platforms that has attested to the genuineness of the Mypoint app.

10. Opera News

If you can write online, then this is one of the best options you want to go for as a South African. The Opera News app pays writers in many countries to create articles for the platform.

The Opera News organization is guided by a lot of rules and policies that writers are expected to go by. One significant policy of the platform in every country where it operates is “Plagiarism-free article.” published should be original to get accepted by the team. Earnings are based on the total amount of clicks your articles accumulate.

Kindly go to the internet to make further inquiries about the app if you are interested in writing.

I am convinced that with our information on the 10 apps to make money online in South Africa 2023, you can now start earning online in South Africa!

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Note: you will need a working PayPal account to receive and redeem cash from the above mentioned apps on this post. To get started, move over the Google Playstore and Download your favorite App, Register to Start making some decent income.

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