How To Open An OPay Account Without A BVN

How To Open An OPay Account Without A BVN.

‍OPay is currently one of the most popular mobile wallet in Nigeria which allows users to make transactions and store their money digitally.

However, OPay also has strict requirements when it comes to signing up and using the service, including a compulsory registration process with a Bank Identification Number (BVN).

How To Open An OPay Account Without A BVN

If you’re interested in signing up with OPay, there are ways to do it without providing your BVN as part of the registration process. Here’s how you can get around this restriction, so that you can start enjoying the benefits of OPay instantly.

What is an OPay Account?

An OPay Account is your personal and Unique Digital wallet were all your money are saved. With just your Opay account you can purchase goods, make payments, send money to others, and withdraw cash from ATMs.

Many people use OPay because they want to pay for items or services without using a credit card. Other people may not have a credit card at all, and would want to use an e-wallet to make online purchases.

OPay can also come in handy if you are traveling. You can use your OPay account to withdraw cash from ATMs, which is often much cheaper than the fees imposed by credit card companies.

How to Register for OPay without a BVN

Below are steps you should follow to successfully Opay an OPay Account Without A BVN

1. You need to install the Opay App from Playstore

2. After downloading the App on your Smartphone, the next step is to click on the register Icon showing on your screen.

3. Now fill in the necessary information like your Name, Date Of Birth, Address, Email, Phone Number, and other useful details required.

4. A Verification code will be sent to the provided number, make sure you enter a valid and active number. Paste the code and tap on Verify. Your number will be verified.

5. Verify your email address too.

6. Lastly, your Opay account number will be displayed instantly after the registration.

7. Note, please enter your Name and date of birth correctly to avoid unnecessary problems.

8. That’s all, you have successfully Opay an OPay Account Without A BVN. You can start sending and receiving money using the OPay Account.

How to Add Money to Your OPay Account

There are different ways of Adding Money to Opay Account. Some of the most common ways includes, Bank Transfer, USSD Code, Debit Cards.

As an OPay user, you can link a debit card to your account in order to transfer funds to your OPay account. You can also link your bank account to your OPay account.

Can I use OPay without BVN?

Yes, you can use Opay without BVN, but be rest assured that Opay will Limit your account to some certain features. For example, your account will be limited to perform a daily transfer of Just 10,000, to transfer more than that, you have to provide your BVN to upgrade your account.

How do I set up a new OPay account?

Setting Up a new Opay account is simple, just get the official App from Playstore and register yourself following the instructions on this post.

How do I get Opay account number?

To get your OPay Account Number, login to the App, on your dashboard navigate to the Settings Tab and you will see your Account number displayed on the left side.

How much is Opay POS machine in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the cost of OPay POS Machine as of 2022 is about 35,000.

Can I change my Opay account name?

No, you can’t change your Opay account name which is why I will always advise new users to make sure they enter the correct information during registration.

Is OPay and OKash the same?

OPay And Okash are two different Platforms. The Opay App is use only for transactions like sending, Receiving and Withdrawing money while Okash is Loan Platform. Okash is just use for borrowing money.

Final Words: Is an OPay Account Worth It?

Yes, Opay Account is Worth it. The mobile wallet is regarded as one of the best wallet used for almost every transaction in Nigeria today.

One of the benefits of using Opay is the ability to transfer and move funds from one account to another free of charge without spending a dime for the transaction.

Asides transaction, you will be given discounts on every airtime recharge done on the App, isn’t that simple and straight forward?

OPay also have both virtual Naira And a Physical Debit Card which will help you make cashless withdrawals from ATM and POS.

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