Opay Vs OWealth: Difference Between Opay and OWealth

Opay vs OWealth has been the talk of the internet for some time now. Opay is generally a wallet where people can perform transactional transfers. Opay is a bug umbrella that covers many services such as OBus, ORide, OWealth, and the Licks. OWealth on the other hand, is a platform where people around the world can invest or save their money for it to generate interest. Today, we would be looking at the disparities between the two heavyweight platforms: Opay vs OWealth.


OWealth is a platform where savings and investments take place. It is owned by the Opay company. This platform helps users save part or all of their funds to get it compounded periodically. It can be daily, weekly, or yearly. The yearly interest is fixed by Opay to 15% (i.e 0.15) which is more attractive than what many financial institution offer.

The most interesting part of OWealth is that it allows consumers to save any amount of money. You have the choice of saving whole or part of your income or even withdrawing all or part of it. Many investors choose the OWealth platform to run their business because it is very lucrative and attractive. Also, lest I forget, the more you save, the more you earn. Just for a review, OWealth is a platform owned by Opay. They aren’t owned by different bodies so you don’t get confused.

For an illustration:

Most banks offer people who save a return on investment of 5% yearly. Now, for example, you deposit say, 1,000,000 naira. You are going to receive an interest of 50,000 naira annually. Now, you decide to go for a plan of 4 years saving plan. When we accumulate both the savings interest rate and the initial capital, you get a total sum of (50,000 naira × 4 years = 200,000 naira, 200,000 naira +1,000,000 naira= 1,200,000).

Let’s imagine you use OWealth with the same scenario above. You deposit say 1,000,000 naira. You are going to receive an interest of 150,000 naira annually. Isn’t that incredible? This is even far better than what the local banks offer! Now you decide to go for a 4 years saving plan. When we accumulate both the savings interest rate and the initial deposit, you get a total sum of (150,000 nairas × 4 years =600,000 naira, 1,000,000+ 600,000= 1,600,000 naira).

If you’re an investor, the choice is yours to make. Unlike other Banks, you can withdraw this amount any time of the day. You are not obligated to wait within the stipulated time. Going by our analysis above, a good investor would go with the OWealth Investment platform.


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How To Invest And Save With OWealth

Most people find it challenging to use the OWealth feature. These are the steps one needs to know before investing or operating with the OWealth feature.

Step 1: Install the Opay App

It has been reinstated severally that OWealth is under the umbrella of Opay. This means that Opay must be first installed on your mobile phone before anything can start. You can simply install the app on Playstore before you can progress. It is compatible with most Android phones and iOS developers.

Step 2: Register for Opay

After installing the app, you must make sure you register your details on the app. Fill in your information if it is required of you.

Step 3: Fund your Opay Account

Funding your Opay account is very necessary when talking about Opay. You need to have a little money in your account before you can proceed.

Step 4: Subscribe to OWealth

OWealth is next. After you have deposited money in your Opay account, the next step is subscribing to it. Tap on ‘ OWealth’ on your Opay dashboard. After clicking on that, some Opay terms and conditions would pop up. Do well to accept this and proceed.

Step 5: Add Funds to your OWealth Account

If you have gotten to this step, you are at the final step. Get your funds ready for deposit. Input the amount you want to deposit and tap the ‘Confirm’ button. You would receive a beep on your phone. As soon as you receive it, you are good to go. Your interest would be compounded daily to your OWealth dashboard.


Opay is a wallet used by people today who wants to make transactions seamless in Nigeria and beyond. Opay is the father company of OWealth. As regards its usage, one can use it to obtain loans, withdraw and send money. Opay was launched in 2018 in Lagos. The parent company is the Opera Group. Some Opera services include OFood, OBus, OKash, OWealth, Olist, etc.

Advantages of Using Opay

You can make your DSTV, Gotv, and other cable subscriptions through Opay.

One can also use Opay for recharging your network line. Be it Glo, MTN, Airtel, and the like.

A person can also pay electrical bills

Most importantly money transfer can be transferred on the Opay app.

You can get a loan service by taking advantage of the OKash offer

If you are interested, you can make investments and savings using the OWealth feature

The most used feature is the ability to become an agent.

Is Opay Secure?

Opay was launched in 2018. Opay has over 300,000 merchants all around Nigeria. You can easily find them in all 36 States of the country. Opay has partnered with a lot of brands. Some of them include Flutterwave, MTN, Betway, etc. It is a very reputable brand and easy to use.

How do I make money on Opay?

The most legitimate way of making money on Opay is through its referral service. You can refer anybody as far as they possess an Android phone. You can simply refer friends and family.

The first step is to signup using the Opay website or download the app. Then, for every individual you refer you earn at least 150 naira. You also get a streamlined income because if those you refer, refer to others you earn 30 naira too. You can refer to as many as possible.


Is Opay owned by a Nigerian?

Opay is owned by Yahui Zhou. It is owned by the Opera Group.

Which bank is Opay under?

According to the report, it seems Opay is under Guarantee Trust Bank.

Who are Opay competitors in Nigeria?





Who are Opay competitors in Egypt?

Opay is located in Egypt. Opay competitors in Egypt include Errand Pay, AMAN, Treasures Center, etc.

Which countries make use of Opay?

As we speak, Opay has branches in Pakistan, Egypt, and Nigeria.


Having discussed the disparity between the two it is clear that Opay is the parent brand. Most times, these two brands are confused with each other. For the umpteenth time, these two are different from each other. The difference between the two is that Opay is a platform for performing transactions like payment of bills and cable TV. On the contrary, OWealth is a platform where people save and invest funds to generate interest soon.

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