How To Close, Delete, Or Deactivate Your SureCredit Account Easily

Closing or Deactivating an account is very easy. You just need to follow the steps given. It is understandable if you cannot read or write. Many people find it challenging to carry out this step-by-step procedure. Oftentimes, it is very important to read the terms and conditions of any application before banking with them. However, when it comes to the SureCredit account, it is stress-free to delete the app. Let’s delve into the process. Shall we?

Possible Reasons Why People Deactivate their SureCredit account

This section of the article discusses extensively the reason why people close their SureCredit accounts easily. These reasons are most times personal to them. Additionally, it might also be a way to curtail the way you spend money. Here are some reasons why many do that

1. High interest rate:

Some may find SureCredit as a platform that offers high interest. This interest may not be pleasing to the clients as they find it unreasonable. The best measure for them to take is to delete their account with SureCredit. Also, some people do not like a situation when a loan platform adds penalties or fines to their customers. In other situations, they also do not like a circumstance when one is asked to pay a maintenance fee.

2. Improved Financial Contract

Another possible reason why some opt to delete their SureCredit account is to manage their funds effectively. Whenever they want to save a little money, they do away with anything called a Fintech organization. The reason is that when there is no place to borrow funds, they might find it easy to improve their financial control. They would have more stability in the way that they spend their little money.

3. Relocation

Relocation can also pose a factor where one opts to delete the SureCredit app. Sometimes due to reasons best known to the customers, many may find it easy to delete the app. This is because the app might not be available in the country they may be relocating to. Regardless of this, some of them do make their findings. When they find that the app is not available in the country they travel to they delete their SureCredit account.

4. Poor Customer Care Representative

This is also a good reason why some may delete their account. Sometimes clients are unsatisfied by the answers they receive from the call representative. This may make it hard for the clients to remain with that platform. Unlike many of these organizations, SureCredit is not like that. They have well competent Customer Care Representative who are willing to answer your problem.

Steps to Follow To Delete SureCredit Account Easily

These steps are designed to assist you in deleting your SureCredit account easily. They are very easy to implement. Here are the following steps

Step 1: Contact the SureCredit Customer Representative

This is the first step to take when you want to delete your account. You should do this to notify SureCredit of your intentions to delete your account. Many times, some organizations may want you to open a support ticket. This support ticket is made for you to air out your feelings regarding the app. Also, you can easily get access to the SureCredit support ticket where you can lay your complaint. The support ticket can be opened through an email message, SMS, through in-app text.

Step 2: State your Objective

This step entails you to make your intentions known to SureCredit. This is done so that SureCredit can easily and quickly facilitate your process. Make sure to write your message in a clear format. It must be understandable. Also, you must make sure to include proof of your complaint. Do well to state the reasons for your decisions. You must provide your details such as name, address, and account number to track your complaint.

Step 3: Verify your identity

This is very important because it helps SureCredit know the complainant. You may be asked to input your login again. On the other hand, you might be asked to provide answers to some questions you are very familiar with. Regardless of the form of verification, you should make sure to complete them.

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Step 4: Uninstall the App Data

This process is only done when you have confirmed deletion. This step permits you to Delete the account without further ado. Another benefit of this is to free up space for your mobile device. You can also clear the app data through your phone settings. Navigate to “Apps”. Look for “SureCredit”. Tap “Clear cache”. Click “Confirm”. There you go. Voila!


Is okash and Opay the same?

Okash is an automated lending platform that aims to serve financially incapable people in the country.

Can the loan app delete my bin?

No. The CBN has the full responsibility of placing restrictions on your BVN. No loan app in the country can delete your BVN.

Is Akash a scam?

Okash is a legitimate lending platform. It is registered under the platform of the CBN.

Which loan app can borrow me 150k?

Branch is a Fintech app that allows users to borrow over N150k on their platform. To get a loan is quite easy and fast.

How does SureCredit work?

SureCredit is a voucher lending platform that provides alternative financing for your lifestyle needs.


This article has discussed the step-by-step process of deactivating a SureCredit app. You can choose to do more findings regarding this. On the other hand, if you stick with the information here, you will still delete your SureCredit app quickly. Instead of sulking when this process doesn’t work, you need to contact the SureCredit customer service representative.

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