How To Close, Delete, Or Deactivate Your OctaFX Account Easily


OctaFX is a copy-trading app that helps users earn while others trade. Well, as a user, you may be tired of the offers and packages made available by OctaFX. As a result, you might want out (that is, you might want to deactivate your OctaFX account). If you’re in the situation, then you have come to the right page. This post will be detailed with step-by-step instructions on how to close, delete, or deactivate your OctaFX account easily. Let’s consider how that can be done straight away!

How To Close, Delete, Or Deactivate Your OctaFX Account Easily

The following procedures are to be followed to successfully delete your OctaFX account. Here they are:

Step 1. Remove All Currencies

As you may already know, OctaFX helps you store your digital currencies. Now, if you wish to close your OctaFX account, the first thing to do is to make sure all your currencies or assets are taken to another platform. Better still, you could still trade before closure and withdraw all the gains. This should be done so that your account won’t be deleted with the digital currencies in it. If this happens, OctaFX will not be held responsible.

Step 2. Open Your Email

The next step would require you to write an email. No doubt, you would be required to open your email app. On your app, input the OctaFX email address in the space provided beside the “To” label.


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Step 3. Input Subject And Compose

After you have opened your email and inputted the OctaFX email address, the next step is to input your Subject and Compose your email. Your Subject is the title of the email. You can write “Request For OctaFX Account Closure”, or “Application For Account Deactivation”. You could even choose a title more suitable for this.

In composing your email, make sure you declare your desire to close your OctaFX account. Also, be sure to input other information about your account such as your full name and email address. Here’s a sample you can use:


Subject: Application For Account Deactivation

I hereby write this to declare my desire for my OctaFX account to be closed. The reason for this is due to..”

Step 4. Wait For Response

After you have successfully sent the message, the next step is to wait for a response. This may take 48 hours -72 hours. You may receive a corresponding email confirming that your request is being worked on and how long it will take. You may also receive a message giving you instructions on how to go about your account deactivation.

Step 5. Follow Up

If after the stipulated 48 hours – 72 hours, you do not receive any response to your email, you can take other steps to reach OctaFX through their other customer service channels.

Implications Of Closing Your OctaFX Account

If you decide to close your OctaFX account, here are some of the things you would be restricted from:

1. Restrictions To Information

When you have successfully closed your OctaFX account, you will no longer be able to receive information from OctaFX. In addition, all your account information stored in the OctaFX database would be deleted and no longer be accessible. If there is useful information on your account, such details or information would be retained by OctaFX in case it is required for legal action.

2. Your Address Would No Longer Work

Your digital currency address becomes invalid the day your account gets closed. This means that any asset sent to your wallet address would not be received by you. In fact, according to the Terms And Conditions of OctaFX, you would not be notified of such activity.


Why my OctaFX account is deactivated?

Your account is deactivated by OctaFX because you failed to log in to your account for a long time. It can also be deactivated if you fail to add money that would enable you to trade.

How do I get my money back from OctaFX?

To get your money back from OctaFX, you can contact the OctaFX customer care service and make a complaint to them asking for a refund. In your text, mention the failed transaction details to facilitate a fast refund.

How do I unsubscribe from OctaFX?

To unsubscribe from OctaFX, you would have to send a text to OctaFX support through its email. The email is Feel free to contact them through this means.

How many OctaFX accounts can I have?

You can have multiple accounts on OctaFX. However, these accounts should be demo accounts. For real accounts, the maximum amount of accounts you can have is two.

Can I copy trade on OctaFX?

OctaFX is one of the best apps to copy trade in Nigeria. You could earn a lot of money by just copying the way experts trade in the market.


At this juncture, it is good to remind ourselves that if you uninstall the OctaFX app without the deleting your account on OctaFX, then you are wrong. To delete the app, you need to follow the guidelines outlined above.

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