Transfer Code For Polaris Bank, Polaris Bank USSD Code for Transfers, Check Account Balance, Purchase Airtime, Data and Borrow Loans

Polaris Bank is a commercial bank that has been in existence for some years in Nigeria. Due to its ever-growing customer base, it has established branches in different parts of Nigeria. Adding to that, it has established different transaction options for customers to make their transactions much easier. These transaction options include its USSD code which can be used for transfer, to buy airtime and the like. In this article, we would be covering all you need to know about using this service. This would be touching areas such as the transfer code for Polaris Bank, Polaris Bank USSD code, and the like. You would learn a lot from this article, so relax and read it.

Polaris Bank USSD Code

The Polaris Bank USSD code is *833#. Just like every other bank, this Polaris Bank USSD Code is used to perform multiple operations. With it, you can buy airtime, pay for cable television, and sort out other bills that may come your way.

To use the Polaris code, you need to have many things available. The next subheading sheds more light on that.

Requirements For Polaris USSD Code

The requirements for the Polaris USSD code are not much tasking. All you need is a healthy smartphone. With it, you can type in the code and within a few seconds a prompt would show.

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How To Activate Polaris USSD Code

To activate the Polaris USSD code, there are steps you need to take for it to work well. In this section, we would be taking you through the entire process of how to activate the Polaris USSD code. So, read and apply carefully;

Step 1. Dial *833# on your mobile phone. For this to work, you need a fully functional smartphone. That’s not all, let’s go to the next step.

Step 2. A list of options would be displayed on your screen. When this list appears, you would be needed to select an option. Tap “1” on your smartphone to proceed.

Step 3. Now here’s the real deal. In the next section, you would be asked to input your account number. When inputting your account number, be sure to insert the correct digits. If you fail to do so, you would be responded with an error message. So, you see why it is really important.

Step 4. If you successfully insert your correct Polaris account number, you would be asked to provide some details that come next to complete the process. However, that’s not all.

Step 5. This is the most important part of the whole process. You would be asked to input a 4-digit code that you can use to verify transactions. This 4-digit code is also called a “secret code” by some. You should not share it with anyone or expose it to anybody. If you expose it, it could lead to unauthorized people gaining access to your bank account. You wouldn’t want that right?

Step 6. This step entails the confirmation of your details. After you’ve completed the steps above, you would be sent a confirmation message by Polaris Bank. This message may take a few seconds to come or it may take some minutes depending on the network. So, the key here is to be patient.

Now that we’ve seen the steps on how to activate the Polaris USSD code, let’s find out the transfer code.

Transfer Code For Polaris Bank

The transfer code for Polaris Bank is done by dialing “*833* Amount* Account Number#”. The transfer code can be used to transfer funds from your Polaris bank account to another Polaris bank user. Another amazing thing about this code is that you could still use the same code to transfer funds from your Polaris bank account to another person who isn’t a Polaris bank user. The only thing that would be needed is that you would be asked to select the bank you wish to transfer the funds to.

If you still find it difficult to transfer funds, you could follow the prompt below.

Step 1. Open Your Dial Pad

Step 2. Dial *833* Amount* Account Number#. Take, for instance, you wish to transfer 1,000 naira to ‘1234567890’. All you need to do is dial:

*833* 1000* 1234567890#

Step 3. If you wish to send the funds to an account number that is not of Polaris Bank. You would be asked to select a bank to complete the operation.

Step 4. Voila! That’s all. You’ve completed the process!

Now that we’ve discussed the transfer code for Polaris Bank, let’s now consider other functions of the Polaris USSD code you may not know.

Polaris Code For Account Balance Check

To check your account balance on Polaris bank, you need to dial:


When you dial the code, in an instant, your balance would be displayed on your screen.

Polaris Code To Buy Airtime

Buying airtime on Polaris Bank is quite easy. All you need to do is to dial:

*833* amount#.

This works if you intend to buy the airtime for yourself. However, in the case where you want to buy airtime for other people. You may dial:

*833* amount* phone number#.

Polaris Code To Pay Bills

If you wish to pay bills such as PHCN bills or subscribe to cable networks, you may dial:


With this code, you would see a list of bills and you would have to choose the one that you wish to pay for.


How do I activate my Polaris USSD?

You can activate your Polaris USSD by dialing *833#. Then proceed further by pressing “1” on your keypad to activate it.

What is the code for Skye Bank transfer?

The code for Skye Bank transfer is *833*amount* account number#. When you follow this format, the funds you wish to send would be automatically sent to the recipient immediately.

What is Polaris USSD code?

Polaris USSD code is *833#.

How to buy airtime with my Polaris bank account?

You can buy airtime with your Polaris bank by dialing: *833*amount#. You can also buy airtime for others by dialing *833*amount*phone number#

How can I pay for my cable television using Polaris USSD?

You can settle your bills by dialing *833*2#. Follow the prompts and select the bill you wish to subscribe for.


With the USSD code, Polaris Bank has made it easy for every Polaris Bank user to perform transactions anywhere, and at any time. In this article, you’ve been able to get information about the transfer code for Polaris Bank, Polaris Bank USSD code, and several other information. You’ll agree that this article has been both insightful and educative. Do well to visit our other posts to read more interesting information.

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