List of Banks in Nigeria That Charge Zero Transfer Fees

The development of digital banks has helped transactions easier and faster. That’s not the only benefit, thanks to these digital banks, you get to enjoy tariffs such as zero transfer fees. You might only know of two banks where this is possible but what if you’re told that there are up to three other banks that offer these same tariffs? In this article, you would be reading about banks that charge zero naira on transfer fees asides from Opay and Vbank. These banks have been offering these tariffs for a long time, thanks to this article you would read about them. Let’s get into it!

1. Kuda Bank

Kuda Bank is a fintech app that offers users the liberty of making transactions. With Kuda, you can make a transfer with no fee attached. This means that you can transfer funds from one Kuda Bank account to another Kuda Bank user. That’s not all. This offer is also open when you want to transfer from Kuda Bank to another Kuda Bank user.

Kuda Bank helps users perform transactions such as transferring funds, depositing funds, buying airtime, and also getting loans too. They have built a trustworthy brand which has earned them a large customer base all over Nigeria.

2. Carbon

Speaking about apps that help you borrow money with ease, one cannot hesitate but mention Carbon. Carbon is known all over Nigeria as a loan app that helps users borrow loans stress-free. Just like the Kuda Bank app, Carbon also charges zero fees when you transfer funds using their app. That means you can transfer funds to anybody, anywhere in Nigeria, and at any time without being deducted a naira as a charge.

Carbon has helped many small business owners with loans that are easy to pay and with low-interest rates. So, aside from their zero fee charge, you can also borrow money with low interest. Indeed, Carbon is more than an app.

3.  ALAT

The ALAT platform is powered by Wema Bank. ALAT also includes apps that you can make transfers from with no charges attached to them. With the ALAT platform, you can also get foreign currencies to your account and also withdraw. However, this would mean following particular steps.

ALAT is your go-to platform when it comes to all kinds of transactions. Every transaction that one can perform in a traditional bank can also be done using the ALAT by Wema app. It offers you all kinds of financial solutions and supports you’ll ever want in a bank app.

So far we’ve seen top apps that also attach zero fees to transfer to other Banks apart from Opay and Vbank. The question then arises: Are there other banks that charge an almost zero transfer fee? The answer is yes. The next subheading would be focusing on that.

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What other banks charge N10 as transfer fees like Kuda and Palmpay?

Some bank charge transfer fees of N10 for transfers to other banks. This is quite cheap compared to the outrageous way some other banks charge on transfers. If you wish to know the bank apps that charge N10 on transfers, then you need to read this part of this article. Let’s consider some banks that charge only N10 as transfer fees:


Paga is a reputable platform that you can transfer with an attached fee of N10. With Paga, you can make transactions at a fast rate regardless of your account type. The Paga app can also be used for payment of utility bills, purchase of airtime, transfer, and deposit of funds.

Paga is an app that every digital banking fan would love to explore. They are smooth and unique in their performance.


Eyowo banking app is a reputable app that also helps you make transfers with a charge of only N10. This charge is quite cheap and helps you save more compared to other banking apps around.

With the Eyowo app, you can save, invest, transfer, and deposit funds anytime you like. They are one of the few banking apps that encourage you to save money. Users hardly find faults with the app because of its very unique characteristics.

Kudi Money

Speaking about apps that help you save money through transfers, then Kudi Money must come to mind. Kudi Money, like Paga and Eyowo, charges just N10 to transfer any amount you make to other banks. The Kudi Money app offers you the best financial service you can ask for from any bank.

Kudi Money can perform transactions such as the transfer and deposit of funds, purchase and payment of utility bills for yourself and your family, and many other transactions. You’ll love using the Kudi Money app, no doubt.


Is transfer free on OPay?

Transfer is free on OPay. You can enjoy free transfers on your first three transactions daily.

How can I transfer money without a transfer fee?

You can transfer money without a transfer fee in Nigeria when you use Opay or Vbank. These two banks charge no amount when you transfer funds to other banks.

Which money transfer app has no fees?

Along with Opay and Vbank, banks like Paga and Carbon attach no fees when you transfer money to other people.

What are zero fees?

Zero fees mean that no charges are attached to the transactions. The transaction may be in the form of a transfer, deposit, or purchase of items.

Is Vbank legit?

Vbank is a legitimate digital banking app that helps users send and receive money seamlessly.


Thanks to technology, you can make transfers from the comfort of your home. To Make it more fun, you can even make transfers with almost no charges at all. Isn’t that fantastic? This article has been able to show you how to do that.

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