Jaiz Bank Transfer Code – Jaiz USSD Code for Transfers, Check Balance, Airtime Purchase, Loans, BVN, Data Purchase, etc

Most likely you must have heard of Jaiz Bank, isn’t it? Of course, when it comes to being fast-rising, Jaiz Bank is up there in rank. Jaiz Bank is one of the first banks to get a transfer code amongst its contemporaries. The beauty of this article is that it focuses on the Jaiz Bank transfer code and USSD code. Lest I forget, below is Jaiz’s official banking code.

What is Jaiz Bank Transfer USSD Banking Code?

The Jaiz Bank transfer code is *973#. It is a rapid and simple method of transferring funds from an Android or smartphone to another bank account. Yes! It is quite seamless. The USSD code works on any phone be it Android, IOS, or Tablet devices. Of course, the code is registered on all networks which include Airtel, 9mobile, MTN, and Global Communication.

The code used to send funds from one Jaiz account to another Jaiz account is *973* Amount*Account Number of Recipient#. Then tap ” Send”. Of course, if you have a Jaiz account and you want to send funds to a third-party account. The code is as follows: *973*1*Amount* Account Number of recipient#. Then, tap “Send”.

How to Activate Jaiz Account With Your SmartPhone

Having discussed the major code for the Jaiz Bank, let’s look at the steps for registering Jaiz mobile code on your phone. Below is the procedure to follow:

Step 1: Input the mobile code (*973#) on your mobile phone. This code can work on any network as I have reinstated earlier.

Step 2: You would be asked to choose between three options which include: Debit card, Token, and Bank Verification Number.

Step 3: Enter your preferred choice. After that, Enter your Jaiz account number

Step 4: Also, you would be asked to create your 4 digits PIN. This PIN would enable you to complete your transaction.

Step 5: Re-enter and verify your PIN and wait for your welcome message.

Step 6: To follow through, they would send you a confirmation message.

How to Transfer Fund From Jaiz Account Number To Another Account

The Jaiz transfer code is *973*amount*account number of recepient#. However, the step-by-step instructions are here to guide you.

Step 1: Input the code – *973* Amount*Account Number of recepient# on your registered number

Step 2: Enter your registered PIN. The PIN you created during your registration.

Step 3: You would be debited immediately. This shows that your transaction has been completed. On the other hand, the recipient would be credited.

For example, if you want to send 15000 naira to your friend in Abuja. Here is a simple process on how to use the Jaiz transfer code and Jaiz USSD code – *973*15000*Account Number#

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Jaiz Bank USSD transfer code Requirements

Just like any bank account, there are some requirements you need whenever you want to make start making use of the Jaiz transfer code and USSD code.

1. Type the Jaiz USSD code *973# on your device

2. Ensure you have enough money in your Jaiz Account

3. Make sure you have airtime of your choice.

Jaiz Bank USSD Codes for Airtime Purchase, Check Balance, Bills Payment

Apart from the transfer code, Jaiz as an enterprise all have other codes, which include:

1. Jaiz USSD code to buy airtime by yourself: *973* Amount# to purchase airtime to your mobile network. They offer network services ranging from Global Communication, MTN, 9mobile, and Airtel.

2. Jaiz USSD code to purchase airtime for others: *973*Number* Amount# Globalcommunication, Airtel, MTN, 9mobile.

3. Jaiz USSD code for bill payments: Input *973# and follow the instructions you see on your screen.

4. Check your Jaiz Account Number balance: *973*0#

Jaiz Bank Transfer Fee

The major network in Nigeria (MTN, GLO, Airtel, or 9Mobile) will charge you 6.98 Naira for utilizing the Jaiz USSD code *973#. While Jaiz Bank charges a transfer expense of 10 Naira above depending upon how much cash you transfer from your record to another account.

How to Block Jaiz Account

When you lose your phone, worry no more because with Jaiz your money is in safe hands.

Input the code: *973*911# to block your account. You can input this code from any of the four networks ( MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile). After that, input your PIN and follow the instructions to follow.


What is 11 digits code for any bank?

The most common name for a Bank Identifier Code (BIC), which Indian banks use to transfer funds, is an IFSC (Indian Financial System Code). It is an 11-digit code recognizing your nation, city, bank, and branch. With this basic code, Upwork’s bank can send funds to any enlisted bank in India.

Which bank code is *444#?

It is Airtel code. It doesn’t belong to a bank per se. It enables clients to recharge their Airtel lines from the bank in Nigeria. If the bank is connected to Airtel, all you need do is dial *444# and you’re good to go.

Which bank uses *919#?

United Bank of Africa ( UBA) uses *919#

What bank code is 9999?

Canada Bank branch code is 9999

Which bank uses *966#?

The USSD code of *966# belongs to Zenith Bank users. Dial the *966*0# and follow the instructions on your mobile device.


Having a USSD code makes the work a whole lot easier. As a friend said some time ago -“A USSD code relieves you of all the stress of going to a POS terminal”. Even though failure in the network can hamper a transaction, USSD code saves you the stress of doing all that. Jaiz transfer code and Jaiz bank USSD code are not exempt from that.

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