How To Close, Delete, Or Deactivate Your Naira Loan Account Easily


Nairaloan is a platform that allows loan amounts of N3000 and above. It is an app that is duly registered with the Central Bank of Nigeria. They have good interest rates and flexible payment plans. They are one of the most secure platforms in Nigeria. They have been working for some time in Nigeria. Unfortunately, many customers in recent times have stated their unsatisfactory state of the app. As a result, they want to delete or close the app and don’t know what to do. This article is designed to unravel the secret behind closing, deleting, or deactivating your Naira loan account in Nigeria. Firstly, let’s see the reason why people choose Nairaloan.

Reason People Choose Nairaloan

Nairaloan is a legitimate platform. It is an app that gives you liberty regarding your account. It also provides you with another service which includes

1. Quick Disbursement

Nairaloan doesn’t waste time when it comes to sending your loan amount to your phone. This is done to allow the user to use the money immediately. Knowing that an emergency can come at any time, Nairaloan allows people to access funds anytime rapidly.

2. Competitive Interest Rate

The interest rate of Nairaloan is very encouraging. It is very competitive in the sense that when you are done accessing your funds, you can pay back easily. Many times people love platforms that have a friendly interest rate so they can pay back the loan rapidly.

3. Financial Assistance

This is the important reason for Nairaloan. This is one of the major reasons why Nairaloan would keep getting clients all over the world. They provide loans to small and medium-scale businesses for increased sales. Also, they help individuals pay their fees, expenses, or other miscellaneous items.

4. Application Process

The Nairaloan application process is very simple. This is because you don’t need to submit any collateral for loans. Also, you do not need to submit any awkward information in the name of collecting a loan. Instead of going to their main office, you can easily complete the loan in the comfort of your house. You would agree with me that it is very convenient, isn’t it?

How to Close, Delete, or Deactivate Your Naira Loan Account Easily

This part of the article explains the measures and steps to take to close your account. However, it is advised you know the nitty-gritty of the issue first. Here are the steps to follow to deactivate your account.

Step 1: Get your Details

This step requires you to possess some of your information and details to back your claims. This is to ensure that you are not left out when you are asked questions during your closure process. No information should be ignored when accessing your details. Your account number, name, and address may serve as proof to get your account closed easily. After getting this information, do well to contact the call center.

Step 2: Vist the official website

Do well to visit the official website of Nairaloan. This stage entails looking for the site or the main office of the organization. If you do not know the website, you can simply search for “Nairaloan” on this website. This information is needed to contact the customer care representative of Nairaloan.

Step 3: Contact the customer care representative

The customer care representative of Nairaloan would be willing and eager to answer your questions. You can ask them questions regarding the process needed to close their account. You can contact this customer care via email address, chat, or text message. Regardless of the time you contact them, they will be ready to give you solutions to your problems.

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Step 4: Explain your intentions

This step helps you to explain your problems clearly to the customer care representative. This is one of the best steps to use whenever you are facing issues. You need to express your intentions that you want to delete your account with Nairaloan. Nairaloan however doesn’t force you to stay on their platform against your will. As a result, they would suggest steps that would help you Delete your account successfully.

Step 5: Follow the instructions

This process requires you to obey whatever the customer care service tells you. The instructions they provide will help you Delete your account successfully. Every tiny detail of information they give you is very helpful. You can also help them by assisting them with any information they need to know regarding the Nairaloan account.

Step 6: Confirm your Deactivation

This step is very important because it helps you with proof regarding your Closure. You need to ask Nairaloan for evidence that your Nairaloan account has been closed successfully. This section helps to know that your financial records are not with Nairaloan. Additionally, it also helps you keep your account secure.


Can palm credit call my contact?

Yes. According to one of their terms and conditions, it states that they can call your contact list. They can also send an SMS message or email.

Is Flypay legit?

Flypay is duly registered as Betterlending Company Limited. So in case you want to check the list of approved loan apps in Nigeria.

Is Swiftkash legit?

Unfortunately, the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has blacklisted Swiftkash App.

How does the Nairaloan app work?

The Naira Loan application provides a user-friendly and reliable platform. This app helps client meet their financial obligations without hassle.

How does Nairaloan operate?

Nairaloan is a platform that allows loan amounts of N3000 and above. It is an app that is duly registered with the Central Bank of Nigeria. They have good interest rates and flexible payment plans.


To conclude this article, we should paraphrase what has been said so far. First and foremost we have seen what Nairaloan is all about. Additionally, we have seen the different reasons why people choose Nairaloan. This is because of their satisfactory service. Also, you can delete your Nairaloan by following the process in the next subheading that follows

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