How To Block OPay Account When Phone Is Stolen

To block your OPay account when your phone is stolen, first, contact your OPay customer care service. Explain the situation to the representative and then provide useful details about your account. When you have done this, wait for a response. If a response doesn’t come immediately, then use the last two steps explained in this article. Let’s now consider in detail, how to block an OPay’s account when phone is stolen.

How To Block OPay Account When Phone Is Stolen

To block your OPay account when your phone is stolen, it is recommended that you follow these steps:

Step 1. Contact OPay Customer Care

The first step to blocking your OPay account when your account has been stolen is to contact OPay customer care service. Customer care would assist you with steps on how to go about blocking your OPay account or making it hard for intruders to gain access.

You can contact OPay customer care by dialing their phone number or using one of the customer service channels. If you can’t find it, then, use this link.

Step 2. Provide The Required Information

To unblock your OPay account, you would also be asked to provide details like your account number, name, and other details. When you have these details available, it will be easier to block your account from intruders.

So, you should have all the details handy or written on paper near you before contacting customer care. You also want to explain how your phone got stolen so the customer care representative to understand the situation and prevent intruders from the account.

Step 3. Change Your Password

If you try reaching customer care and efforts prove futile, the next step you can do is to change the password to your OPay account. This method should come in if you are unable to get through to OPay’s customer care service or no response has been made to your request.

However, if you are no longer with your phone, you can do well to change your password immediately to prevent the thief from gaining access to your account. Most people find it helpful to change their password immediately after they get access to their OPay account.

Step 4. Report To Authorities

Another way to block your account is to report to the authorities. That is, by walking down to any OPay offices near you and making a request to block your account. If you don’t have an idea where the nearest OPay office is, you can use this link.

Some people have found it helpful to contact the nearest security agency to help in retrieving their OPay-connected smartphone. However, the drawback in this is that the infringer would have already gained access to your account before the smartphone is recovered.

It is wise to note that the last two steps outlined in this article should be done if efforts to reach OPay customer care don’t pull through. If it doesn’t, then you can use the last two steps here.

How To Change OPay Password

To change your OPay password after your phone has been stolen, follow these steps:

Step 1. Login Your Opay

The first step to do this is to open your OPay account. Enter your phone number and login to your account. You can use another person’s smartphone to gain access to your OPay account if you remember your account details.

Step 2. Go To Settings

The next step would be to navigate to the Settings option on the OPay app. When you see the Settings option, tap on it. It would take you to a page where you can make changes to your OPay account.

Step 3. Tap Change Password

Scroll and look out for the option that allows you to change your OPay password. When you find it, tap on Change Password. You would then be displayed with a field that would allow you to input your new password.

Step 4. Verify Your Identity

You would then be asked to verify your identity to ascertain whether you are the real owner of the account. After you have successfully verified your identity, you will then be allowed to change your password.


Can an OPay account be blocked?

An OPay account can be blocked upon request by the account holder to block it. It can also be blocked on the basis that a suspicious transaction occurred.

What do I do if I lose my OPay number?

If you lost your OPay number or your OPay-connected phone gets stolen, you should contact OPay customer care to explain your situation and to help block the account.

Can you delete your OPay account?

If you intend to delete your OPay account, reach out to Opay customer care informing them of your desire to delete your account. Immediately, operations to delete your account would begin.

How can I unfreeze my OPay account?

To unfreeze your OPay account, you should contact OPay customer care informing them of your desire to unfreeze your OPay account.

Can I report to authorities to recover my OPay phone?

You can contact the Nigerian Police to help track and recover your phone. However, this may take a long time to do.


Blocking your OPay account after it has been stolen should be done quickly. This is so that the account can be disabled to prevent infringers from gaining access. So, follow these steps do so, or share this link with friends or family members who may need this information.


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