Forgot My OPay Password And PIN – How To Reset, Change And Recover OPay Password And PIN

Opay includes fintech platforms that allow users to reset, change, or recover their password or PIN to their accounts. However, this requires following certain procedures which will soon be detailed in this article. In this article, you will be reading steps about how to reset, change, or recover your OPay password and PIN. Let’s get into it.

How To Reset Your Opay Password And PIN

To successfully reset your OPay password and PIN, you would need to follow these steps. Here they are:

Step 1. Go To the Login Page

The first step to reset your password is to begin by navigating to the login page. If you are already logged in to your account, you should click on the Logout button in your OPay dashboard to get to the login page.

Step 2. Click On Forgot Password

Once you are at the login page, the next thing to do is to click on the Forgot Password option. This option is located beneath the email address field. It is boldly written there. When you find it, just tap on it.

Step 3. Copy The OTP

At this point, you would receive an OTP to the phone number associated with the OPay account. If you do not receive an OTP, then it may be due to a network glitch. However, when you receive this OTP, copy the OTP and paste it into the required space on the Forgot Password page.

Step 4. Click On Verify

After you have inputted the OTP in the required space, the next stage is to click on the Verify button. A new page containing fields where you can input your new password would then be displayed to you. Input your new password in the required field and confirm. Ensure to input a strong password that cannot be compromised.

The above-outlined steps in this section have highlighted the top steps needed to successfully reset your OPay password and PIN. However, if you want to change your password, you should not use this step. The steps highlighted in the next subheading should be followed. Let’s consider them.

How To Change OPay Password And PIN

Changing your OPay password and PIN is different from resetting it. Let’s see the steps on how that is done.

Step 1. Login To Your Opay Account

The first step in changing your OPay password is to log in to your account. Unlike when you want to reset your password where the operation is done outside the account, changing your password should be done inside your OPay dashboard.

Step 2. Click On Settings

When you have been granted access to your OPay account, then proceed to click on the Settings icon or Account icon. These buttons help you effect changes to your account. When you find any of these buttons, click on them to begin your operation to change your OPay password.

Step 3. Tap On Account Security

When it involves changing your OPay password, Account Security is where you should go. Here, you will be able to change your password from the old password.

However, if you intend to change your PIN, just tap on the Payment PIN to begin operations to change your PIN.

Step 4. Copy The OTP

When you tap on the Account Security button, you will be sent to a page where an OTP will be sent to you. When you receive the OTP, copy it and paste it into the required field. After that, click on Verify.

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Step 5. Input Your Old And New Password

When you are done verifying your identity, you will still be asked to provide your old password. Input your old password in the provided space. Also, your new password would be needed. Enter the new password in the provided space.

Ensure that your new password is stronger than your old password to prevent infringers from accessing your account.

Step 6. Tap On Save

To confirm that you have changed your password, click on Save. So, henceforth, be sure to only use your new OPay password to log in and perform transactions. If you continue to use the old password, then you will not be granted access.

How To Recover OPay Password And PIN

To recover your OPay password and PIN, you would have to follow the same steps involved in resetting your OPay password.


Can I reset my OPay password with my email?

After you have tapped Forgot Password, you will be asked to input your email address. When you enter your linked email, an OTP will be sent to your email address. Copy and paste that into the provided space and reset your OPay password.

How do I log into my OPay account without a phone number?

On OPay, you cannot log into your OPay account without your phone number. It has become a core part of the login process and all customers must follow this route.

How can I recover my OPay account without a SIM card?

If you want to recover your OPay account without your SIM card, you would have to contact OPay customer care. When you contact them, do well to explain the situation.

How do I chat with OPay?

One of the best ways of contacting OPay is by chatting them up through the in-app feature or by contacting them through their verified social media pages.

Is it possible to invest using OPay?

You can save and invest through OPay’s Okash service. You can save and get returns on your money. With Okash, your funds are secure and safe.


With OPay, you can recover your password or PIN to your account seamlessly. If you intend to change your password to your account, you can do so in the Settings section. If you want to reset, then this can be done on the login page.



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