How To Close, Delete, Or Deactivate Your EasyBuy Account Easily

EasyBuy has helped many Nigerians successfully purchase phones at just half of the usual price. They help customer purchase devices of all kinds through their platform. You can purchase Samsung, Itel, Tecno, Infinix, and many other brands in Nigeria. However, some may, after purchasing these brands, wish to close their account. Is this possible? Yes. This article will show you how. This article will be focused on explaining to you, in simple steps, how to close, delete, or deactivate your EasyBuy account easily.

How To Close, Delete, Or Deactivate Your EasyBuy Account Easily

To close your EasyBuy account is quite easy to do. It just requires that you follow several easy steps. Let’s check them out.

Step 1. Walk Into Any EasyBuy Store

Since it is difficult to deactivate your EasyBuy account using your email or app, the best route to follow to delete your EasyBuy account would be to go to the EasyBuy store. You can search for any EasyBuy store near you and walk down there. However, if you find it difficult to locate a store near you. You can click here to find stores near you.

Step 2. State Your Intention

When you walk into the store, locate the desk of the customer service representative. When you are on the desk, state your desire to close your EasyBuy account. Before going there, make sure you no longer owe EasyBuy any money. To get your desire fulfilled, you need to clear any debt you owe EasyBuy to enable you to get success.

Step 3. Answer Questions

To ensure that you are the real owner of the EasyBuy account you intend to delete, some questions may be thrown at you. So, make sure you know the details of your EasyBuy account such as your full name, email address, phone number, and other information. You may even be asked to tell why you want to close the account. So, make sure your reason for closing the account is a valid one for the process to be facilitated.

As you can see from this section of the article, closing your account is very simple. Once you get a location of the EasyBuy store, walk down and convey your intention. So simple, right?

Let’s consider some things that may make others want to close their account with EasyBuy.

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Reasons Why Some May Close Their EasyBuy Account

In this section, you will be reading some reasons why many may want to close their EasyBuy account. Here they are:

1. Completed Transaction

Some may feel that since they have fully paid for their devices, there’s no need to have an existing account again with EasyBuy. Others may feel that since they barely use their EasyBuy account, they should delete their account. This is one of the reasons why many may feel the need to close their EasyBuy account. According to these, when they need to buy a smartphone through EasyBuy, they would just open a new account and transact there.

2. Unable To Access EasyBuy

Even though the EasyBuy store is located in almost all states in Nigeria, many people still may not have access to EasyBuy. The offices and stores of EasyBuy are located far away from them, so they feel disconnected from EasyBuy. As a result, they may wish to close their account as they do not feel any longer associated with the platform after they have completed the transaction.

3. Fraudulent Reasons

Some people not want to pay up their debt may want to cancel everything by deleting their account. This is one of the most common reasons why many may want their account closed. When you try to do this, you can be prosecuted for trying not to pay. This is rampant, especially among people who buy sophisticated phones through the EasyBuy platform. So, this is a crime, and you could be prosecuted if caught. Desist from such acts.


How do I know if my phone is on easy buy?

On your phone, be on the lookout for the EasyBuy logo. This is usually displayed when you try to switch off your device. Sometimes, when you still owe EasyBuy, a text from EasyBuy will be displayed on the top of your screen.

What is the age limit for EasyBuy?

The age limit for EasyBuy is 18 years.

How do I repay my EasyBuy loan?

To repay an EasyBuy loan, you can pay through the app. Other methods include cash payment through the bank. You could also walk down to any EasyBuy office near you and make a payment too.

How does EasyBuy operate?

With EasyBuy, you would be asked to make a down payment of 30%. After that, you can take the phone to your house. However, the terms agreed on how you would pay should be respected too.

How can I block my EasyBuy account?

To block your EasyBuy account, you can walk down to any EasyBuy store and the the customer service staff that you want to delete your account. You would be given certain instructions on how that can be done.


Your EasyBuy account can be closed if you follow the steps above. However, it is good to note that, deleting the EasyBuy app on your phone doesn’t necessarily translate to closing your account with EasyBuy. You could delete the EasyBuy app while your EasyBuy remains active. So, follow the right process to successfully close your EasyBuy account.

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