How To Delete, Close, Or Deactivate Chipper Cash Account

Chipper Cash is a legitimate platform that has been made for users around the country. With Chippercash, you can easily get to perform transactions with people in foreign lands. Chippercash is a fast-growing company that has its headquarters in the United States of America. Additionally, it has also grown over the years to be one of Africa’s most used transaction platforms.

The need for Chippercash became more important because of the challenges Africans faced when sending and receiving money abroad. In this light, Ham Serunjogi and California made sure they saw the development of this platform to ease Africans of their stress.

Unfortunately, most people decided to close or deactivate their Chippercash because of one reason or the other. If you feel this way, Chippercash respects your reasons. This article has been designed to help people close, deactivate, or delete their Chippercash account easily.

Reasons People may delete, close, or deactivate their Chippercash Account

These are some of the likely reasons why many choose to close, deactivate, or delete their Chippercash account.

1. Unused or Inactive Account:

This is one of the top reasons lots of people choose to close their accounts. Lack of usage may prompt them to see that deactivating the account is the next line of action. They may feel that since they are using another platform to send money, there is no need to keep their Chippercash account.

2. Privacy Concerns

The privacy concerns may bring about closure to a Chippercash account. They may feel that keeping sensitive information in the Chippercash app is risky. Therefore, closing the account may be the best solution.

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3. Breach:

This is yet another reason people may feel that their Chippercash account needs to be closed. They may feel that their password has been compromised or feel someone else is operating the account. This feeling may make them uncomfortable, therefore seeing deactivating as the best action.

4. Account Migration

Users may feel like deleting their accounts when they are about to leave for greener pastures. This is usually the case for tourists. It is common for them to think that there may be another platform over there better than Chippercash.


5. Non Satisfaction

Clients who are not satisfied with the service may feel that closure of the account is the best choice. They may also feel that Chippercash doesn’t operate well when compared to other Fintech organizations.

6. Financial Management

Financial management is another reason why people may close their accounts. They may feel to have better financial aid, it is better to consolidate all their cash in one account. Therefore, closing all others, including Chippercash.

How to delete, close, or Deactivate a Chipper cash account

Step 1: Launch your Chippercash App.

Step 2: Launch the customer support:

The customer care support is located at the top right corner of your screen

Step 3: Tell the support team you would like to close your account.

Step 4: Once you let them know, they will create a ticket for you. Also, they would send it to the development team.

Step 5: The development team will work on deleting your account.

However, it is important to note that if you change your mind within 10 days, your account can be restored.

How to Recover Chippercash Account

Step 1: Launch the Chippercash app:

You can do this by downloading the app from the Play Store or Apple Store. This is depending on which phone developer you are using. Once downloaded, do well to open the App. However, if you have the app on your phone, just tap the app.

Step 2: Forgot PIN

The next step is to tap on the Forgot PIN icon. This icon is made for you to recover your account. This can be found on the home page of the Chippercash app. When you find it, do well to tap on this icon.

Step 3:Enter your ID

After clicking the ‘Forgot PIN’ icon, do well to tap the ID icon on the screen. You can enter your identity or your document number. Any of these would be accepted. After doing the above, click ‘Next’.

Step 4: Enter the necessary information

Do well to input accurate information regarding your account. Also, you may be asked to enter your phone number or former password. Follow the onscreen instructions displayed to reset your password or PIN.


Can I have two Chippercash accounts?

No. You can not possess two Chippercash accounts.

Why was my Chippercash deactivated?

It may be deactivated because of a lack of activity on the card. It might be deactivated because of low/ insufficient funds.

How do I remove my mobile number from Chippercash?

You can share a short video on the reasons with Chippercash via chat or email at

Is Chippercash a Nigerian bank?

According to the Chippercash website, it is “incorporated and registered in Nigeria”.

Who is the owner of Chipper Cash?

Ham Serunjogi is the owner of Chippercash.


In conclusion, you have to make sure that you know the best reasons for closing your Chippercash app. Make sure that you know the actual and legitimate reason for closing your account. When it comes to Chippercash, many people have been using the service for long. Also, contact Chippercash support for assistance.

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