How To Use Opay USSD Code To Send Money, Purchase Airtime And Data

Many times customers struggle with different challenges when operating a bank service. The challenges may include Poor Network, Distance to Bank Location, and No or Low Know-How of recent services. All the challenges listed above may pose a big challenge. Opay Group has seen that these challenges form the bedrock of banking problems. However, the need for an easier and more network-free predictable platform should be formed. Opay platform invented a USSD code that would be used by clients all over Nigeria without hassle.

With the Opay USSD code, the need for one to perform banking services is very easy. Moreover, regardless of the network imbalance that may trouble the banking app, it is not fazed by the USSD. This article is designed to give you insight into the different services that can be performed by Opay USSD.

How To Use Opay USSD Code For Airtime

Opay USSD code is not very hard to memorize. Opay USSD code as stated earlier is *955#. Some clients often find it very easy to use the USSD code than the application. Back to our subject of discussion, the steps involved in using Opay USSD code for airtime are:

Step 1: Dial the USSD code *955#

Step 2: Choose option 2.

Step 3: Input the receiver’s number. Tap Enter

Step 4: Input the amount you intend to send.

Step 5: Input your Opay PIN to confirm your purchase.

How To Withdraw Money Using Opay USSD

Withdrawal of money has been made easy with Opay. With just simple clicks on your phone, Opay would give you your money. However, as usual with any banking service, you would need to input your PIN and confirm your transaction. Below are the steps to withdraw money from your account using Opay USSD.

Step 1: Dial the code *955# to start your operation.

Step 2: Simply choose option 3 from the numerous choices.

Step 3: Input the Agent’s mobile number

Step 4: Input the amount you want to pay.

Step 5: To confirm your transaction immediately, input your PIN.


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How To Send Money Using Opay USSD

To send money using Opay USSD, you have to use the code *955#. Oftentimes, many customers always prefer using the mobile app or web version. These two avenues are also good platforms but the USSD code is the best as it doesn’t require data subscription. Having discussed the importance of the USSD code over the mobile app, let’s see the procedure involved in sending money to a friend or family using Opay USSD.

Step 1: Dial *955# to start operation.

Step 2: From the list of options, click option 1

Step 3: Input the recipient’s mobile number.

Step 4: Enter the amount you intend to send.

Step 5: Input your PIN to complete the transaction.

How To Use Opay USSD Code to Buy Data

Opay knows the importance of data to effective communication which is why they made it possible for people to purchase data. It is very easy to buy data from Opay. Opay has made a provision via their USSD code to buy data. However, to make people use the USSD code more, here are the procedures for using Opay USSD to buy data.

Step 1: Dial *955# as usual.

Step 2: Enter the “Data ” option. Click Enter

Step 3: Input the mobile number you would like to recharge

Step 4: Select the amount you would like to purchase

Step 5: Tap your four digits PIN and confirm the transaction.

Alternatively, you can use the USSD code of *955*4*Phone Number#.

How To Use Opay USSD Code  Create an Account

How often do you see an account opened using the USSD code? Your answer is as good as mine: Very Rare. With Opay, you can now create an account using the Opay USSD code. Moreover, when opening the account you wouldn’t need to upload any documents as it’s free of charge. Here are the steps involved in opening an account with Opay:

Step 1: Dial *955#

Step 2: Tap on “Register”

Step 3: Input your details including your First and Last name.

Step 4: Input your PIN. This PIN would be used to authorize your transaction.

Step 5: Retype your PIN to confirm.

How to Use Opay USSD to Check Balance

Checking your Opay balance can be very stressful sometimes when using the mobile app. The balance may be blocked by a series of (****). This would make it hard for you to even unlock the process of buying data. However, the beauty of this article is that it would help you unravel the secret behind checking your Opay balance using a USSD code. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Simply dial *955*0#

Step 2: Input your four digits PIN.

Voila! Your account balance would pop up on the screen.

Alternatively, you could follow this other step:

Step 1: Simply dial *955#

Step 2: Click “Next” on the screen that pops out

Step 3: Select the “Check Balance” section on the next part of the instructions

Step 4: Input your four digits PIN to see your balance.

No need to worry about the charges involved. It is free of charge!

How to Use Opay USSD for Savings

Have you noticed that Opay has been encouraging its users of late to start saving? Of course, it is a good initiative. But, how does one start? Yes, you can start with just a few clicks on the screen of your phone. The USSD code has made it far easier. Whenever you are interested in using the Opay USSD code to start saving, follow these instructions

Step 1: Dial *955#

Step 2: Choose the option for “Savings” which would be clearly stated on the home screen.

Step 3: Input the amount of money you intend to save periodically.

Step 4: Input your Opay PIN.

How to Use Opay Code for Electronic Registrations

Many individuals find it challenging to use Opay to buy electronic pins especially when they’re about to apply for an external examination like JAMB or WASSCE. The provision made by Opay is to be commended. Opay users can now purchase E-Pins for students or applicants, in general, to assist them with registration. Below are the steps to purchase an E-Pin using Opay USSD

Step 1: Dial *955#

Step 2: Click ” Next” to progress.

Step 3: Select the option for E-Pin

Step 4: Choose the type of external examination you are applying for.

Step 5: Enter your four digits PIN to confirm payment.


How do I transfer airtime on Opay?

Since this article is talking about USSD, the USSD code used to purchase Airtime from Opay is *955#. Also, you can equally use this code for airtime, data, deposit, and others.

What is the Opay full name?

Opay simply means Official Payment Corporation, a Delaware Corporation.

Is Paycom the same as Opay?

No. Paycom does not have any affiliation with Opay. Paycom is a company based in the USA that deals in HR Technology.

What bank is Opay under?

Opay is under Gtbank.

Is pay USSD secure to use?

Opay transfer code is safe and secure. Opay uses advanced security measures to protect your details and information. But do well to hide your PIN from people when you use it in public.


Opay USSD code is a very unique code that can be used in all network providers. If you use Globalcommunication, MTN, 9mobile, or Airtel you can be assured that the Opay code can operate there. Careful observation of the article above shows that Opay code *955# is user-friendly. This is true because it can be used to perform nearly all banking operations without going to a physical bank.

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